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New Jawbone App Updates Android Support For UP And The UP24


Jawbone today released an Android version of its UP app, which pairs with the recently released UP24 wristband.

The bracelet connects seamlessly with any Android device to help users understand how they sleep, move, and eat.

“We believe that helping people understand the context and meaning of their data is key in helping to make sustained behavior changes,” Travis Bogard, Jawbone vice president of product management and strategy, said in a statement.

Those changes can be made through better knowledge of your everyday life, which is synced wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart between the band and the UP 3.0 app for Android. Users also receive continuous feedback and in-the-moment notifications to help achieve goals.

“Through our investment in data science we have been able to provide personalized insights to help nudge people to meet their sleep or activity goals,” Bogard said. “Now with the launch of UP24 on Android, our entire community can enjoy the benefits of these insights in real-time, with continuous feedback and in-the-moment notifications to help them achieve their goals.”

Built for 24/7 wear, the UP24 wristband is covered in hypoallergenic, medical-grade rubber, with a new textural design “that’s comfortable enough to wear throughout each day and night,” the company said. It also sports a USB power adapter, but with a battery that lasts seven days, you’ll only need to charge it once a week.

The UP by Jawbone 3.0 application is now available in 12 languages as a free download in the Google Play store.
“Android users have been incredibly active in the UP community, and we’re thrilled to bring UP24 to the Android platform,” Bogard said.

The UP24 launched in November with a companion app for iOS for $149.99. It’s on sale now in red or black.


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