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Obama Parries O’Reilly Attacks by Slamming Fox News


Before last night’s Super Bowl, President Obama sat down with his chief media nemesis, Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, for a much-anticipated showdown that really was just another opportunity for O’Reilly to grill the president about the issues that have obsessed the right wing and Fox over the past year: Benghazi, the IRS “scandal” over right-wing nonprofits and the Obamacare website.

Though the president has answered questions about all three issues ad nauseam and, as Obama pointed out, each issue has been the subject of numerous Congressional hearings, he was forced to once again respond to questions thrown at him by O’Reilly, who frequently interrupted the president and tried to talk over him.

It was Obama’s sixth pre-Super Bowl interview and the second by O’Reilly, who interviewed him before the 2011 game.

O’Reilly went after the president on why he still had not fired Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, for botching the rollout of the website. 

The president said he wasn’t interested in focusing on the past and that it wouldn’t make sense, midstream, to fire Sebelius as they were concentrating on making sure the site now works.

O’Reilly asked him whether he thought his claim to the American people that “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” was his “biggest mistake.”

The president said the implementation of the Affordable Care Act was an ongoing process, and he was committed to getting it to work rather than dwelling on past mistakes.

“I try to focus not on the fumbles but on the next play,” said the country’s most powerful sports fan, aptly using a football analogy.

On the terrorist attack against the American diplomatic post in Benghazi, where an American ambassador was killed, O’Reilly pushed Obama especially hard.

“Your detractors believe that you did not tell the world it was a terror attack because your campaign didn’t want that out,” O’Reilly said. “That’s what they believe.”

“And they believe it because folks like you tell them that,” Obama said.

Political observers believe this is the GOP’s way of indirectly going after Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State during the Benghazi affair. That’s why there was so much attention paid to this tweet by Clinton after the interview aired: “It’s so much more fun to watch FOX when it’s someone else being blitzed & sacked!”

When O’Reilly asked whether there was any corruption afoot in the IRS for investigating applications from right-wing nonprofits, the president said there wasn’t even the hint of corruption.

“These kinds of things keep on surfacing in part because you and your TV station will promote them,” he said.

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68 thoughts on “Obama Parries O’Reilly Attacks by Slamming Fox News

  1. the right wing is A JOKE

  2. Sam Thibodeaux says:

    So he basically didn't answer the questions and didn't take responsibility for anything that has happened in the past.

  3. There's a lot of jokes in Washington, and ain't none of them funny.

  4. TheUnder Dogue says:

    If nothing wrong was going on at the IRS, then Lois Lerner didn't need to take the fifth, right?

  5. TheUnder Dogue says:

    Because socialism has such a great history of success, right?
    Google "holodomor" to find out what you are working for.

  6. Annette Alt says:

    These questions continue to be asked because Mr Obama and crew continue to duck and dodge with less than honest answers. Apparently, they have a lot to hide.

  7. Max Newman says:

    Fox the entertainment show (it isn't really a news channel and never was) is a running joke for a lot of America. I find it interesting that they say outrageous and untrue things without blinking but get all in huff if someone calls them out on anything. If Fox had to fire everyone for making controversial and untrue statement there would be no one left at the place.

  8. Ramon S Zaldarriaga says:

    you get what you vote for !

  9. Max Newman says:

    I actually saw Fox News the other night where they were all in huff about a comedian making fun of a political figure and the discussion that they were having implying that is should somehow be illegal to make fun of people that news casters like. You mouth breather really think that is news?

  10. Lucas Beal says:

    A real interview would be Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura they are not puppet controlled media and would ask the right questions.

  11. Marsha Wood says:

    Obama did a great job in the interview. Fox is a low intelligence network.

  12. Joni Ziegler says:

    Obummer has to find someone to blame other than former President Bush.

  13. Samuel T Nelson says:

    Heh. Remember how Fox News constantly hounded George W. Bush and kept a graphic on their site showing his disapproval rating. Oh wait. No, they didn't.

  14. Leo Woessner says:

    TheUnder Dogue , USSR was communist.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Atlanta Black Star? Really? The left never ceases to amaze me.

  16. Fox noise is pretty cool if your really into blondes.

  17. The right wing sociopaths soon will be extinct. There will never be a statue, bridge or airport named after Oreilly, Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest of the multimillionaire sociopaths. The President counter punched beautifully in this interview and shoved Oreilly's question straight up his ass.

