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Columbus Short Speaks Out About Assault Allegations by Plugging Music, Ignoring Rumors

Columbus Short promotes new music Both on screen and off, Columbus Short’s future is quite uncertain.

The “Scandal” star has been facing serious allegations from his wife, Tanee McCall, who claims the actor assaulted her and threatened to kill her.

McCall filed for divorce and a restraining order on Tuesday.

She was  granted a temporary restraining order that will keep Short at bay until the court hearing on May 6.

Short is finally speaking up about it, but he isn’t discussing any new details or strongly denying any of the accusations.

Instead, he took time to promote his new music while hinting that rumors might be false.

“To be honest with you, I’m feeling raw, focused, vulnerable and in a perfect place to write great music,” he told People. “God’s been preparing me for a long time to deal with this season of my life. Being able to have thick skin is something that is needed.”

He also said that he doesn’t pay any attention to the headlines because he believes most of it is “nonsense.”

Columbus Short responds to domestic violence allegations “You want to know the truth,” he continued. “I don’t read anything. I don’t read the good stuff and I don’t read the bad stuff, because if I read the good stuff, I’ve got to read the bad stuff. I don’t allow myself to make agreements with nonsense so I just don’t take it in.”

He said that even his team knows not to bring him any news about gossip and rumors.

While he didn’t really say much about the allegations, it may simply be because he still isn’t permitted to.

Earlier this week he released a public statement that explained his legal team advised him not to comment on the ongoing legal battle.

“As you all know, lately my personal life has been subjected to a lot of press,” the statement read. “As much as I would like to provide my side of events, my counsel has instructed me that a court of law is the only and proper venue to deal with such matters. Accordingly, I must refrain from making any comments even though that is very difficult for me under the circumstances. Thank you to my fans for your continued support during this difficult time.”

In the past three months, Short has been to jail three times over violent incidents.

His legal troubles have even caused some “Scandal” fans to take to social media to beg the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes to take him off the show.


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