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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Placed in Solitary Confinement For Informing Prisoners of Their Rights

jesse jackson 2Former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has been moved from a federal prison in North Carolina to a minimum-security prison camp in Montgomery, Ala., after clashing with prison officials and being placed in solitary confinement, a source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The 49-year-old former Chicago congressman had been advising other inmates in North Carolina about their rights in prison, according to the source, who said a guard took exception to that.

As a result, the longtime South Side politician was placed in solitary confinement for four or five days more than a month ago, the source said.

A hearing was held, the source said, and Jackson was cleared of any wrongdoing and asked for a transfer to another prison.

The source said family members were concerned about Jackson’s welfare after the incident and went to visit him in prison.

It took about a month for the transfer to go through, the source said, and Jackson was moved to the prison camp at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

A federal Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman said Saturday she could not comment on an inmate’s move. But the Bureau of Prisons’ website now lists Jackson as an inmate at the Montgomery facility, and family members — including his father, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, brother Jonathan Jackson and sister Santita Jackson — confirmed that Saturday.

Jonathan Jackson said he’s very happy that his brother has been moved.

Santita Jackson said her brother entered prison wanting to make a “contribution” and “interact well” with the people around him.

“He wanted to be of service to people serving time with him,” she said.

Jackson is serving a 2 1/2 -year sentence after pleading guilty to illegally using campaign money. He entered prison last October and is due to be released on Dec. 31, 2015, according to the Bureau of Prisons.


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23 thoughts on “Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Placed in Solitary Confinement For Informing Prisoners of Their Rights

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    they tryna drive him crazy. all white people work for white supremacy. no matter which way you turn, they got something for you, to break you. rehab, jail, isolation, prison to school pipeline, drugs, school debt, bad food.
    everything in the white mans world is meant to destroy you.
    my question is, what can we do to destroy them?

  2. Most of them wouldn't be locked up had they known their rights. 12 years ago I was locked up for not knowing my rights and since then I've refused to fall victim to legal ignorance ever again!

  3. This is what happens when you try to steal a few buttered biscuits as a black man, black leader and black politician……..we can never do what they do………..

  4. Hureal Shelton says:

    We teach and learn

  5. That is such bullshit. Always blaming white people. No bodys destroying you but you! The truth is blacks are blacks worst enemys. This aint the 1800's anymore… get off the withe people hate us bandwagon.. black on black crime is far worst than any other, but im sure youll figure out a way to blame white people for that too… smh

  6. I feel sorry for people who think like you, keep teaching hate instead of love.. our presdent is black, but thats not good enough fpr you.. please tell me how white people are holing you back?

  7. he forgot his place. Money and power can make you think you're in the club. but um… we aint never in the club

  8. Sundiata Keita says:

    Michael F. Messisco i didnt read your comment and i wont be reading your reply. lions dont talk to sheep, take that with you.

  9. Fa Shizzle………

  10. Art Brennan says:

    Meanwhile, the Wall Street Banksters, who steal the big money and screw the rest of us, walk free!

  11. Kathy Harris Sexton says:

    whoa…Wonder if we'll hear from daddy.

  12. Henrik Eger says:

    PROTEST FROM THE RULING CLASS: What? Sharing public information with prisoners? Outrageous. Off with his head. And what, criticizing hard working CEOs on Wall Street? Outrageous. Next thing you tell us that democracy has been let loose in the US and that we are supposed to give information to millions of people FREE OF CHARGE. That would be the end of our wonderful capitalist system and would bring in nothing but chaos. Because, before you know it, those lazy workers and demonstrators want free education for all and they want the corporations to pay taxes, they want all wars to stop (what about our profits?) and, they want to have a say in all major decisions. They even had the nerve to insist that the NSA should stop recording everything that Americans say and write. Who do they think they are, these unwashed masses? I bet they are all Commies and Socialists who want to kill our beautiful land. As you can see, such horrible demands are deeply troubling. We therefore must take action now and order even more tanks and ammunition in case those godless demonstrators wave the American Constitution and demand that it be taken seriously. Do these people not realize that we like the way that document looks, but we know better not to follow it. After all, we are the rulers now, not those strange folks in 1789. If only we could shut down the social media and boost Fox "News" and wonderful radio programs like those by Rush Limbaugh. We would get the facts that we want distributed and everyone would be happy.

