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New Beginnings: Kelly Rowland Announces Fifth Album After Leaving Label


Kelly Rowland is ready to follow up her last album, “Talk A Good Game.” The former Destiny’s Child artist confirmed during an interview today with Huffpost Live that she is indeed working on her fifth studio album after leaving her record label. As reported by

“She returned to the studio last week to begin recording the follow-up to last year’s Talk a Good Game. ‘It’s been wonderful so far, a fresh new spin on everything, with writers, producers, just being inspired, just creativity,’ Kelly told Huffpost Live.

“The new music, which encompasses horns, drums, and flutes, was influenced by iconic female singers including Diana Ross. ‘I’ve been inspired by the queens that have gone before us, incredibly strong women who aren’t afraid to take risks and just be innovative,’ said Kelly.”

Kelly also confirmed that she has indeed left her record label, Universal Republic.

“I feel like right now, I just needed something new and I’ve earned the right to make my own choices and make my own decisions,” said Kelly. “I wish them well, they wish me well. No hard feelings, I just needed a fresh, new start.”

Whichever direction Kelly decides to go, you know her fans will follow, and they’re probably eagerly awaiting what her new album will bring to the table.

Check out the Kelly Rowland interview below.

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