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Is Obama Ignoring Fundamental Reasons Behind Collapse of The Black Family?

On Thursday at the White House, President Barack Obama unveiled a new initiative, created through executive order and partnering with businesses and foundations to spend $200 million (maybe) over five years, “to help young men of color stay out of prison, stay out of jail”.

What an aspiration!

“This is an issue of national importance,” Obama said of his My Brother’s Keeper program, aimed at Black and Hispanic men. “It’s as important as any issue that I work on.”

What a wonderful realization for the nation’s first Black president to acknowledge! And with the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis behind him, no less!

Sadly, the message to minorities – and Blacks in particular – is that we Blacks can’t be expected to take individual responsibility for our lives like our white counterparts … so the government has to do it for us. Blacks should find Obama’s assumptions more than disturbing. Young Black men wouldn’t be wrong to find My Brother’s Keeper downright offensive. And everyone should realize that the first Black president is not holding Blacks accountable to the same standards as whites when it comes to parenting.

And parenting is the real problem here – not the often repeated media narrative of The Troubled Black Teenager upon which society inflicts so many ills , but the long overlooked and systemic problem of the broken Black family.

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3 thoughts on “Is Obama Ignoring Fundamental Reasons Behind Collapse of The Black Family?

  1. Blackheywood Heywood says:

    This is designed to help "Young Men of Color", not Black boys and young Black men. There is a huge difference, you see folks have no problem saying Black men when it comes to negativity,but when it comes to helping they say "People of Color". How can the President help Black boys when he ignores the male role-models and head of households who aren't working. A man cannot be a man if he cannot support his family.n That is what this President ignores.

  2. Al Johnson says:

    400M that's peanuts & already ready to throw BILLIONS IN TO UKRAINE SUCKS

  3. Marvis Griffin says:

    people are making this seem like the field is lever/equal for whites and "people of color" there's nothing negative about the program, it's just giving minorities more cards to play with. "the black man isn't working or cant support his family" well with more programs for the advancement of colored this will no longer be an issue. this is a nation founded by whites for the advancement of whites, everyone else is just trying to find their place. this program, and others like it, only takes away power to oppress colored people.

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