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5 Christlike Figures Who Pre-Dated Jesus


Heru/Horus The story of Heru, the son of Auset (Isis) and Ausar (Osiris), predates the birth of Jesus by at least 3,000 years. According to ancient Egyptian mythology, Heru was conceived by means of immaculate conception. He is only begotten son of the god Ausar.

Egyptologist Erik Hornung wrote, “There was an obvious analogy between the Horus child and the baby Jesus and the care they received from their sacred mothers; long before Christianity, Isis had borne the epithet ‘mother of the god.'” QuetzalcoatlQuetzalcoatl/ Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl is a Mesoamerican deity whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and means “feathered serpent.” Scholars believe the worship of the feathered serpent may have started as early as 2000 B.C. in the form of Kukulkan.

In his book  “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors,”   author Kersey Graves writes that the immaculate conception is a part of the history of Quetzalcoatl.  The similarities between the story and the feathered serpent of Mesoamerica are such that one of the Mormon Church leaders, president John Taylor (November 1, 1808 – July 25, 1887) wrote: “The story of the life of the Mexican divinity, Quetzalcoatl, closely resembles that of the Savior; so closely, indeed, that we can come to no other conclusion than that Quetzalcoatl and Christ are the same being. But the history of the former has been handed down to us through an impure Lamanitish source, which has sadly disfigured and perverted the original incidents and teachings of the Savior’s life and ministry.”

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  1. Krishna's father was not a carenter, he belonged to warrior cast, krishanna wasnt visited by wise at his birth(in prison) krishnna's parent didnt stay in mathura, he was brought up there with his parents in jail. krishnna never wandered in wilderness to fast, krishnna was had a biological father(never a virgin birth stupid atheist who dont check facts made that up, FYI I am atheist) NO resurrection, NO sin

  2. Nimrod Sikhakhane I dont believe in any god

  3. Mansa Musa says:

    Megyn Kelly is gonna shit a brick when she finds out you posted this.

  4. Liliana Martha Gonzalez says:

    I don't believe in any gods either, only the one True God. The abba God, the God of all creation.

  5. We really should be more efficient in reading words….. the key word is "Christlike" none the less not Christ. We should ALL aspire to be CHRISTLIKE <3

    In chapter 10 of the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna declares, "I am the prince of demons." The Bible identifies the "prince of demons" as Satan.
    Krishna is often described and portrayed as an infant or young boy [as the anti-christ] playing a flute [as pied piper] as in the Bhagavata Purana.
    The Sanskrit word in its origin language Kṛṣṇa is primarily an adjective meaning "Black" or "Dark" [as demons], sometimes it is also translated as "all attractive" [satan can present himself as a beautiful & seductive angel of light].
    Based on His Name, Krishna is often depicted as black or blue-skinned. → Satan/demon's skin often depicted as blue (angel) or green (reptilian).

    In the story, the divine Vishnu himself descended into the womb of Devaki and was born as a son, Krishna (aka unholy trinity of Lucifer: Satan the Father, Isis/Devaki/distorted Mary/False Prophet as wife, anti-Christ as child) , because of his sympathy for the earth (just like Quetzalcoatl, & many others, Satan brings knowledge & promises of eternal life outside of God because 'he cares'). This is unjustifiably brought up as evidence for the hypothesis of a "virgin birth". However, there is nothing in Hindu scriptures to suggest that it was a "virgin" birth at all. On the contrary, by the time of conception and birth of Krishna, Devaki was married to Vasudeva and had already borne 7 children (the 7th one being a miscarriage, let's remember that #7 is God's number of perfection), Krishna was child #8.
    The Hindu Vishnu Purana relates: "Devaki bore in her womb the lotus-eyed deity [ref. lotus of I pet goat, one eye]…before the birth of Krishna, no one “could bear to gaze upon Devaki, from the light that invested her, and those who contemplated her radiance felt their minds disturbed.” [This is an attempt at naming the sun → worship of Ra the sun god → freemasons' worship of the sun → satanists]
    He tamed the serpent Kāliyā, who previously poisoned the waters of Yamuna river, thus leading to the death of the cowherds. Even though he is doing battle with the serpent, he is in no real danger and treats it like a game. He is a protector, but he only appears to be a young boy having fun.(The evil snake defeated by the golden child, yet they both play the same game).
    There is no historical source mentioning that the foster father of Krishna was a carpenter.
    At the time of Krsna's birth, the planetary systems were automatically adjusted so that everything became auspicious (like for any major event). There was no “star guiding shepherds & wise men” to Krishna
    One of the accepted mothers of Krishna was a witch named Putana [cursed word la 'puta', la 'putana'?], who knew the black art of killing small children by ghastly sinful methods, to kill all kinds of children in the cities, and who had come to kill Him. Yet Krsna being so merciful, even though He knew Putana was there to kill Him, he took her as His nurse or mother & took her breast to suck. Krsna was later obliged to kill the demon Putana, his nurse/mother, despite that the killing of a woman is forbidden according to Vedic Sastra.

