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Church Group Accuses Dancehall Artists of Harming Children With Explicit Videos

dancehall artistA church group has come out swinging against dancehall artistes, saying they are promoting “sexual and moral depravity that has eroded basic concepts of respect, dignity, and discipline from our culture.”

Referring to what it claims are “controversial music videos” laced with strong sexual images, including group orgies, lesbian simulation, and oral sex, the Christian Brethren Assemblies Jamaica (CBAJ) said the authorities should put an end to these videos.

In a release yesterday, the CBAJ called for “the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica as well as the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment to play their role in protecting the nation from destructive value systems and music that will harm the children and the moral fabric of the nation.”

Taking dancehall artistes Demarco and Ricky Carty, specifically, to task for their latest offerings, Ride and Gal Tek ***, respectively, the group said the lyrics and acts aired in these videos are “not edifying or constructive in any way.”

In addition, CBAJ also implored artistes to be more patriotic, hold themselves to higher standards and refrain from “corrupting the soul of the nation.”


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