  18. Sounds like you are talking about CNN there

  19. Right wing = America

  20. TheUnder Dogue , No human form of government is successful because of Greed, evil, hatred, racism and bitterness. Sound familiar to you?

  21. Sarah Palin would be proud of your insightful response.

  22. Gary Crooms says:

    Atlanta "BLACKSTAR" readers making fun of FoxNews not being a legitimate outlet for news. Haha … that's funny. You folks vote for / support skin color, not character.

  23. You obama lovers are part of the problem

  24. Vincent Stoops says:

    Gary Richards You still whining about Sarah Palin? Didn't you sexist attack her enough already for being female and conservative. Why don't you learn some tolerance… and new tricks.

  25. Vincent Stoops says:

    You are a joke. Or tell me how much of my earnings I owe you.

  26. Vincent Stoops says:

    Gary Richards The constitutional republic we had was incredibly successful. It has weathered the years of history quite well, and longer than any other standing constitution. Way to go us, and out constititon. Now if Obama and his minions would just stop trying to destroy our supreme law that has been in place for over 225 years, we could all go back to being a huge success story for the world to emulate.

  27. Vincent Stoops says:

    Max, you drank the Kool-aid, didn't you. C'mon man, you had 5 years to kick that habit. Pretty soon your teeth are going to mush up and your skin is going to start sloshing off. Obamaphetamine is a hell of a drug.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Obama is a servant of the American people and last I check O’Reilly is a citizen of that country so he has every right to ask questions, what bothers me is Obama's passive response that O’Reilly is wrong in asking any question that has to do with that office that Obama himself doesn't want to answer,..the contempt is subtle but massive coming from a man who is suppose to be the representative of ALL people….he has failed in this…dont care about O’Reilly's contempt its Obamas that absolutely floors most people…

  29. Vincent Stoops says:

    A opposed to a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask (like he wore a Bush mask when he was president) and being bashed internationally by the liberals as a racist and a bigot? You should close your mouth and stop wasting your oxygen. I think your brain needs it.

  30. Vincent Stoops says:

    You are low intelligence if you think he did a great job. Fox isn't great, but is a whole lot better than Al Sharpten and his Obamaites at MSNBC/CBS/NBC/CNN etc. If you really think that Obama did a good job last night, then I assume you are also to blame for him being in that office he keeps dictating from. I blame you for all of America's woes and ills. I blame you for the starving children, I blame you for the sick seniors, I blame you for the forgotten veterans. If you voted for him, and continue to support him after 5 years of absolutely horrid performance, you are the problem with this country.

  31. Vincent Stoops says:

    Can you make an argument without sinking to the level of hurling insults in your first sentence. Your picture has a cross in it. Jesus would be SOOOOOO disappointed in the way you treat other people with different opinions. You are a troll. Go back to your hole.

  32. Vincent Stoops says:

    Oh yeah, you are right, that was the rest of the media who made it their job to find every little non-issue they could find to make a giant to-do out of for Bush. They were so sad, they tried to steal the election with Gore and their influence wasn't enough to force it. They got what they wanted with Obama though. Great job media for picking probably the most unqualified and inept person you could find to be president. And all these people who drank the kool-aid haven't come down from the trip yet to see the world they destroyed with their despot.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Yes they are a rather disorganized bunch, as opposed to the left wing, which is really beginning to resemble Hitler's pre Nazi Germany Brown Shirt crowd. When I went to college SWEETIE, we learned how to think for ourselves, using tools like critical analysis, and question ALL authority. Seems like the modern day colleges are producing cute little parrots who can't offer anything in the way of substantive commentary, just regurgitating progressive claptrap while showing off their rack, which I suspect is where your brains are…

  34. Anonymous says:

    Leo Woessner He never mentioned the USSR. BTW, communism is a form of democracy (controlled by the people), socialism is a tyranny (controlled by the state). USSR stood for Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. Where the hell are you getting your history from???

  35. Anonymous says:

    Gary Richards Gee, I wish little barry would quit hiding behind his skin color. I really wanted to see a one on one between little barry and Herman Cain. I assume you're a college grad, well educated(?), you do know that name don't you?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Gary Richards So would Meg Whitman and Mary Barra. Got any idea who they are?

