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African Pop Star Dencia Defends Whitenicious Skin-Care Line


Be for or against Cameroonian pop star Dencia’s Whitenicious skin-care line, she’s taken to Ebony magazine to set the record straight.

The Black community has reacted unfavorably to one of the most awfully titled skin care lines ever.

Dencia chatted in-depth with the publication about her product line and to comment on reports of skin bleaching. Selling it to consumers at $50-$150 per bottle, Dencia champions her product as a “treatment for dark spots,” and claims it is a best seller.

Dr. Yaba Blay, a professor, producer, and publisher, handles the conversation where Dencia defends against critics. “I’m trying to build,” the pop star said. Labeled in the press as “skin toning,” as it is regarded in Nigeria, the World Health Organization notes that nearly 77 percent of Nigerian women are using this process regularly to change their appearance.

In addition to causing skin burns, rashes, and permanent disfigurations, many creams contain a harmful amount of mercury and can cause cancer of the liver and kidneys. Despite this, Dencia believes that people really want to buy it.

She may be right as nearly 40 percent of women in China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Republic of Korea admit to bleaching.

Read the full interview here.

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