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Beyonce’s Dad Gets to Take 3-Year Break From Paying Child Support

Mathew knowles says he overpaid in child support

Source: Style Magazine

Beyonce’s dad and former Destiny’s Child manager, Mathew Knowles, just caught a huge break as a judge ordered him to stop paying child support for about 3 1/2 years.

Knowles and his former lover Alexsandra Wright have been in and out of court for months trying to determine how much Knowles owed Wright in unpaid child support for his 3-year-old son.

The first legal battle kicked off when Wright accused Knowles of falling behind on his child support.

Well as it turns out, the judge determined that Knowles has given Wright more than enough money in the past because he was “overpaying” on his child-support payments.

A few weeks ago, a judge ruled that Knowles’ payments should be reduced to $2,485 a month based on a steep decrease in his income.

Well, Knowles went back before the judge again and argued that he should have never been paying more than that to begin with. Back in February of 2013, he had been ordered to pay $12,000 a month and had actually been making those payments despite his decrease in income.

The judge agreed and has credited Knowles for the amount he overpaid, which comes in at roughly $11,000.

With the new child support payments set so low, that means it could be another 3 1/2 years before Knowles has to give Wright another dime.

According to Wright, Knowles has already not been in his child’s life whatsoever and now he has been granted the right to not help pay for his child’s upbringing either.

Mathew Knowles ordered to stop paying child support for three years He isn’t all in the clear yet, however.

Reports recently surfaced that revealed Wright is on welfare, and, according to TMZ, welfare officials usually come after the father when a mother is on public assistance.

If that’s the case, Knowles would still end up paying Wright something before the year is over.

The ongoing legal battle over child support has led to some questioning whether R&B megastar Beyonce should get involved.

While the 3-year-old boy may technically be Beyonce’s half-brother, it’s important to note that the child was conceived when Mathew was still married to Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles.

Reports claim that Beyonce has never even met the little boy nor does she have a relationship with Wright.

It may seem a little unethical to expect a man’s daughter to clean up the financial mess he made when he decided to be unfaithful in his marriage.

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20 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Dad Gets to Take 3-Year Break From Paying Child Support

  1. Betty Sloan says:

    Wright needs to get a job! She was well aware that Knowles was a married man before she got pregnant. Beyoncé is not responsible for this mess and should not get involved!!

  2. Lyndon Allen says:

    Does Beyoncé have other brothers ? if not she may love to have a brother.

  3. This is a sad story.Why should anyone pay for Dad but Dad.when you stir with your spoon something will stick to it.Brother you got money that's why you attractive.Thnk about it.

  4. Pauline Romona says:

    Wise word Lyndon, he may be the only brother she will ever have. A lovely little boy too … 🙂

  5. Lyndon Allen says:

    Pauline Romona , for real Pauline.

  6. Lyndon Allen says:

    I think this little boy is the only son he has.

  7. Lyndon Allen Chlldren created by a man deseve to be taken care.If this is his only son how does that matter if he is first money bags then nothing.

  8. Lyndon Allen says:

    Alexander Foster Sr , all children needs to be taken care of, but if you have other daughters would you not be very happy to have a son ?

  9. Lyndon Allen I try to be understood whenever I reply lets try again.Being a Father of 3 Sons and 2 Daughters all raised by my late wife and myself.I have to say there is more to planting a seed and jumping for joy when it peeks out of the soil.there is watering pruning and sun light not just fertilizer

  10. Layla Jade says:

    Is that a whine of utter hypocrisy? This whole evil Patriarchal system is against us- women! Why does she even have the mental conditioning to need a man like that? Because of this bullshit Patriarchy attacking women trying to mentally control them will trillions in advertising manipulation and cultural oppression since their babies. Even Beyonce, she's successful because she has a talent, but's it's all about her beauty. That Time Magazine cover was a disgrace! I quote Bell Hooks in saying that if she selected that look herself, she is colluding in the construction of herself as a slave." But back to child support, the Law and common decency is that you give a percent of what you have to your kids. The more you make, the more you give. Greed twd one's own children is despicable. .

  11. Sundiata Keita says:

    Layla Jade blah blah patriarchy. feminism. beyonce. time magazine. slavery. im whining.
    my first question is are you sane? cause none of that shit had nothin to do with what i was talking about.
    my second question is are you a feminist?
    how about this. make a video making your point and i will debate you. i bet you wont do it cause youre probably some ugly dike feminist that thinks if a man looks at you on the street its street harrassment

  12. Layla Jade says:

    Sundiata Keita I'm the sexy fair one you always wanted, but yeah if you bothered me on the street I'd def consider it harassment because you're ugly, intellectually deficient, with a crybaby tired attitude like a little trick. Debate you? Are you somebody? Do you have interesting ideas or do you just run your mouth and talk trash you can't back up? And FYI, it's not just white ppl who despise you Keita.

  13. Sundiata Keita says:

    Layla Jade well you can call me what you want. maybe i am an ugly dumb trick and all that, but you cant debate me. you wont debate me. you just type that shit talk into a box so you can feel good about yourself. thats cool tho, i see you dont want none. i wont be reading your replies

  14. Shine Medi says:

    Sundiata Keita yeah Keita, you sound like a fucking pig! The irony is that I went on your facebook page and you have all these posts preaching how your Blackness will take over the America, but look you're a member of the Fat WHITE BBW panty parties. Yeah that's your type cus you're a trick bitch who wants to take advantage of women. Get a fucking life Keita you dumb shit!

  15. Sundiata Keita says:

    Shine Medi i didnt read past the word pig.
    so basically i scare your homegirl off and five minutes later she tries to sick you on me.
    yall cant do shit except type and quote bell hooks.. you negro bedwenches cant fuck with me. you can talk that shit about who you think i am but you cant debate me on this subject or any other subject, thats why the bitch went for backup.
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  16. Shine Medi says:

    Sundiata Keita blah blah blah hahha you're the bitch, pull up your panties bitch

  17. Danni Brown says:

    Sundiata Keita I used to support Africans, until I saw the mentality of men like you, men like the ones who stole those girls from the school, and I realize, no wonder the world hates Africans and treats them worse than dogs. The world wants to forget it ever looked like your ignorant cowardly behind. Keep it up. That's why no decent woman will sleep with you, you nasty thing, yuck.

  18. Sundiata Keita says:

    Danni Brown i didnt read past the word africans.
    1) i dont want to talk to you minions, i want to talk to the head negro bedwench
    2) i see you bitches are sending another reinforcement bedwench every 5 minutes
    3) send me the head coon nigger bedwench

  19. Danni Brown says:

    Sundiata Keita Yes please you show yourself well

  20. Danni Brown says:


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