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6 Reasons NCAA Football and Basketball Are Like Slavery

Jameis-Winston-Florida-State-No-HelmetAthletes Don’t Get Paid

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and member colleges and universities are comparable to slave plantations. They acquire “student athletes” who work for them tirelessly without pay. For free.  Not one dime.

With college sports now generating upward of $8 billion a year from television rights, tickets, and licensing fees, the young people whose labor actually makes all that money possible are getting impatient with amateurism rooted in 19th-century British ideals.

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18 thoughts on “6 Reasons NCAA Football and Basketball Are Like Slavery

  1. Brian Kleps says:

    what nonsense….free education (if you take advantage of it)….room , board….seems like compensation to me….and who is forced in chains to attend the school and playing field….slavery?…plantations?…what an insult to those that suffered thru that

  2. Edward Mason says:

    Modern-Day Slavery is TRUE!!! Just Google Maurice Clarett, and how NFL owners conspired to avert another "Curt Flood" incident, thus maintaining their domination over the options talented student athletes have in their transition from amateur to pro. See "Youngstown Boys" on ESPN's 30 For 30 broadcast!!!

  3. Roy Bo Wells says:

    Brain you need a higher education if you can't understand this simple story. Not only are you blind but insulting. You know that isn't compensation for the money they make off of these players. This is working for free and it's slavery like they said. Only a white person would see rape as some type of honor and make excuses for it as they always have. As long as it's the White that's raping. But when that shoe is on the other foot yall go from dumb to smart real quick.

  4. Roy Bo Wells says:

    Slavery redone. They are wise in such an evil way. Heartless.

  5. Wow! When does all the BS stop??? smdh.

  6. The question is: WTF do we do about it? We can sit here and pontificate, but our gladiator brothers and sisters need our support and help. Will we become the agents, accountants and other "wise counsel" to help them successfully manage their finances? Will we teach them to learn to fish for themselves and build a fishing industry or buy a fishing pond? How about we befriend an athlete and acknowledge his/her gifts BEFORE the colleges and shoe companies take our "human resources" to fuel their empires?

  7. Marilyn Nugent-Paisley says:

    Some things never change! It's just dressed up differently!

  8. Sundiata Keita says:

    they left out over-recruiting. like the alabama coach recruits 100 players even tho can only have like 85 of em. so then you got 15 black men a year with no school to go to. they just cut em

  9. Dam Ive never actually thought about it in that way but this truly slavery wow!!!

  10. You know what's JUST like slavery? Slavery.
    Slaves do not have a choice. They cannot opt out of slavery. There is no contract to back out of. They aren't even seen as actual PEOPLE. I understand the negative side of sports, but please don't trivialize the horrors of slavery.

  11. Paul Bowen says:

    Do not go to university to play sports. DONE

  12. Mark Martin says:

    THEN WALK AWAY….and try to actually PAY for your college education like my children are doing….IDIOT!!!!!

  13. Lyfe A Theo says:

    Don't be surprise anything can be concocted by any people or individual. so is it possible for a group of great minds to conspire to recruits young kids and make them play for a trophy. make it fun and a tradition. Indeed its slavery in other names.

  14. Shamario Gullatt-Jenkins Sr. says:

    The kids getting a free education at a college university so how is it like slavery

  15. Shamario Gullatt-Jenkins Sr. says:

    Clarett fucked his own self all he had to do is shut the hell up & go to class

  16. NCAA-N C DOUBLE ASSHOLES…Have never seen such a trivial organization in my Life..

  17. This whole article is dumb and extremely biased. They get a FREE education, FREE clothes, FREE, food, FREE housing, oh and did I mention a FREE education. It's not the NCAA's fault that a small percentage of these athletes actually take advantage of this opportunity rather than take it for granted… Slaves do not have a choice, Slaves get treated like trash, Slaves work against their will. The exact opposite of what NCAA football players experience. The NCAA does do some messed up things but not this…

  18. Jerry Horn says:

    These mofos are gettin a free education a full ride and some of them are not even staying all the way…that's over a hundred thousand dollars for a full ride at a major university… That's why at least the NBA has hardly any super stars because none of the players what to stay in school, or go period.. Nobody wants to stay and develop there game…

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