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‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 13: ‘Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight’

'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 6, Episode 13: 'Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight'

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 6, episode 13: “Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight” airs Sunday on Bravo.

In this episode, Kenya meets with a fertility doctor and gets some tough news; Kandi adds a major performer to her musical’s cast; Phaedra meets with a friend; Peter learns about Kandi’s recent revelation; NeNe invites the couples to a sexy pajama party.

Bravo describes the show as follows:

“The series delves into the lives of six sassy women from Atlanta’s social elite. Juggling families, careers and a packed personal calendar, the Real Housewives live their triumphs and frustrations out loud. Atlanta continues to be a character in itself as one of the hottest entertainment hubs in America. These driven and ambitious women prove that they’re not just Housewives, but entrepreneurs, doting mothers, and feisty Southern women.”

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 6, episode 13 airs Jan. 26 at 8 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. CST on Bravo.

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85 thoughts on “‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 13: ‘Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight’

  1. NeNe set that whole thing up and the guests played into it.They're so angry with one another that they couldn't see who the real culprit was. Why play games that are hurtful and put people on the spot ? I would have left as soon as she started that crap but I guess when you want to be part of the In Crowd, you subject yourself to that kind of drama. I'm glad I'm grown.

  2. Kimm Sydnor says:

    Well said Pat!!!

  3. Well said I was a true NeNe fan until this season she has become so unattractive to me.

  4. NeNe is the blame for all of this

  5. Marcia Reid says:

    Kenya wants to be on the same level as Nene and she is not all that.Kenya should keep her mouth zip most of the time .She likes to push button and fib a lot.She is planning to have a baby, she not ready for mother hood.

  6. Betty Johnson says:

    Amen Amen Pat – NeNe did start it

  7. Adrienne Shelton Harris says:

    Totally agree with Pat!!!!!

  8. Jackie Crews says:

    nene started the whole thing and apollo started fighting no reason did not like this episode

  9. You're so right Pat. NeNe set the whole thing up, But Kenya should've never gotten out of her seat to go in a man's wife face…My Goodnes Peter and Apollo reminded of two lions taking their prey down…..Someone should whip Kenya's ass, since she thinks she unbeatable. Who's the man she had with her?

  10. Gina Oxley says:

    Kenya needs to be held accountable for her big mouth. She couldn't even let that guy defend himself against her nasty accusations to the group – she had to get up and stir up that crap. Good for Nene for screaming at Kenya. She's had it coming for a very long time.

  11. Alisa Michaels says:

    NeNe is a trouble maker.

  12. Alisa Michaels says:

    NeNe is a trouble maker.

  13. Pat u r right. Nene (as much as I like her) started this and like immature people they bought into it. That was a lil too intimate to be sharing with married people anyway. I could see single folks doing that, not married couples. Surprised that no one has gotten Kenya yet. Her mouth is Too BIG. 🙂

  14. you are right about that.. every time I think about this Episode I burst out Laughing Maybe they were in Prison together who knows and Yes Ne-Ne Love her some Drama this PJ party should have been just for the Women Love Auntie Nadie

  15. NeNe set it up. She played them all. It was NeNe, lock, stock and barrel. The rest were just pawns.

  16. Makeda Immalovemefirst Kirk says:

    Amen Pat, I agree, NeNe ought to be ashamed of herself!!!! First of all she doesn't have any respect for Greg and the marriage! Why in the hell you want to wear something skimmpy like that around other men!!!! that's a no no. Greg didn't say shit about what she wore. Goes to show who wears the pants!!!!! shame on Nene. I would've left a long time ago when she went off on kenya!!!

  17. Bernice Denise Bruno says:

    Gregg lppked surprised when NeNe came out in such a revealing outfit. No smart remarks like he usually tosses out …instead he sat like a little puppy dog ..He was so quiet while NeNe walked around like a Dominatrix. Gregg usually is the one who looks like he is on something …tonight NeNe did…she came back down to who she really is…a troublemaker with a big mouth. She had to know what was going to happen when she presented such questions. Kenya wasn't the only one who got up…It was the guy in the blue robe…Kenya was defending what she said …

  18. just thinking about that question he might be up-set because dude came there with Kenya and he didn't something to think about and the way Kenya was dressed

  19. Jere C. Eaton says:

    It was done for ratings. They all need those Bravo paychecks!

  20. Edna Perez says:

    Worse episode ever, that was not a game about pillow talk, that was Nene's game and they all played into it like five year old children…….I was a Nene's fan until now, but I am very disappointed with her behavior. Nene needs to go back to the night life…………SAD

  21. Pat,I think what NeNe did was despicable and very low class and everybody fell for the drama. I think that this time she can't blame it on Kenya because Christopher and his wife were also the shit starters because he had no right to put his hands on Kenya no matter what she said. Apollo and Peter should be arrested for putting their hands on Kenya's friend who did what an honorable person should do when a man snatches on his friend. Shameful!!

  22. Sherry Pollard says:

    I hope they were all in agreement…especially Brandon.

  23. Ryan Tatum says:

    Apollo and Brandon had sexual relation.Gurl!

  24. NeNe played chess. She won. She got people to show who they are.She set up Kenya. Apollo new his stuff was wrong. Stressed possible jail time again. Peter talks to much,Landing busted him. He was going to never deal with Cynthia. Those new people were trying to get camera time. Everybody wants their fifteen minutes!

