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‘Ridiculous’: NCAA Blasted After Ohio State Star Defensive End Is Suspended for Borrowing Money From a Family Friend

A lot of people are calling foul over the decision to suspend a Heisman Trophy contender and a possible No. 1 2020 NFL draft pick.

Chase Young, who plays defensive end for the No. 3-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes’ football team, will be forced to sit out of Saturday’s game against the Maryland Terrapins because he violated an NCAA rule.

It hasn’t been said whether Young will be suspended for more than a single game or not, but in a statement Ohio State said he’ll sit “Due to a possible NCAA issue from 2018 that the Department of Athletics is looking into.”

Young also released a statement and provided further detail on the suspension, which he said had to do with receiving a loan in the past.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be playing this week because of an NCAA eligibility issue,” he tweeted on Friday. “I made a mistake last year by accepting a loan from a family friend I’ve known since the summer before my freshman year at OSU.”

“I repaid it in full last summer and I’m working with the University and NCAA to get back on the field as soon as possible,” he added. “I want to thank my family, teammates, coaches and the whole Ohio State community for all the love and support. God bless and go Bucks!”

Afterward, many slammed the NCAA for its decision regarding Young — although at this writing it appears he was actually suspended by the university because he likely violated an NCAA rule — and said no one should be penalized for borrowing money to live, especially from a family friend.

“Wait a minute these players can’t borrow money?” someone asked under Young’s post. “These kids earn nothing. While everyone around them makes millions of dollars on their backs. The system is broken. The kid should be able to play Sat. This is ridiculous.”

“I think what the NCAA is doing to you is ridiculous man. This has got to change, a kid taking a loan from a friend should not be a violation,” wrote someone else. “This is so stupid bro. Praying they work this out and get u back on the field enjoy watching you play!”

“Perfect example why the NCAA should be providing financial support to student athletes,”another person weighed in. “If he was being supported, and never had to rely on a loan to get by, he wouldn’t be missing a game in what’s a Heisman-worthy season.”

The NCAA has been in hot water with much of the public at least twice this year already. In August, the organization was heavily criticized after it released a new set of rules for agents who want to represent NBA bound college players.

One of the rules said agents needed a college degree, which LeBron James and Rich Paul — who reps James and doesn’t have a degree — challenged. The rule has since been reversed.

The NCAA was also slammed for trying to keep Senate Bill 206 from being passed, which allows college students in California to make money off their names and likeness. The bill, also referred to as the Fair Pay to Play Act, was signed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom in late September.

In regards to Young, there’s a chance he’ll forgo his final year of college play and head to the NFL next season, where again, he could be the top pick.

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