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Laz Alonso Retracts Defense of Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant

Actor Laz Alonso shocked the Twitterverse when he tweeted in defense of Donald Sterling, the owner of the LA Clippers who was allegedly  caught on tape telling his biracial girlfriend not to bring Black people to his games.

While dozens of celebrities have spoken out publicly against Sterling for the racist comments that were attributed to him over the weekend, Alonso took to Twitter to defend the Clippers owner before later retracting his statement.

He now admits that he didn’t hear the entire tape before he tweeted in Sterling’s defense.

His initial statement on Twitter on Saturday was: “Why r they makin such a big deal about #DonaldSterling? He was arguing with his girl who was clearly baiting him 2 say those things @clippers.”

Another tweet read, “In arguments of passion & despair people say horrible things they don’t truly feel @clippers @ESPNLosAngeles #DonaldSterling… Making racial comments when either #roadraging or #arguing with a lover does not count!!!!! #Relax #emotions #passion @NBA @ESPNLosAngeles.”

He went on to say that Sterling was feeling insecure about his girlfriend taking pictures with another man, and that’s all he was guilty of.

But after hearing the entire tape and being on the receiving end of some particularly vicious Twitter attacks, Alonso has had a serious change of heart.

In an interview with MadameNoire, Alonso explained why his tweets were misguided and ill informed.

“I made a mistake in speaking before I had all of the facts,” he said. “First of all, I didn’t know any of Donald Sterling’s history prior to me tweeting that, and that was my mistake…At the time, when I tweeted that only part of the phone call had come out. I listened to the entire tape last night and the things that were said were disgusting.”

When asked how he thought Sterling should be disciplined, Alonso said that fining him would be nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

LeBron James, Magic Johnson and more respond to Clippers Owner racist remarks

Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport

Instead, he shared the same sentiments as the Rev. Al Sharpton, Heat star LeBron James and many others: Sterling should no longer be a part of the NBA.

“What can you fine a billionaire that’s in the late years of life?” Alonso said. “He’s fine; he’ll keep it moving…The only thing I think the NBA can truly do to make a statement is to take away the Clippers franchise from him. A fine is something he would gladly pay and continue to be racist.”

As for the players on the team, Alonso said he understands that an all-out strike is not the most practical reaction.

“When people talk about players and actors and athletes, they have to also think about themselves,” he explained. “If you found out that your boss was racist, would you quit? People expect this dramatic action by the players and I get it…Most people know if their boss is racist or not, and they continue to deal with it.”

He also agreed with what basketball legend Magic Johnson had to say to the Clippers players.

Johnson’s message for the NBA ballers was: “You guys’ fight is on the basketball court. Let us handle this. We’re handling this fight.”

There is no word out just yet on Sterling’s future with the NBA, but commissioner Adam Silver is scheduled to hold a press conference on Tuesday in New York City to address the ongoing investigation of Sterling’s remarks.

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10 thoughts on “Laz Alonso Retracts Defense of Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    i heard that madamenoire is a feminist site. if thats true then it makes perfect sense why the coon went to them for an interview. coons and lady coons stick together

  2. To bad he didn't "stick to his guns". We are clearly being used by the media to further the agenda of others. It is nothing short of amazing that we show no outrage or disgust towards the REAL problems that face our people: unemployment, gang violence, drugs, and abortion clinics strategically placed in Black neighborhoods. The fastest growing population of new HIV/AIDS cases are occurring among young Black women. We are 12% of the total population, but 75% of the prison population. They use our third-grade reading scores to determine how many prison cell they'll need ten years from now! Are we taking steps to address any of these problem? No!!! But we can be worked into a lather over some feeble old man not wanting his paramour to put Black folks on her Instagram account so as not to be looked down upon by his peers. How have our people benefited by this furor? The answer is: We haven't. It was not intended to benefit us! Don't get me wrong, I could care less about Donald Sterling. I just don't want us to believe that we have struck some huge blow for racial justice. We have forgotten that racism is a system (political, social, economic, and legal) used to deprive its victims of their lives, property, and liberty.
    You can all go back to sleep now; I'm sure they'll call you the next time they need your outrage. #been bamboozled.

  3. Sundiata Keita –lol. i believe that it comes out of the hbcu community, and is relatively conservative. they sho' don't like it when the topics like black folk naming their children ridiculous things is surfaced. awhile back, i got banned for articulating truths about the effects of that.

  4. What a sell out!!! There's a term I haven't used in a while! 2 seconds of this tape says more than enough.

  5. Big time sell out

  6. Cut-n-Edge Cartoons Yeah BlackMan, "Don't worry be happy". That will fix everything! Good luck with that.

  7. Donald Rose says:

    a sell out will always pick the side they believe will win,those who stand for nothing will fall for anything

  8. Marlena Nkene says:

    I agree with you Fredrick. Media sensationalism at it's best. Meanwhile, almost 90 people dead in assassination style killings over the past few weeks in Chicago while the perpetrators roam free and clear ready to kill again with zero repercussions. We should be outraged this has not made mainstream news. Well. . . it's only black people, men, women and children dying at the hands of black people, that's apparently not news worthy enough over a single prejudiced billionaire. It seems we love the drama way too much, the ideal escape from reality and it is to our own detriment.

  9. Pasha Golliday says:

    You're on point Frederick, but this issue has to have its moments as well. The thing is there are tons of us who have been raising the issues that effect our community but no one listens. They'd much rather leave these things to the same individuals and orgs that have proven to be corporate and political whores.

  10. Pasha Golliday says:

    You did not have to hear Sterlings legal history to know that he's a racist. The tapes speak for themselves and confirm what everyone's accused him of all along. This actor is pathetic and anyone interested in him should be warned…. This actor thinks its ok to say anything if you are arguing with your girl friend, its ok to talk like this, to be insecure, jealous and considers this behavior passionate. REALLY?? He also appears to be a kiss ass whose accustomed to verbally abusing is mate. ijs

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