  37. Anonymous says:

    He doesn't have to answer questions, he's got an army of modern college trained parrots watching his back.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Now don't be using logic with all of these modern college educated parrots. You'll make their heads hurt trying to think for themselves…

  39. Anonymous says:

    He did. Now he's blaming Fox news…

  40. Anonymous says:

    Holier than thou. Yep, that's a progressive for you…

  41. Anonymous says:

    And MSNBC is great if you like wading thru bullshit.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I sincerely hope not. lefty/righty, both extremes are just that.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Problem is, critical analysis isn't part of the program anymore. Just pick a side and believe!

  44. Anonymous says:

    And that is why they're scared shitless of someone like Herman Cain.

  45. Anonymous says:

    And one more, for all you dear delicate progressives- my posts were ID'd as "me" because this site has a screwy log on procedure. The name is Michael McCurley. Didn't want anybody to think I was hiding. Most sites lock on to my email address, but not this one. I guess this one was developed by the same bunch that built little barry's ACA sites.

  46. Anonymous says:

    "night(,)where". "in (a) huff". "mouth breather(s)". "figure(,)and". implied, not implying. "that (it) should", not is. You progressives really need to study up on how to construct proper sentences. Or just go read a comic book…

  47. Anonymous says:

    This whole page is living proof that the right to vote should be earned, by passing a basic IQ test, followed by an essay on critical analysis

  48. Anonymous says:

    Don't need 'em. We've got a statue of Lincoln over in DC.

  49. Samuel T Nelson says:

    Vincent Stoops Nice little story you've made up for yourself there. Whatever helps you sleep at night I suppose. The media didn't say anything about Bush. Otherwise, we would've had real investigations into what they knew about 9/11 and we wouldn't have had needless wars that bankrupted our economy. Fox News is fully responsible for lying to the public about what President Bush was doing.

  50. Vincent Stoops says:

    Samuel T Nelson Wow you are really just high on the Kool-Aid aren't you. A true believer that Obama is likely proud to have the servitude of. Were you not alive during Bush's presidency? In a coma or something? Or is it that you are just willfully ignoring 8 years of media coverage focusing on everything Bush did wrong. You want investigations into 9/11, well the democrats had their chance while he was still in office, and couldn't muster anything. But wait, how would you even know there are questions about Bush's reasoning to go into Iraq if the media didn't cover it? There was no need for investigations, that is why they didn't happen. There was no coverup, just plain stupidity. (There were clearly no WMD's that posed a threat to the US and his administration totally screwed that up, but there were WMD's in Iraq… I was there, were you?) However, Obama has consistently lied to the American people about so many things that the need for a congressional hearing on them is absolutely appropriate. The Iraq/Afghanistan wars did not bankrupt America. They were expensive, and probably unneeded… but war has a way of stimulating the economy (and political careers, as we have seen Obama use political motivations to make real world life and death decisions that have killed Americans). The real reason why America is going bankrupt is Social Security, Medicare, ever growing size of the federal government, a useless war on drugs, a complete failure in the war on poverty, mono-culture crop subsidies, food stamps, all the other massive spending entitlement programs… and now not only bankrupting our government but also private citizens, the PPaACA (Obamacare).

    I don't really like engaging trolls, but, you got me with you unabashed stupidity and blind faith of your messiah. Try a new line, the Fox News being the devil thing is tired. If another network would ask real questions of the failure-in-chief, they would have my support. But, alas, they just keep tossing softballs to their King and his minions troll the internet to pass out false information and lies on his behalf.

  51. WOW Joni Thats pretty rotten and low that you block someone just because they see what the rest of the world reports about the illegal activities your former and current president have been committing, The mass killing of innocent Children men and woman all for the pursuit of oil. Its nothing to do with one side or the other politics. Its FACT, It has been reported all over the world. Then you have the illegal detention of people classed as Combatants, the breaking of rules against humanity that the USA signed. How can you expect the rest of the world to have any respect for the USA if you treat people that way? Then Block people just because they state what we all know is true and well reported PROVEN ? You say you're a Christian, Yet you support all the illegally killings, illegal imprisonment and torture of people without due process. What if homeland security thought one of your family was a terrorist would it be ok for them to take him, lock him up and not tell anyone where he was, torture him and again not let any of you know where he was, All over some non existent evidence? WOW The fact of the matter is, You know that guy you blocked is correct but cant handle the truth so its easier to defriend him and block him in a manner of a Racists, Because at the end of the day thats exactly what you are, I know you disagree and dont want to believe it. But its true. When you go face God and he says Why did you support the killings of all those innocent children, innocent men and woman, Do you really think he will accept your weak lame excuse, because the President was a good guy, because the President lied to us and I cant face the truth???? Really???? You only have to Google the state of the USA on youtube to see just how low the once great country has sunk, Police bashing and illegally detaining people left right and center for things as stupid as trespassing on their own land, A father was arrested for picking his child up from school. I challenge you to go look up these things and stop just believing what your political views dictate you to believe. Your country is rapidly turning into a Police State. Again to block someone unfriend them just because they see the truth and openly speak it???? WOW that shouts VOLUMES OF YOUR CHARACTER and just who you are After reading about you and what you done that person asked everyone to be praying for you and your country. The world is watching, reporting and seeing just how low your country is sinking. America is rapidly losing all of her friends. With friends that just block you and unfriend you because you speak the truth, well they really weren't worth having to start with if thats the case.

