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Average ‘Salary’ of Stay-at-Home Mother Worth $113K in Marketplace

stay at home mother 1Between packing lunches, slugging kids to school, doing laundry and cooking dinner, the time stay-at-home mothers spend juggling tasks is enough to make anyone feel a little crazy. Yet is seems as though unless there is a dollar amount attached to their work, society continually downplays just how valuable their work is.

This is why we are happy to report on a new survey that shows the average stay-at-home mom spends 94 hours a week juggling tasks that would approximate a total salary of $125,000 CDN or approximately $113,000.00 USD.

By contrast, the average “salary” of a working mom was estimated to be just $74,000 CDN or about $67,000 USD– only two-thirds that of a stay-at-home mother.

The survey polled more than 6,000 working and non-working mothers asking them to list their top ten time-consuming tasks.

The salaries were calculated based on how much a housekeeper or other professional would be paid to do those household tasks, while taking overtime into account.

For example, housekeeping, which was listed as the most time-consuming task for non-working mothers, was calculated at a rate of $11.18  CND ( approx. $10.10 USD) per hour.

Cooking was the next time-consuming task and calculated to be $15.01 CND  approx. $13.56 USD)  per hour.

Working mothers reported an average of 54 hours of housework per week, while non-working mothers reeled in a whopping 94 hours per week.

What are your thoughts on the findings of this survey? Do you think attaching a dollar value to stay-at-home moms is helpful or harmful? Does the survey go too far and downplay the role that working moms play?

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