    Our main source for details on Zoroaster is the Avesta, a collection of sacred texts which was put in writing between 346-360 AD and of which we have manuscript copies only as early as the 13th century. Some of the material that comes from a time before the Christian era, is representative of Nimrod. The rest seems likely to have been added later, and for good reason. "The incorporation of certain motifs into the Zoroastrian tradition in the ninth century CE could indicate the conscious attempt of the priesthood to exalt their prophet in the eyes of the faithful who may have been tempted to turn to other religions."- jenny rose
    In other words, if we see a "Jesus-like" story in these texts, especially this late, we have a right to suspect borrowing — but in exactly the opposite way that critics suppose!
    In the Greek Septuagint version of The Bible, ‘Nimrod’ is rendered ‘Nebrod’, being destroyed by this lightning falling on earth from heaven [during the destruction of the Tower of Babel], for this circumstance had his name changed to Zoroaster…” It is from the magician Nimrod, also known as Zoroaster, that the Zoroastrian Magi, well known priestly practitioners of magic, are descended). Freemasonry itself renders homage to Satan and Azazel. Of an interesting note, the Tower of Babel was constructed upon the 33rd Degree Parallel as Freemasonry is composed of 33 Degrees.

    "The Masonic Cooke Mss dating from the 1430 CE accords Nimrod the status of the first Grand Master of the Masons. He allegedly delivered the original charges and constitutions to the Craft brethren whom he oversaw during the building of the Tower of Babel…Babylon is Bab-Illani or the Gate of the Gods (Illu = Elohim) (Elohim = angels)…The researches of Clement Stratton have confirmed that in the first degree of medieval operative Masonry the pledge by the candidate was called the Oath of Nimrod.” – p.44 The Pillars of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson

  8. James Power says:

    Floriana Allmen — wow! So, all the other Christ-figures in history were demonic. Isn't it interesting that the last story pulls from all the others, but it is hailed as the only true account? Only thing is – there is no one in Palestine who would even attest to the account that Westerners have. Yet, ancient cultures were in agreement that their Christ-figures were great men who did great things. Hmmm!!!

  9. James, most of these cultures were practicing the religious occultism & spirit summoning. Their knowledge came from 'somewhere', as you probably know, the ancient Egyptians for instance, entered a golden era in science, the arts and technology at once. There is plenty out there on this subject. // You wrote: "the last story pulls from all the others" – please read past the first 4 lines of my answer & you'll clearly see it is **debunked**. // You wrote: "there is no one in Palestine who would attest to the account that Westerners have" I am at loss as far as your comment being linked to the debunking of this brainwashing article. If you refer to the horrific genocide of the Palestinians from Zionist Israel being helped by the Westerners, please research the matter more. You'll find leaders wearing the Jesus/Torah sticker on their forehead to justify their murderous acts, & yes you'll find some christians & jews defending the matter, as they are brainwashed, just like the people reading this article & finding justification in it. People need to WAKE UP!! Zionism is not Judaism: Did you know that, in ***1917***, British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour penned a letter to Zionist Second Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild in which he expressed support for a Jewish homeland on Palestinian-controlled lands in the Middle East. The Masonic state of israel was created in 1948! The wars in the Middle East seek more than oil. The world is not what we are told it is!

  10. This made me smile

  11. Khemi Shakur says:

    If you spent all this time trying to reverse roles an flip all truth to lies, I feel sorry for you and what your life is like.

    You get on a black site, call the(Archetypical) Black God the devil and anti christ, while praising the Storm God of our enemies (Set/Allah/Zues/YHWH/Enlil) who have always had it out for Afrikans your God. If you do not want to hear the truth, go baal to church and keep your poison off our informative posts. You would rather your Jesus be white and a peasant slave than a mighty liberator and hero of your people. Self hating ass.

  12. Ahmose says:

    Floriana Allmen:

    1. "HORUS: The Osiris myth is the most elaborate and influential story in ancient Egyptian mythology. It concerns the god Osiris [Satan]' murderer [cast down from heaven]," Floriana Allmen

    That is 100% incorrect. Your knowledge of ancient Egyptian cosmology is appalling. Nowhere in either the ancient Egypt's cosmological literature or their eschatological literature it it stated that 1) Osiris is 'Satan'; nor does it state any where that 2) Osiris was a murderer; or that he was 3) cast down from heaven. How is it possible to get all three (3) things absolutely incorrect in one sentence? That's an impressive feat to say the least.

    And you've told Atlanta Black Star to 'get their facts straight'… when the few, scarce facts you have gotten correct are so few that they are almost not even worth mentioning? Really? Ok.