  13. Arlan Dotson says:

    @ Michael F. Messisco. Your right about the 1800s but wrong at the same time. I see you left out Jim Crow that ended in 1965 same year Malcolm X was killed. Ever heard of cointel pro? J Edgar Hoover? Ask yourself why did whites kill off our leaders? Why do you think Black on Black crime is horrible? We're in America not knowing our real names, language, and embody the same religion that enslaved us. Understand when u say "stop blaming whites" tell whites to stop blaming the entire black community for the actions of others. What he is saying is not hate it's truth. Who fed black babies to gators? Lynched and burned men alive? Dragging men from the back of pick up trucks? Who brought our ppl to this country and forced them to work and be stripped of all culture and as time passed the generations adopted English language, European lifestyle, and worship a God they never heard of until enslaved? White ppl and not just one race but multiple.

  14. Fred Jones says:

    They know their rights!

  15. Fred Jones says:

    They know their rights!

  16. Nick Davis says:

    you're an idiot

  17. Michael Archer says:

    The black people who comment here sound like a bunch of bitter whiney babies. He's a criminal yet you gush over him and make excuses for his behavior. This why all of your communities fail. You would rather coddle your criminals instead of getting rid of them.

  18. Sundiata Keita says:

    Nick Davis no black person in the world cares what white people think. try again.

  19. Arlan Dotson says:

    And where are these statistics white man? Drop facts instead of talking shit on the internet.

  20. Michael Archer says:

    Dont call me white man you racist idiot. What stats? That blacks commit more crimes? Here are some. FBI’s NCVS, National Crime Victimization Survey, and The Department of Justice’s UCR, Uniform Crime Reports, FBI Communication’s Division. Time for your community to stop whining and get its crap together. Keep defending idiots like Jackson and nothing will ever improve.

    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.

    Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher.

    The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.

    Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

    Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.

    Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison, Hispanics three times, and the reason is clear, because from 1980 to 2003 the US incarceration rate has tripled, and so proves that Justice is not only hard won, but well served

  21. Arlan Dotson says:

    So im guessing when you apply for a job and check white you call them racists idiots too? The statistics I'm asking for are those regarding your comment "This is why ALL of your communities fail". As you see I'm not the one calling you names and being disrespectful. I don't act tough on the internet thats what cowards do. Have you been robbed, beaten, shot at by a black person? I highly doubt it.

  22. Michael Archer says:

    You called me white man in a degrotatory manner. You know what you meant so don't play it off like youre not hopelessly racist. Its not normal to respond to someone by using their race unless youre a racist looking to be insulting.

    Your communities fail because you can't get a handle on the crime problem and you blame everyone else for your dysfunction. Can you name one successful black run city or town?

  23. Arlan Dotson says:

    Thats where you're wrong. I don't place blame, but I have a clear understanding of the 13th Amendment and its purpose. I called you a white man cause thats what you are. I'm from "the hood" and where im from there are black owned businesses there. I live in the burbs now and I am a Web Developer. You speak as a spectator and know nothing about my ppl. As old as you look you should at least have some common knowledge of Jim Crow and know exactly why Blacks are having a hard time. You blame the thug but not General Electric for investing in record companies to supply thug music to brainwash the youth that at some point will be incarcerated which General Electric profits from. Did you know that gang members buy their guns from whites? I live in the South I can go buy a gun right now privately from a white man. You don't blame the govt for flooding the streets with drugs but blame the lost thug with no real knowledge. Stop feeding into the propaganda and realize you are doing exactly what they want.

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