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Folks Slam Actor Laz Alonso for ‘Black on Black Crime’ Take on XXXTentacion’s Death

XXXTentacion’s fatal shooting death Monday remains a topic of conversation as many have weighed in on the matter. For actor Laz Alonso, that meant giving a reason for why the rising rap star was gunned down.

“I grew up in DC when it was the murder capital. Black on black crime was normal to us. But never in my lifetime has killing each other is more destructive than now when black me r hunted like animals & imprisoned 4 life. Don’t help the genocide. #RIPXXXTentacion #weallwegot”

While the “Avatar” actor had some support for his message, others blasted him for his line of thinking.

“Right! Don’t help the genocide of our people!”

“🙏🏽 thank you. Finally! Someone speaking to one of the darkest tragedies of our time. Breaks my heart what so many voiceless Moms are feeling right now… the loss of their little boy…. we are losing us😥.”

“Thank you for speaking on this. Same growing up in 757.”

“I agree. It’s us killing us after we worked and continue to work so hard to save our people from racist killing and imprisonment. But here we are, letting our jealousy and greed turn us into monsters. We can’t stand strong by lifting each other because we are too busy breaking our people down. It’s so sad. As a parent this is scary. As a human this is unthinkable. As a Black/Native American, this is unbelievable. I often wonder what life would be like if love and caring for ourselves and all others was our reality. It doesn’t seem hard to do but it seems impossible to do with the humans currently inhabiting this earth.”

“I’m so confused. Have they even released the suspects’ names/photos? If not, how the hell do we know they were Black and why does everyone keep assuming they are and chastising the Black community??? And X was a violent, sadistic being while alive.”

“Uhh @lazofficial why do you automatically assume the killer was Black, sir? He hasn’t been identified.”

No motive or arrests have been determined or made in XXXTentacion’s death, however, talk about Black on Black crime in regards to the rapper’s death remained.

“People kill those they are in close proximity to. White people kill white people too. It’s just not prominent in the media. Let’s not subscribe to the ‘Black on Black’ crime term. People need to stop killing, period.”

In response to the above commenter, Alonso directed the conversation back to his point: Black people are being hunted.

“@ivasmith what u say is correct but that is not my point. My point is they are not being hunted like animals. We are. It means more right now that we stop the madness cuz that’s all it is, madness. What the media chooses to show or not is not the point right now. Right now the point is u are either on our side or against us. If ur killing each other u are against us.”


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