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Staying Fly: 50 Cent’s ‘Pilot’ Video


50 Cent isn’t letting the fact that he’s no longer with his previous label, Interscope, prevent him from going hard on the promotion for his upcoming album “Animal Ambition.” 50 just dropped his new single “Pilot” and today, less than 24 hours later, he’s released the accompanying video to the song. As reported by

“Late Monday night, the newly independent MC released his newest track, “Pilot,” on iTunes. Proving there’s no stopping his grind, 50 came right back Tuesday morning (March 25) with the official video for the song. In it, the mogul splits his time between a dimly lit club and holding court in the driver’s seat of an aircraft — dressed in a full-on pilot’s outfit to boot.

“The beat for ‘Pilot,’ which is both smooth and rowdy enough to provide a playground for 50’s energetic approach, was produced by Shamtrax of the Sound Killers. Meanwhile, the single art follows the animal theme established on previous Ambition releases, with a fierce-looking bird in flight gracing the cover.”

50 Cent seemingly has a newfound passion for music with the promotion of his new album. Since parting ways with his old label and mentors Dr. Dre and Eminem, 50 appears to be anxious to show and prove he can release a hit record on his own. As also reported by

“The audio and visual continue a rollout for the album that began in full force two weeks ago, when Fif delivered the Animal Ambition album art, as well as the project’s release date. The musical push kicked into gear last Tuesday with the rapper dropping two new songs: “Hold On” and “Don’t Worry ‘Bout It,” featuring Yo Gotti. The MC will treat fans to one new song every week for the next two months leading up to the album’s official release.

“The relentless approach seems to indicate a reinvigorated 50. After parting with Interscope Records, the rapper reflected on how his longtime label had changed. ‘You see Interscope turn into ‘Beats Records’, where everyone that you see is actually marketing Beats [by Dr. Dre] headphones,” he told MTV News. ‘You don’t even see a music video without Beats headphones in it.'”

Check out the 50 Cent “Pilot” video below and give your thoughts.

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