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Jawbone Mini Jambox: Big Sound Comes in Small Packages

The Jawbone Jambox speaker series has been a leader in the bluetooth speaker category for the last few years. With cutting edge technology the Jambox speakers redefined the wireless speaker industry, providing consumers with sleek design and quality. However, recently Jawbone has had a tougher time in the speaker space with companies like Beats and Bose giving consumers some pretty compelling offers. Known for being an innovative company, Jawbone is taking the fight to its competitors with the release of the Mini Jambox.

As reported by

“As the name implies, the new product is a smaller version of the boxy, colorful Jambox. What isn’t obvious is that the Mini Jambox actually produces sound that’s just as good — if not better — than the original. The company is still offering the old Jambox, but the price will soon be dropping to $149.99 to make way for the Mini at $179.99.

“The Mini is a bit more portable than the original Jambox: Although it’s about the same weight, the profile is about half as thick at 0.96 inches. Put side by side, the difference appears slight, but the slim design lets you stash the Mini away in any number of places the Jambox can’t fit. I actually managed to slip it into my shirt’s breast pocket. It comes in nine colors and five different patterns for the speaker grille.”

The Mini Jambox was obviously made to be a smaller, more portable device. But most reviewers are saying that the Mini packs just as much sound as the other Jambox products.

According to

“Despite being a significantly smaller device, the Mini Jambox offers a level of audio quality and volume that seems comparable to the now mid-sized Jambox on a casual listen — loud, crisp, detailed, though not particularly booming on bass.”

That’s quite an impressive feat that Jawbone has accomplished with the Mini Jambox, which will retail at $179.99. Orders are currently being taken on the Jawbone website, and the Mini will hit stores relatively soon.

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