  52. Smart Man says:

    Just shut the fuck up dude, everything that comes out of you'r mouth is SHIT .

  53. Laura Barnwell Zarboni says:

    At least when they name a bridge, airport etc…they could name it from a New place and not Steal the name of another great person. It is so wrong to take something named for one person and tack another name onto it. If the person was so great to begin with, everyone would want to name something after them. Instead people whine and cry, i didnt get all the glory, name something after me…cry, cry, cry….ok here we'll add your name on this now will you please SHUT UP, something is named after you.

  54. Laura Barnwell Zarboni says:

    Well spoken Sam

  55. Laura Barnwell Zarboni says:

    What were you smoking when you watched the show.

  56. Laura Barnwell Zarboni says:

    What were you smoking when you watched the show.

  57. Laura Barnwell Zarboni says:

    At least Sarah Palin will tell the truth, and she doesn't give a damn who's feelings gets hurt. Alaska was the only state with zero debt, and each resident gets a oil pipeline check each year for life. I'm sorry but everyone has got to stop this (Race) crap. This is America, no one wants illegals taking there jobs and running up health cost. The non-Affordable Health Care act truth, yes you'll get insurance, no you will not be able to afford the medication if they still make it. This is all in the AHCA you better read it. It's only been 7% implemented..7%. For instance i have a migraine medication i paid $132.00 last december, the new price over $13,000.00 yep that is no
    typo. Do you know anyone with cancer, good luck, there (discontinuing) most chemo drugs, it in the affordable health care act. Oh and that IV bottle they hook everone up to with Saline in it when you go to the ER. It's on the discontinued list as well. Sure you can have health care, free, low cost, high cost, your really not going to care when you cant get medicine. I read the entire Affordable Health Care Act. The IRS wrote the original specs for the affordable health care act, it's backed by the IRS. Thats why no one has any info, there asking the Secretary of Health and Human Services, wrong erson to ask. ASK THE IRS, it's all implemented and handled by IRS, they do have all the numbers.

  58. Vincent Stoops, When I am dealing with Satan and his followers I deal with them just as Christ did…..You are deceived by them so you cannot comprehend this fact. Begone.

  59. me , You are attempting to compare Limbaugh to Lincoln? Lincoln was a Republican when it was a minor party. It was the part of the poor and those that opposed slavery. That all changed when Harry Truman integrated the U.S. Military and consequentially wound up being a one term President. It was at that time that all the Southern racist Democrats became Republican and the Northern States became Democrat. You do not know your history, if you did, you would not have made such a ludicrous statement. Do you not know that all of the Red States are mainly in the south in the 21st century and they despise the first African American President? The same states that formed the confederacy and LOST the civil war. Bottom Line, you are a fool because you follow millionaires that could care less if you were dead or alive. WAKE UP!!!!

  60. Vincent Stoops, Prophecy often does insult evil and that is the way it is. How insulting was it when God destroyed nearly all mankind with a flood? How insulting was it when Jesus called the most revered religious leaders of his time hypocrites!!! I am God's warrior during these end times and I love everyone, even my worst enemy, however, when I hate the evil that dwells within those that are hypocrites and I will call them exactly what they are…which are evil sociopaths. Wake up! There will be more earthquakes, watch South American, California, Japan,…This June will be the worst tornado season in the history of our nation. The geological events are happening as Christ predicted. The meteorological events are happening as Christ predicted due to man's greed and denial of what he has done to God's creation….WATCH!!

