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No.1 Pick: Drake’s ‘Draft Day’

Drake-draft-dayDrake recently was called out by his mentor Jay Z, on Jay’s verse on the “We Made It” freestyle. Jay Z’s response was in reference to Drake’s comments in a Rolling Stone interview about Jay’s gratuitous art references. The music world has been waiting to see if Drizzy would respond to Hov on his next record, however Drake has seemingly taken the high road in his newest release, “Draft Day.” As reported by

“Six months removed from ‘Nothing Was the Same’ and Drake continues to keep us on our toes with new music. Following “Trophies” and the ‘We Made It’ Remix, not to mention the recent live debut of  ‘Days in the East,’ Drizzy has revealed a new freestyle called ‘Draft Day.’ As you might expect, it references the upcoming NBA and NFL drafts with nods to Andrew Wiggins and Drake’s BFF Johnny Manziel, respectively. For the most part, however, the five-minute cut is full of colorful boasts. The line everyone will be talking about Wednesday morning? ‘If I’d leave this sh** to chance, I’da picked a name like Chance the Rapper.’ Though, my personal favorite is ‘Sprite got me on payroll /Let that man live / They said, OK if you say so.’

Although Drake doesn’t directly respond to Jay Z, there are a couple of lines that people will surely construe as subliminal comebacks, according to

“‘I heard they talking crazy, I was out of town/You know they love to pop all that sh*t when I’m not around/But when I’m here, psst, not a sound/That’ll make me snap, jot it down/ get in the booth and lay a body down.’ Most people are thinking this is Drake referring to Jay Z’s ‘We Made It’ remix that was released while Drake was on tour in Europe. There’s also another art reference as Drake raps ‘Just watch me paint flows/ we all do for the art so I could never hate though,’ which could be a Jay Z apology.”

Check out “Draft Day” below, which samples Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop.”


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