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8 Famous White Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Biological Parents of Black Children

Bob Dylan
Legendary folk singer Bob Dylan had a daughter with one of  his African-American backup singers, Carolyn Dennis, whom he married in June 1986.  They have a child, Desiree, known as Desi, who is now in her late 20s.

Dylan managed to keep this second marriage, and the existence of his daughter Desi, a secret for 15 years by setting Dennis up in a home in a Los Angeles suburb and visiting discreetly. Not even her neighbors noticed.

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66 thoughts on “8 Famous White Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Biological Parents of Black Children

  1. Mike Louis says:

    A white parent can't produce a black child! Stop the ignorance. These are biracial kids. The "black is dominant" justification is illogical. White DNA waters down our genes, to call them "black" is an insult to those of us who truly come from two black parents.

  2. I refuse to believe that you're really that ignorant. We have some serious problems to deal with as a race so I refuse to believe that you're overhere talking mess about our brothers and sisters who are "watering down our genes". Let's talk about uniting our people and building our race back up to the leven it once was and should be.

  3. White genes water our genes down but in the end of the day those children are still black and we should be including them in our revolution instead of shutting them out. We have bigger problems so let's not waste our energy on the devide and conquer bull.

  4. Mike Louis says:

    Blah blah blah same old response to the issue. If you have a white parent, you're biracial. Simple as that. A white person can't produce black children no matter how much you wanna close your eyes and believe it's true.

  5. Mike Louis Okay now what? Since they're such an insult what should "those of us who truly come from two black parents" do about it?

  6. Sylvia Pate says:

    You better check your DNA because there are VERY few 100% black people in this the United States. So unless you are from Africa, I doubt that you meet your definition of "black". Many people who identify as back and who are identified as black by this society are bi- and tri-racial. Making us a of the human race.

  7. Andre Curry says:

    People really do need to stop with this thinking that most Asiatics on this continent (North America) are mixed. There is no biological proof of that. Thats usually the remarks of Asiatics who want to NOT be completely "black" (connotative sense). The self hatred we are indoctrinated with is very interesting. We want to except everybody else but always reject us.

  8. Please explain to me how a "black" child could be the biological child of a "white" parent. Stop the ignorance.

  9. Sorry friend, where I'm from it is called a "MULATO"

  10. Cyra Briggs says:

    Are you black?

  11. He spoke facts none of them are Black

  12. William Burgess says:

    so inaccurate–sounds foolish

  13. William Burgess says:

    Mylène Moreira you are so right a biracial person is black with parentage of two/three different racial mixtures

  14. Veronica Faisant says:

    Why did he keep this a secret? He had a huge following of foolks who respected his unique perspective. The revelation of the existence of his wife and daughter would have made a positive differrence as far as American society was concerned, at that time. I am shocked to learn he was such a coward!

  15. Genia W-m says:

    Might've been for their privacy

  16. Oldschoolpro Sconi says:

    you stupid all colors come from black two African can lay down and produce an albino with blue eyes-two white people cant make a black baby

  17. Same with other racial groups. And American Society's definition of "black" relies heavily on a person's complexion and physical features, not just their ethnic back ground.

  18. Oldschoolpro Sconi Albino is not the same concept as mixed race…anyone can produce albino kids. Albino black children have completely black features with no color. That is not the same as a mixed race person who has mixed/blended features(complexion, facial features, hair etc).

  19. Who writes these stupid stories…being biracial is not the same as being black. Mixed is mixed…if you are a product of parents from different races or two parents who are BOTH biracial…it is not the same as someone who has two black parents or two white parents. Imagine sitting in a room with black males…how would they able to relate nor understand my life being raised by a white mother and white grandparents etc…? They could not relate to that…so how on earth can we sit together and pretend we are all the same. We are of color, but that is the only thing we can connect with, but culturally speaking…I have two cultures black or white people have one…sorry not the same thing! I know that most blacks in this country have some mixed ancestry just like most whites are mixed race too, but when you have a direct cultural connection to your mixed heritage…puts everything in a DIFFERENT perspective. Whoever writes these incorrect tittles need to be FIRED. It is like saying, if you speak Spanish you are Spanish….So many people in this country are completely CLUELESS about race, ethnicity, and nationality…The concepts are not the same…For example, Hispanics are of any race, but many are also biracial and multiracial(multigenerational mix) people…who speak a European language such as Spanish which comes from Spain. Most mixed race Americans speak English which is also a European language. I think we need to STOP labeling people altogether because most of us are not doing that correctly; however, I understand that our society is so fixated on categorizing this and that, so if you opt to label least do it right! When you are mixed race…there is no other explanation. Last but not least, the original slaves brought to this country were non mixed…they did not look like mixed race people in any shape or form.

