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Amid Speculation that Michael B. Jordan Could be New Superman, Fans Poke Holes In Story

After news dropped that Henry Cavill will not reprise his role as Superman for Warner Bros., speculation emerged that the studio will look to other stars to fill the role for its DC Comics movies. One name that’s been thrown around is Michael B. Jordan, but a fan is telling others not to believe the hype.

As WB shifts its focus to its “Supergirl” movie, Deadline reported Wednesday, Sept. 12, that when the studio does return to the Superman franchise, it’ll be looking to take it in a new direction. As such, WB reportedly is considering Jordan to play the part “down the road.”

However, Twitter user Darth Kriss, who is the editor-in-chief of entertainment news, movie, TV, video game, and podcast website MTR Network, wants that speculation shut down. According to him, the talk is just meant to generate chatter for Superman.

“I want to shut that Michael B Jordan as Superman s— down now not because I’m against the casting (I’m not) but cause WB has no intentions of doing that and is once again using Black folks as shields against bad news,” he tweeted Wednesday. “First let’s admit these ‘insiders’ that ‘leak’ s— from WB aren’t leakers but is how they actually release official news by focus testing.”

Michael B Jordan

“So they knew this Cavill news would go over poorly so they throw out Jordan’s name to try to put a good spin on it. But their record of follow through with black actors is terrible,” he added.

Kriss pointed out examples of Black actors being shunned from the superhero film universe, including actor Ray Fisher’s “Cyborg” movie that has failed to come to fruition and Kiersey Clemmons’ scenes as Iris West being cut out of “Justice League.” He added that even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has seen no movement in his Black Adam movie despite his blockbuster status.

“Them throwing Jordan’s name out there isn’t a sign of where they are leaning and it’s irresponsible. Particularly when the same article says wb isn’t even sure when they would move on a new Superman movie,” Kriss said. “Don’t fall for these studios using black and brown actors as shields for bad news.”

It seems several others agreed with Kriss, too.

“LOL they won’t give us a Black Green Lantern who thinks we’re getting Earth-23 Supes lol”

Michael B Jordan


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