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Columbus Short’s Real Life Scandal Gets Even Worse; Wife Says He Trashed Family Home

Former “Scandal” actor Columbus Short is facing even more legal woes and personal troubles after his estranged wife made some new allegations against him.

His marriage is in shambles, he was booted from one of TV’s highest rated shows, he’s facing assault charges, and now Short is being accused of violating his estranged wife’s restraining order and trashing the family home.

Tanee McCall claims that Short broke into the family home over Easter weekend and left the place a complete mess.

She recently obtained a restraining order that bans Short from entering the premises, but she says that didn’t stop him from kicking down the door and entering anyway.

McCall said when she arrived home, the door was knocked off the hinges, the sheets had been ripped off her bed, and most of the lights in her home were left on.

While the damage isn’t expensive to repair, it cost McCall her sense of safety in her own home.

Short is not denying the allegations and instead says he has the right to enter the house when he pleases because it is their marital home and his name is on the lease.

McCall told TMZ that she not only fears for her own safety, but also that of her 2-year-old daughter.

The alleged break-in comes after McCall recently accused Short of putting a knife to her throat and threatening to kill her.

Back in March he was charged with felony assault after he seriously injured a man during a fight at a Los Angeles restaurant.

He was later involved in a bar fight where he injured another man who has decided not to press charges because of his personal relationship with Short.

If convicted on the assault charge, the 31-year-old actor could see up to four years behind bars.

Short’s legal team has yet to release an official statement pertaining to the break-in allegations.



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