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6 Reasons Scholars Question the Existence of Jesus


Serapis Christus, The Original Christ

Many historians attribute the origins of Jesus Christ to the creation of Serapis Christus around 300 B.C.E.

Ptolemy 1 Meryamun Setepenre wanted the people of Egypt to accept him as pharaoh after Alexander the Great invaded Egypt through military force and placed Ptolemy on the throne. The Egyptians did not accept Ptolemy as their ruler because they believed a pharaoh had divine rights and it was not a position acquired through force.

Ptolemy changed his name to Meryamun Setepenre which means “Beloved of Amun” and “Chosen of Ra.”  When most Egyptians still refused to accept Ptolemy despite his name change, the feigned pharaoh slaughtered any person that defied his position.

In his stalwart efforts to redefine God, Ptolemy created “Serapis,” a Christ deity fashioned in Ptolemy’s own image and adorned with Egyptian accessories. This image of the new god was forced on both Egyptians and Romans alike.

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27 thoughts on “6 Reasons Scholars Question the Existence of Jesus

  1. Tariq Ahmed says:

    The Injeel was revealed to Jesus peace be upon him but was altered…

    Did John the Baptist recognize Jesus after his baptism? Yes (John 1:32, 33), No (Matthew 11:2).
    When Paul saw the light he fell to the ground. Did his traveling companions also fall to the ground? Yes (Acts 26:14), No (Acts 9:7)
    What did Judas do with the blood money he received for betraying Jesus? He bought a field (Acts 1: 18), He threw all of it into the temple and went away. The priests could not put the blood money into the temple treasury, so they used it to buy a field to bury strangers (Matthew 27:5)
    Who killed Goliath? David (I Samuel 17:23, 50), Elhanan (2 Samuel 21:19).

    Now check the Last Testament The Holy Quran when you just open the first page you see "This is the Scripture whereof there is no doubt"

  2. James Yount says:

    Where there is no doubt, there is no wisdom.

  3. this conflicts with other information that i have researched about the same points it brings up. if i cannot assert that the point i factually, its argument must be considered void.

  4. Dwayne Jackson says:

    If wisdom is a deep understand (or insight) of a concept, there is no way it can be equated or "partnered" with doubt. If there is no desire to "know", there can be no wisdom.

  5. James Yount says:

    There always needs to be some level of doubt because very little is certain. Absolute certainty is the death of growth.

  6. Dwayne Jackson says:

    Unless you are absolutely certain that there is always more to learn.

  7. Ben Donahue says:

    Alexander didn't "place" Ptolemy on the throne of Egypt.
    After walking into Egypt practically unopposed (except for one stronghold in Gaza), the Egyptians, grateful to be liberated from the Persian Empire, willingly made Alexander pharaoh. When Alexander died, his generals split his empire between themselves. It was then that Ptolemy assumed control of Egypt.
    I also can't find a single credible source that refers to the God as "Serapis Christus." It is always Serapis alone.

    Other than that minor change (sorry, I'm a history major), the rest of this article appears to check out.

  8. Kate Williams says:

    That's because it was written after Christ and the Bible's contradictions were already apparent to any reader, just because something hasn't been changed for 2000 years doesn't make it correct! Its main teaching is not to trust your own common sense.

  9. I am a believer and I have not read all the bible so I know the average person has never picked up the bible , so most people are easy to deceive when it comes to the Holy scriptures integrity. Life is all about choices and the freedom of choice proves the existence of God. At one time people believed the world was flat , what a person chooses to believe has nothing to do with truth………. "I have never been to the moon therefore it doesn't exist?" question!!! ………Babylon ,Medo-Persia ,Greece ,Rome , Hitler ,,, How come no one has been able to take over the whole world?????

  10. Please stop citing the Bible as evidence of historical events.

  11. Dwayne Jackson says:

    Who's version of history is that? Do history "majors" study only one version of a story, or various researchers of a topic?

  12. Ben Donahue says:

    Dwayne Jackson, are you suggesting that Alexander DID place Ptolemy on the throne of Egypt? Because I haven't seen a single source that says he did. What I wrote above is what every contemporary source says happened. It's what the archaeology supports. If you have evidence of the contrary, maybe try providing it like a big boy.

    Like this.

    Or are you just one of those idiots that HAS to argue about something… regardless of whether or not you actually know anything.

  13. Dwayne Jackson says:

    Ben Donahue, what I insinuated was that most of the "contemporary" source (yes, "source", singular – you figure that one out) of history that we've been presented with for generations, has come from a very biased & bigoted point of view – and most of that view turned out to be deliberate falsehoods. If you are a true student of history, you would know and freely admit that Kemetic (Egyptian) history reaches back thousands of years prior to 300bc.

    What I'm now stating is that arrogant so-called historians such as yourself can't be trusted to provide un-biased info, and must be questioned at every word. Not brow-beat, just questioned. You nit-picked a non-issue in this article. They were childhood friends, weren't they? He was one of his best generals, wasn't he? All of that evidently had a great influence on how Ptolemy got to that position. This came from your provided source, by the way – the tourism company.

