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Oprah Winfrey in Talks to Debut on Broadway

atlanta-black-star-oprah-winfrey-makes-broadway-debut-1Oprah Winfrey is in talks to make her Broadway debut starring alongside five-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald in the upcoming ‘Night, Mother revival.

The former Queen of Talk has been boasting about her impending stage debut, saying, “Broadway is definitely in my future,” to the New York Post last fall. In ‘Night, Mother, Oprah will play a mother struggling to stop her daughter from killing herself, according to two theater executives familiar with the plans. Tony winner George C. Wolfe (Lucky Guy) is handling direction of the production, which is courting a 2015-2016 release.

Culture fans don’t have to worry about her being rusty as a performer. In addition to her performance as Gloria Gaines in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, she got some sage advice about starting one’s own stage career from comedian Chris Rock. “I want you to do it,” he said, expressing interest in being Winfrey’s co-star on Broadway. “You’ll be a different person. I hope I’m in it—I’ll do it.”

Oprah and Audra already had a chance to feel each other out when they read ‘Night, Mother last year in lead producer Scott Sanders’s apartment. All involved were happy with the results, according to theater executives, which means the 2015-16 timing may happen because these two very much so what it to be. “She understands how unique and challenging performing live on stage will be as an actress,” Mr. Sanders said. “She and I have been looking at a number of plays and roles in order to find material and a character that truly resonates with her.”

Oprah and Sanders are currently working on their own revival, the popular musical The Color Purple, which is looking to return sometime during the 2014-15 theater season. The new version would be stripped-down from its original incarnation, similar to the one John Doyle (Kiss Me, Kate) directed in London last summer.

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  1. Rosa Bogar says:

    "Good news!! I wish you all the best Oprah Winfrey. You did an outstanding job in "The Butler". Happy Women's History Month" Remember we as women will always have men in our lives. They are in our "makeup" WO-MEN

  2. Rosa Bogar says:

    March is also "Women's History Month" Women let us all celebrate!! But, we must remember that we will always have men in our lives. They are in our "makeup" WO-MEN

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