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6 Ways The ‘Black Superhero’ Influenced Hollywood and The World

The Word “Hero” came from the name for an Egyptian God

Horus is one of the oldest deities of ancient Egypt. He was also known as Kemwer, meaning (the) great Black (one), the god of vengeance, sky, protection, and was usually depicted as a falcon-headed man.

While Egyptologists often refer to him as “Horus the hawk, the avenger,” some scholars assert that the word “hero” comes from Horus’ original African name, Heru or Hor.

Gerald Massey, a 19th-century scholar, said that the word “hero” comes from the Egyptian concept, “ma haru,” meaning “the typical warrior” or the “true hero.”

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17 thoughts on “6 Ways The ‘Black Superhero’ Influenced Hollywood and The World

  1. Great and well-researched column

  2. Super man may be #2 but the Biggest seller in DC comics History is Shazam or Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel did so much sells 3 competing companies changed their name and put Marvel in the title one being Timely comics which changed its name to Marvel.

  3. We need to go back to telling our own stories, FUCK Holly wood.

  4. From our ancient Kamet (Egypt) to our civil rights history goes their Superman to their X-Men. Everything comes from black people

  5. Horus is a major character in my novel–Across Time: Mystery of the Great Sphinx.

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  7. sooo, everything goes back to "THE RICHEST PART OF THE PLANET EARTH"!!!

  8. James Haggard says:

    The Star travelers, the Planet skippers, the Globe trotters, the Civilizers, the Moors, the Ones that came down and made Man out of their image and likeness…. the list goes on. Ye Are Gods

  9. What Still Amazes Me Is How We Continue Using Greek Names For Our People. Who Is Horus? The God Horus Does Not Exist. Our Name Is Hrw, Km Wr.. We Must Discontinue Using Greek Names, Western Translations Of Our Life It Does Not Empower Nor Free Us. It Empowers Those Whose Language You/We Use To Describe Our Selves.

  10. Bismillah Many are not knowledgeable of the actual facts you share with us!

  11. Saad Hayes Sodaye says:

    Actually Xena the warrior princess is truthfully based on the african/persian queen Zenobia or Xenobia. Also based on this queen is the term xenophobe the fear of other races, as Xenovia defeated many european and asian attackers of her kingdom.

  12. Empresse Ifalona Osunfunmilayo Holder-El says:

    Ma'At! Mt! Mdu Ntr is our language!

  13. Ross Valenti says:

    Nobody would listen


  15. Simba Olenga says:

    Some claims too that King Arthur was momentanely inspired by Heru and few heroes and gods from proto-celtic (Tuatha De Danann, Formorians…) origins in the lately celtic mythology. But however, the link with Antarah Ibn Shaddad can been pretty interresting too, the Arthurian legends presents a lot of yet un explainable similarities with African and Easterners myths, like by example Tristan & Iseult with the Rāmāyaņa…

  16. Simba Olenga says:

    I read one time that Xena was rather inspired by the Haussa Queen Amina of Zaria, surnamed " the Warrior-Queen " (1533-1610) .

  17. Heru is similar but that idiot was a ripp-off of a novel character mixed with moses.

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