  20. Mylène Moreira how are the black? they are MIXED with black..what would u call a asian an mexican a mixed cause ur mixed with blk ur blk,,,its not about dividing..its it the facts

  21. Sundiata Keita says:

    "a white woman cant show Robert Deniro, sh*t except directions to find a black woman"

  22. Brandolyn Rowe says:

    *sigh* The title should have been: 8 FAMOUS WHITE CELEBS YOUVDIDNT KNOW WERE PARENTS OF BIRACIAL CHILDREN….. what I have found is that (and as weird as this sounds) the whole black/white thing is taught. Most biracial children do not identify themselves as black or white until someone draws attention to it.

  23. Just passing through!

  24. Gerard Mark Douglas says:

    Look dude they aint Black nor white, they are human and that counts… The point is they were not made from human to animal which is bad.. But human on human and thats great…. It should be normal for any sort of human to bear child with any otter sort of human like it is in My country.. When i look at these comments it Sems USA has a long long Way to go…. even if they think they're on top of the food chain

  25. Gerard Mark Douglas says:

    Look dude they aint Black nor white, they are human and that counts… The point is they were not made from human to animal which is bad.. But human on human and thats great…. It should be normal for any sort of human to bear child with any otter sort of human like it is in My country.. When i look at these comments it Sems USA has a long long Way to go…. even if they think they're on top of the food chain

  26. Gerard Mark Douglas says:

    Robert de Niro is white?? Hahahaha

  27. Dawn Doran says:

    Halle Berrie considers herself as a Black person and her daughter too…Now, that she has a son, who is Spanish and Black, she considers her son as Black only…To Brandolyn Rowe…Like your last name Rowe is an London, English name…

  28. Dawn Doran says:

    Gerard: Robert De Niro is an Italian….

  29. Dawn Doran says:

    Lovelace Edouard Philippe: Mulato is an insult to the today's Black people…

  30. Brandolyn Rowe says:

    Dawn Doran…..yes this is true. My maiden name is Owe derived from English decent but it was also a given slave name. My grandmother's family were Scipios. That name was the first name given to a family member as a slave name and was adopted as the last name for her gamily. There was no questioning whether I was black, white or biracial (no matter how diluted the blood was in my family) because both of my parents were black. Having a nice that is biracial (mother is black; father is white) I do not draw attention to that fact. I love her for her.

  31. Gerard Mark Douglas says:

    Lovelace Edouard Philippe that doesn't matter , you are human and deserve to live like anyone else on this planet,

  32. Gerard Mark Douglas says:

    Dawn Doran he is human

  33. Dawn Doran says:

    Why not…As long as the parents loves their children and they are well taken care…That they never forget the kindness that they received….:)

  34. Claudia Charles says:

    Africa is made up of people with many different physical traits, skin color and hair textures, including "white". We need to stop this nonsense segregating ourselves. We are after all HUMANS. full-stop

  35. Claudia Charles says:

    Culture has nothing to do with skin color.

  36. John Harris says:

    Hi Richard,

    Theoretically I agree with you but in practice this isn't the case.I am the parent of two "biracial" children but I consider them both black the reason being that I glady accept them into my race and culture so does their mother btw. My point comes when my son and daughter for example get a modelling or acting assignment, if they are casting black kids they can openly partake but why is when they cast white kids they can't? According to alot of people they are both right? Should the black community get mad and say biracial kids are taking their spots? Or course not, but the fact is that the white half is pretty much closed off to them.

  37. John Harris The Rock played Hercules which is a GREEK character…and he is biracial(black and somoan) Vin Disesal is biracial and played many Italian roles. So that theory of yours is out the window. Biracial people are often accepted by society as an "acceptable version of black" because our features do not scare people. This explains why Obama made office 2 consecutive terms, and all the major political and social activists in our history have been with white or mixed race. So, you know there is a difference…why pretend like you don't know. Even black magazines blast mixed people all over their covers to attract a WIDER audience because we have features that blend into many other groups and those groups feel more kin to us. Even Tyler Perry is known to cast mixed people in white solar executive roles while casting black people in thug and demeaning roles. I saw your children(they are beautiful) but lets face it…most likely they would be casted in molding roles compared to someone who looks straight up African…there is a difference.

  38. John Harris Watch…then I would love to hear your response!

  39. Ramon Galano says:

    John Harris mixed people are in their own group. They are far more accepted than afro a mercian people.