  13. Ahmose says:

    Floriana Allmen:

    2. "his brother Set [supposedly God], usurps his throne [Satan claiming to be #1 god]." Floriana Allmen

    Floriana if you're going to speak derisively about ancient Egyptian cosmology at least make an elementary effort to get it accurate / correct; you do yourself and everyone following this dialogue a disservice when you fail to do so, and you failed miserably in your 'effort' to do so here, as nowhere in either ancient Egyptians cosmological literature or ancient Egyptian eschatological literature it it stated that 'Set' the brother of Osiris is 'God'. If you cannot discern between the little 'g', as opposed to the big 'G' (the noun verses the personal pro-noun) then you might want to find another subject matter to discourse upon with all due respect of course.

  14. Ahmose says:

    Floriana Allmen:

    3."Meanwhile, Osiris' wife Isis restores her husband's body, allowing him to posthumously conceive a son with her. The remainder of the story focuses on Horus [anti christ], the product of Isis and Osiris' union, who is first a vulnerable child protected by his mother and then becomes Set [God]'s rival for the throne." Floriana Allmen

    Nowhere in either ancient Egyptian cosmological literature or ancient Egyptian eschatological literature it it stated that Horus is the 'anti-Christ'. The term itself is a product of pseudepigraphical lliterature that posts dates the literature of ancient Egypt and is therefore not even applicable to the deity in question, ie. Horus. You are not just confused, you are profoundly confused. There was no one titled 'Christ' in either ancient Egyptian cosmological literature or ancient Egyptian eschatological literature so Horus cannot be the 'anti' of something that does not exist within the framework of the story in which he is found; that would be like Superman chasing Catwoman, in this regards they are two 'different' stories; in fact that seems to be your claim, that they are two different stories, however here, you contradict your claim.
    Your general assertion is that Horus has nothing to do with Jesus, yet you incorrectly pronounce him the 'antichrist'. Make up your mind, either Horus has something to do with Jesus or he doesn't. You can't have it both ways, or assert it as a 'fact' only when it suits your incorrect premise.

  15. Denise Montgomery Debnam says: .. this backs up this story

  16. Nice try at taking a jab at christ but he still reigns supreme. The fact that some of these "facts" have been fudged or altered a bit to match the birth and life of Christ shows how desperate you are to discredit his life, works and sacrifice.

  17. And another thing, Christ was undoubtly BLACK so why would you try to discredit a black Christ??? I'm talking to you ATLANTA "BLACK" STAR? Buddha, Vishnu, and a flying snake have nothing to do with us. Exactly what is the purpose of this post besides causing more confusion that is? Your supposed to be for us but instead try to dismantle the idea of Christ who is black by comparing him to a feathery Snake and Hinduism? SMH who's side are you on?

  18. Aaron Frazier says:

    Rajat Bhivania – This article, like your response, is filled with grammatical errors and a need for better fact checking. Joseph was not necessarily a carpenter either. The Greek word is "teknon" which can mean stone worker, hand worker, etc… Christ is a title, not a name. It means anointed one. Yes? There have been many people with this title throughout history. Our particular word "christ" has it's etymology from the Greek word Χριστός, "Christós". It's a translation used for Messiah in the Septuagint. Christós may be derived from the name Krishna.

    You said "…krishnna was had a biological father(never a virgin birth stupid atheist who don't check facts made that up, FYI I am atheist) NO resurrection, NO sin".

    The article never says that Krishna had a virgin birth. So maybe you need to get your facts straight. The mythology actually says it's a miraculous birth, announced by a messenger of god that threatened the authority of an tyrannical king. A very common theme amongst several religious heroic myths of the time. According to the Mahabharata, mother Earth was unable to bear the burden of SINS committed by evil kings and rulers, so Brahma prayed to the Supreme Lord Vishnu, who assured him that he would soon be born on earth to annihilate tyrannical forces.

    “I have created myself on this earth for a purpose” –Krishna, Mahabharata.

  19. Floriana Allmen you're absolutely right, christ like doesn't mean they were Christ jesus, but another Christ. you see the title Christ means anointed(from greek) mythology thus the greeks were pagan sun worshipers , magicians , spell and curse casters etc, therefore with thoughtful analysis the title Christian meant pagan worshiper. in substantiating all the above it is only fair to say that Christianity like the other mythology that pre-dates it copied from each other. there's no historical evidence nor in the bible , shows that jesus the Nazarene nor his followers worshiped a Trinitarian god neither does the bible old or new testament supports the trinity.

  20. the word Christ is derivative of Greek paganism meaning anointed , which if it's of pagan origin could only be refered to pagan anointed one. so christlike/chist means pagan. it is only obvious given the fact that the trinity is pagan origin and not even supported by the teaching of jesus.

  21. Trinity for me and the Original Man is … Ausar + Auset = Hero more of a Kemetic origin not Pagan at all. I do not believe in any fabricated teachings of Jesus as spoken of in the fabricated Bible.

  22. so I guess you got your own version of Christianity?

  23. khemi shaur,,, so you went through all that high strung , hooked on a color pride beliefs , to say the least or nothing at all.

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