Denzel Washington Helps Celebrate Aretha Franklin’s 72nd Birthday



When you’re legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin, it’s not unusual when Denzel Washington creeps into your birthday party.

The Queen of Soul, who will turn 72 on Tuesday, held an intimate gathering Saturday at New York City’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Washington, whom Franklin had seen hours earlier onstage in the Broadway show, “A Raisin in The Sun,” reportedly entered the hotel meagerly camouflaged under a baseball cap.

Franklin was reportedly upbeat at her event and excited about forthcoming collaborations with contemporary artists Babyface and Andre 3000.

Babyface is on Broadway alongside Toni Braxton in the musical After Midnight, “so, I’m just waiting for him to finish that so he can finish my tracks please,” Franklin said.

When asked what she wanted for her birthday, Franklin unselfishly said, “I’m looking for a record deal for my granddaughter Victorie, and my son Kecalf, I would be happy with that.”  They both performed recently on the BET Honors, paying tribute to Franklin.


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