  40. John Harris says:

    Richard Myles Yeah I understand that but mixed people are seen as Black Elite which in my opinion is wrong…I have live in the caribbean as well and that nonsense goes on all the time, that doesn't make it right in my opinion. What I mean to say is that a mixed racial person can use their "black pass" more frequently than their "white pass" no offense intended. I raise my son to know that he is no better or worse than a black person or a white person. But the category society puts him in is black. If you are biracial like Ryan Giggs for example (look him up if you're not familiar with English Football) than you can pass quite easily for white which is not a problem in my opinion either, but the fact is that alot of biracial people have a more dominant afro appeareance. Richard, could you play the king of england? I never said they weren't more accepted I'm not dumb I see how island people treat kids like my son better , while here in The Netherlands he's just as black as I am in their eyes.

  41. John Harris says:

    Ramon Galano I didn't say they weren't more accepted that's another point. I just said why I think black people consider mixed children black.

  42. Ramon Galano says:

    John Harris The Rock and Diseal clearly look mixed…but they played white roles I read what Rich wrote. Mixed people are considered black to may blacks because you secretly want to be white so mixed folk are the closet to white. Black people want to make everyone black to feel better about themselves. It is weird but true. Many mixed people including my friends want nothing to do with blacks and look down on them because they know whites accept them more than blacks. Me opinion is why claim them when they don't claim you? it looks and sounds stupid.

  43. John Harris says:

    Lol @ramon galano you are clearly out to provoke harsh reactions which I won't oblige to, these friends you speak of are entitled to their opinion if you are from a mixed family where both parents are present you would look down on your own mother/father aunts uncles etc. Or maybe there is an undelying reason like mommy or daddy got out of dodge , which would then explain the animosity…I dont have to "claim" anything you can call yourself what you want but when reality sets in and someone mistakenly takes then for blacj do not come looking for support redeeming your black pass, for then it might be too late.

  44. Ramon Galano says:

    John Harris No..just telling you the truth. black men like you don't see black women attractive this is why you go for our white women or mixed women. You know what time it is because I sure do.

  45. John Harris says:

    Ramon Galano , how would you know who courted who? Why did a "white" woman pick me …hmm but thats another discussion you know your truth and assume mine, again I don't judge you try to dance around the discussion in search of shock value. Black men like me dont care about color etc. There are enough beautiful black women, you want to restrict me and try to talk me into feeling bad or justifying myself. At the end of the day I lose no sleep. Good try though.

  46. John Harris says:

    Quick question out of curiosity, does what you say about your friends apply to Richard too? Like I said I don't judge , just curious about black women attractive etc etc.

  47. Ramon Galano says:

    John Harris I am a fan of Richard's music..but no I don't think Richard feels better than black people if that is what you are asking me. I don't know him personally, but all my close mixed friends want nothing to do with blacks and they look down on them because they get favoritism over them. I am sure you know what I am talking about. They all are with mixed women and white women..NO BLACK women. They don't want black children is what they tell me…so they stick with mixed or white.

  48. Dawn Doran So what? That's just one person's choice. It means nothing for other people. Families and individuals should be able to decide for themselves how they identify, not have it thrust on them by society. The truth is we don't know how the people in this story self-identify, so it's more appropriate to use the term "biracial" since biologically or culturally one parent is as black and one as white.

  49. stop the crap. the white man did not rape all of us.

  50. Claudia Charles no we are not all humans. white people and all others outside of africa are neanderthals. the only humans come from the continent of africa.

  51. William Burgess I do not consider them Black. what about they are mixed don't you understand? they represent another layer of problems for us.

  52. John Harris I don't. I consider them what they are: mixed.

  53. Thanks Farntella…you cant claim a person to be the same as you when they two different races/cultures and you only have one…it makes no sense anyway you look at it from an experiential, social, cultural, and biological perspective. We are in our own group…and many mixed people feel the same!

  54. Thanks Farntella…you cant claim a person to be the same as you when they two different races/cultures and you only have one…it makes no sense anyway you look at it from an experiential, social, cultural, and biological perspective. We are in our own group…and many mixed people feel the same!

  55. Britt Barton says:

    Dawn Doran Halle Berry doesn't look biracial, she looks full black, and in this world you're labeled by how you look. So it makes sense for her to claim black, but her daughter looks nothing like her or any black woman. Halle Berry's daughter looks as black as Rachel Dolezal.

  56. Sorry. Everyone knows David and Iman have been married for a couple of decades and are very well publicized as being parents to their daughter, Alexandria.

  57. Agreed, hell what is all the hate doing on this page…………so sick of haters.

  58. Marc Anthony says:

    Dawn Doran Halle Berry has a white mother her daughter has a white father so Nala is only 1/4 black and 3/4 white., how does that make her black

  59. Just as it was after 1492!

  60. There is over 900 women to 1 man world wide in all different race and color!There is no need to be Greedy! This is the natural order of things to preserver the human DNA!

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