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Weekend Wrapup: Benzino Shot, ‘Scandal’ Star in Trouble and More

Love and Hip Hop star shot by family member The past weekend brought out some pretty interesting stories as “Love & Hip Hop” star Benzino, “Scandal” star Columbus Short, R&B crooner Chris Brown, and rapper 2 Chainz all found themselves on the wrong end of some serious drama.

While three of the men brought the unfortunate circumstances upon themselves, Benzino was actually attending his mother’s funeral – which was traumatic enough – when things took an even worse turn.

The reality star was riding in his mother’s funeral procession along a Massachusetts highway when his own nephew fired several shots into the red SUV Benzino was driving.

According to the Plymouth Country District Attorney’s Office, the reality star got out of the vehicle after being shot and was rushed to the Duxbury Police Department.

Shortly after arriving he was transferred to the hospital where he was joined by his friend and business partner, Stevie J.

A spokeswoman for the South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth reported that Benzino is in good condition.

The motive behind the shooting is still uncertain but anonymous sources reported that Benzino and the suspect had been arguing earlier that day.

As for “Scandal” star Columbus Short, rumor has it that Shonda Rhimes has had enough of the actor getting into fights.

Back in February Short was arrested for “physically attacking his wife in front of his children,” TMZ reported. Just last week he got into another fight but this time it was at a bar.

Now rumors are flying that Rhimes has had enough and if Short wants to keep playing the role of a gladiator in a suit he needs to get his act together.

One source told Hip Hollywood that Rhimes doesn’t “tolerate negative press” and has “issued [Short] a warning to get his personal issues sorted out.”

The source also claimed that Rhimes has threatened to cut Short from the show if he “continues with his violent behavior.”

In Chris Brown news, the “Fine China” crooner is still facing the consequences of his violent past and is officially making the transition from being a celebrity to being an inmate.

With his April 17th court date for the alleged D.C. brawl approaching, a judge has ordered that the singer be transported to Washington, D.C. by U.S. Marshals.

Brown and his legal team were hard at work trying to settle with the victim in the case out of court, but it’s obvious that the victim isn’t interested in whatever Breezy’s attorney offered.

Mark Geragos, Brown’s lead attorney, is requesting that the singer be released to his custody and he be held responsible for transporting him to his hearing.

As for rapper 2 Chainz, he may be getting into his own legal hot water after he posted a video of a woman backstage at his concert and labeled her a “THOT” – an acronym that stands for “That Hoe Over There.”

The young woman posted an image to Instagram warning the rapper that she has already met with her lawyer regarding the way he embarrassed her in the video which quickly went viral.

In the video 2 Chainz mocks the girl, calls her several demeaning names and calls her out for sneaking backstage when she wasn’t supposed to be there.

The woman claims she has her own side of the story to tell and was forced to reset her social media accounts after the video was posted by several gossip and hip-hop sites.

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