  61. Vincent Stoops, Evil beings are to be called exactly what they are. People that show love and compassion are called God's children. Christ rebuked the religious leaders and insulted them constantly by calling them hypocrites over and over. I know my calling and I also know that you can only evade and attack….See if you can think critically and open your heart and recognize evil when you see it.

  62. me, PROGRESSIVE? Do not use a title when talking to me. I am one of God's leaders on this planet and I tell it like it is. You are a fool because millionaires have you believing everything they tell you and behind your back they are laughing at you. Do you think that any of the fools you listen to care if you are dead or alive? Would any of them lift a hand to help you or your family if you were struck with a terminal illness and you needed help with caring for your children? WAKE UP!!!

  63. Laura Barnwell Zarboni , Your information is not only erroneous, but I believe you need to seek out the appropriate mental health care. What is your solution to the tens of millions of hard working Americans that have no health care? 13k for a migraine medication…provide me with the name of the medication and I will get the EXACT FACTS. I went to law school as well as the Seminary and I know how to get to the bottom line when it comes to fact finding. Do I know anyone with cancer? My father died of Cancer and I am a hospice Volunteer. I have held the hand of hundreds that have died of cancer…All of your facts about Chemo etc. is also insane. The insurance companies under the ACA ARE PRIVATE INSURERS. Everything you are saying is propaganda that is being disseminated by the billionaires that are duping you. LEARN!!!!!

  64. me , You are actually trying to compare the intellectual acumen of Mary and Meg with PALIN?

  65. Vincent Stoops says:

    Gary Richards if you are claiming to be a pastor in the Christian traditions, you surely are leading your flock astray.


    Just get that. You aren't. It isn't true and stop exploiting the faith of those you preach to. God has anointed none of us to ever be in a position to use our Christian faith to demonize another human being. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR!!!!

    You, Pastor Richards, are the exact type of hypocrite Jesus railed against. Learn a little tolerance and have some peace in your heart. Stop assuming people who don't agree with you are EVIL. Start accepting, and I know this is difficult for hypocrites who are stuck up on really tall horses, that you could (and likely are) WRONG.

    Also, stop assuming things about people. I don't care how many law schools and seminaries you claim to have graduated that you disgrace with your hate-mongering, you still know nothing of me or the many others you have called evil.

    Progressive is a label, not a title. If you are coming on line and spewing you hate and ignorance, DO NOT THINK YOU CAN DICTATE TO ME WHAT I CAN DO. You are apparently not only PROGRESSIVE but also IGNORANT. Don't like being labeled progressive and ignorant, stop being ignorant and progressive.

    Finally, the "fools" that I listen to are: my Mom and Dad, my Boss, and Pope Francis. My parents told me to brush my teeth and treat other people the way I would want to be treated. I think that is good advice and I listen to it still as an adult. My boss tells me to show up to work and do stuff. I listen because I need to pay my young and healthy tax. Pope Francis tells me that I should even help your disgusting and vile existence. He even says I should love you despite your grotesque misreadings and false messianic claims. So I do. I love you despite the way you treat other people and the many, many, many examples you have given of how you are not a good Christian. I think each of these people that I listen to would be more than happy to help me out if I were in a bind. My boss even decided to keep me on though he couldn't afford it after Dear Leader started his legacy building. I consider that helping me.

  66. Vincent Stoops , You are correct, we are to love our enemy and that is why I love you as a brother! Pope Francis represents everything that Christ stood for and the right wing has called him a communist. Do you agree with them? I am not a sham…I am simply a sinner who repents everyday..Amen.

  67. Vincent Stoops says:

    Gary Richards you are creating a false dichotomy. I can be both far to the right and not think that Pope Francis is a communist. I can also think he is a communist and just as he himself said, I have known many good communists, I do not see that as an insult. There is nothing morally wrong with communism. I, however, favor and see greater value in capitalism. More importantly, the Pope does not set world economic structure but rather encourages us to act using our free will in a Christ like way.

    Possibly most importantly, I wasn't aware that Pope Francis was referred to by anyone as a communist until you mentioned it. Quick Googleing and it seems only Rush Limbaugh made the claim and the rest of the rabid dogs in the media replayed it. Does anyone still take that guy seriously? And I think that goes back to your original point and my request to not assume who it is others take their information from.

    (Knew the communism quote, didn't know why he said it. Didn't really care. I believe it is what Christ would say when asked about communism)

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