    This article simply pointed out a few historical "Christ-like" figures that pre-dated Jesus of Nazareth, or Yeshua, or Isa ibn Yusef, or whatever name you may (or may not) know him by. But your arrogance immediately got in the way, and hence, your abbreviated "history lesson". Your type of blind, idiotic arrogance used to teach elementary school children that "Egypt" was not a part of "Africa" back in the day.

  14. Ben Donahue says:

    Dwayne Jackson, it is an established historic fact that Ptolemy did not take the throne of Egypt until after Alexander's death, and that's the only point I was making. There's no bias to be found in that, because nothing stood to be gained by saying it took place after Alexander's death, and nothing stood to be lost by claiming it happened before it. So there's nothing to argue about. Either prove me wrong, or continue making an ass out of yourself. I'm finished here until you provide a source to back up your claims.

  15. Dwayne Jackson says:

    Ben Donahue. Your foolish bravado proves you wrong – and this isn't even about you, although you insist on trying to make it so. How Ptolemy got to the throne isn't even a point in this article – but you keep trying to make it one. Check it out: you aren't in a position to "define" anything here. The article is clear and self-evident, and even provides a few sites as reference. But, you insist on trying to prove you are an "authority" on history. I only asked what you "who's version of history" you are referencing…and THEN you use a tour-guide website as a reference.

    Are the "Egyptians" of today (the ones you say are 'telling' this story) the same people from 1,000 years ago? 2,000 years ago?

    To repeat:

    This article isn't about Alexander, nor Ptolemy..that's the only "established fact" on this page.

    This article simply pointed out a few historical "Christ-like" figures that pre-dated Jesus of Nazareth, or Yeshua, or Isa ibn Yusef, or whatever name you may (or may not) know him by. But your arrogance immediately got in the way, and hence, your abbreviated "history lesson". Your type of blind, hateful arrogance used to teach elementary school children that "Africans" contributed nothing to the rise of the "Egyptian" empire back in the day.

    One more thing – if you ARE a scholar, act (and dialogue) like one. I haven't cursed at you yet, so back up off all that mad talk.

  16. Dwayne Jackson says:

    Oh…and my "source" material to back-up my statements is YOUR remarks.

  17. Dwayne Jackson says:

    And I jacked your "Math, you're doing it right" post. Funny stuff.

  18. Dwayne Jackson says:

    AND I've just been reading over this old article*.html

  19. Ben Donahue says:

    Dwayne Jackson, I thoroughly enjoyed this article as well, as it supports literally everything I was saying.

    Thanks for that. Have a good one.

  20. Dwayne Jackson says:

    I'm sure you did, & your agreement supports the core of what I said about your responses thus far. Have you read this: ?

  21. Michael Denis Donovan says:

    "The Great" is a title usually given to rulers who conquer new territory.

  22. Dwayne Jackson I was waiting for you to nip it in the bud. Why they have to name call, and use profanity to make nonsense points. Just shut it down, don't exchange with him anymore. He wouldn't handle some of those folks on Grio like that.

  23. Dwayne Jackson says:

    You know how they do. We're taught to argue in the best manner…and it usually ends once you post a link to "Stolen Legacy".

  24. Roderick Means Wow

  25. Roderick Means Wow

  26. James Yount says:

    Roderick Means Rome took over as much as it wanted to take over. Hitler was stupid by not conquering his enemies before turning on his allies. The world's a big place and it hasn't really even been a goal of most of those empires to take over the whole thing; not within their interests. I have read the whole bible many times. But reading the bible is not going to lead you to ultimate truth. Most atheists like me spent years and years studying the bible. It seems to me that it's actually easier to keep faith if you don't read the bible. There's only so much cognitive dissonance that one mind can take.

  27. Richard Bean says:

    Tariq Ahmed the examples you list are not contradictions.

    1. John the Baptist recognized Jesus at His baptism, but later began to have his doubts in Him like many do, simply because He didn't behave the way the Jews at that time expected the Messiah to behave (according to their interpretation of prophecy). The Jews expected the Messiah to come destroy the Romans and restore Israel, but Jesus first came to deal with sin.

    2. It is possible that Paul's companions did fall to the ground, got back up after they gathered their senses, and then stood around speechless. You have to keep in mind that many "contradictory" passages in the Bible are based on witness accounts. Think of the differing eyewitness statements that occur at a crime scene – the accounts do not negate the fact that a crime actually occurred. And also, the difference may only be one witness including details that another left out.

    3. The way you posed the question regarding what Judas did with the money is faulty. The Bible does say that Judas personally threw the money he received for betraying Jesus back into the temple. Because it was blood money, the priests used it to buy a field to bury strangers. Though Judas didn't actively make the purchase, his work (the "reward of iniquity") paid for it. So Judas did throw the money back at the priests AND purchase a field with it. Think of it like your tax dollars at work – you don't personally send a check to each of the government's programs, but the money you earn from working funds them (at least in part).

    4. The last example is just taken from an incorrect translation (or is just a clever omission). The King James Version of 2 Samuel 21:19 plainly says that Elhanan killed Goliath's brother. Not Goliath. David killed Goliath.

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