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8 Celebrities Rumored to be Disrespectful to Regular People

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1. Naomi Campbell

At this point, Naomi Campbell might be more famous for her temper than her modeling. She has been accused of assaulting everyone from her friends to her assistants, and once even the airport police. She has attended court -mandated anger management classes on several occasions, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

Last year, she has been accused of  destroying the career of a former contestant on the television show The Face, on which Campbell is a judge and mentor. Apparently the woman, former beauty queen Luo Zilin, made the ill-advised choice to date Campbell’s ex.

Zilin’s contract was canceled soon after the photos leaked.


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  1. Word has it, she refused to walk the runway with another black female. Now that she is beginning to see racism a little, she has been talking about it a little, it has always been there.

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