  25. Henry Vieira says:

    That's the way to get to get paid

  26. Not liking NeNe right now and I agree I would not have bought into it. Just let her prance around and answer her own ?'s

  27. Chuck Cissel says:

    Grown people acting like immature teens. This entire fight was all NeNe's doing. She is a disgusting, loud, disrespectful, manipulative woman who only thinks of herself. Bravo should be ashamed and the entire cast disgraced themselves immensely. Black people stop selling your souls.

  28. Lisa Shannon says:

    Adults don't have pajama parties, not grown folks anyway. This was an all time low. Seems Bravo won't be satiisfied until someone shots someone. This stuff has got to be made up. I'll write a script if they need writers. From the likes of this episode, the writers went beyond "suspended belief". Seems more like a last minute improv. Come to think of it – Porcha's comment about the underground railroad – nobody could be that stupid!

  29. Sherry Pollard says:

    Corliss Cummings I agree Corliss. They should go straight to jail. Well, prison in Apollo's case. At least we know where all money for the strippers came from.

  30. NeNe started it Apollo didn't have anything to do with it he just wants Kenya. Kenya is my girl she us real

  31. Maria Perez says:

    Disgusted with Nene. She lowered herself and everybody else by setting this up and then she blames kenya! Nene has gotten so full of herself.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Nene has lost all cool points from me after watching this episode. I honestly thought, she had more respect than that. First of all she flaunted her stuff like a little skank, in the presence of other men…in front of her husband. Who does that? Secondly, she instigated the whole thing. She set that get together so called "pillow talk" gathering up, purposely to start some drama. NeNe needs a reality check, and someone should have smacked her right in her big horse mouth. Kenya had every right to get up out of her seat. First off, christopher was already standing up trying to confront her. If anybody is standing up, while I'm sitting down, I would get up too. NeNe "tried" to place the blame on Kenya, but clearly that overgrown woman started the whole thing. Then she gets up in Kenya face, talking all this bull crap…let me tell you something Kenya is a good one. NeNe needs to have several seats…and oh might I add Phaedra needs to calm her husband down. He made a complete fool out of himself, jumping on Kenya's best friend like that. Get it together, I'm over this drama. Grown people don't go around starting drama, and acting like monkeys.

  33. Bertie Mo says:

    Nene should have just let sleeping dogs lay. She should also have made Chris sit down as well. Don't allow one to do it if others can't. Apollo wow!!!

  34. Tee Michelle Tolliver says:

    Kenya started all of the Chris mess opening her mouth about Natalie being a common law wife, Chris wasn't there to address it, so now he is, lets speak on it…Kenya can't just keep saying things to ppl without it being addressed…if the fight didn't happen tonite, it wldv eventually happened somewhere else!!

  35. Never liked Nene. She is a big mouth, bragging, don't know real money hood rat. Can take one out of ghetto but can't take ghetto outa them! Definitely started that embrassing mess.

  36. NeNe is.such a bully an messy. The other women are very successfu .but they need a back bone when it comes to NeNe and i also think Apollo was just mad to see any man with Kenya

  37. Nene is ah disgrace! !! she had an awful plan. ..even when cythia asked her why is inviting the new couple because she had already invited kenya. … just as kenya was seated she lit d flames in d room… Nene is ah trapp! ! nasty! she started tht fight and has d nerves to trying to blame kenya! !! awful nene leaks!!!

  38. If Nene was a real friend she wouldn't set her friends up! And Kenya, you need to shut up! Nene doesn't ever need to say she's in a better place!

  39. Sandra Smith says:

    whoa what happen there? NeNe really added fire to that flame that was already smoldering, seems as though NeNe had a hidden agenda all along ,and with all those hostilities in that hotel room sooner or later it would have happened .NeNe put herself out there as though she is a friend to all but with friends like that who needs enemies.

  40. Anonymous says:

    ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 13: ‘Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight’

    As an African American, I can say this show, especially this episode, is a disgrace to BLACK people.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Who got up first? CHRIS! Who touched who first? CHRIS!! Chris should have been told to sit the HELL down as soon as he left his seat. Brandon only reacted to Chris when he grabbed Kenya. All of them are too old to be acting like there in high school. These people are 30s, 40s, 50s … This show, especially this episode, was disgraceful to black people.

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Cindy Davis-Thomas says:

    Nene is discussing!!!

  44. Nene's true colors was all over that mess. the whole thing from start was a set up.I just don't see how the women didn't call her on it, ,Kenya's 'my gril , but she got back what she dishes out …..

  45. Nene started it but Kenya should have stayed in her seat. You don't try to get in a mans wife's face and not think he is not going to defend her. And it obvious that Apollo was trying to help break it up but maybe used more force then he needed to

  46. was Apollo upset with Brandon because he was with Kenya instead of him, I really think he as a thing for Kenya and playing it off as if Kenya was after him, please, he is just with his wife because she is footing the bills and if he is guilty of these charges, he will be gone away from his wife and kids for years, DIVORCE

  47. one poster said that Nene was a monkey with a wig, haha

  48. baudouin7741, this show does not represent black people and the only black people that was disgraceful were the ones on that show

  49. its only a disgrace to those black people, they were the ones acting like fools, you cant lump all black people together when a few are behaving badly

  50. I agree Latonya, I was feeling the same way, he has a crush on Kenya and his wife knows it and sometimes he cant hide it because there was no cause for him to attack Brandon

  51. Crystal Jones says:

    Childish,childish,childish! If they were trying to get ratings,they did it! I rewinded and played the fight over and over because I'm in shock to see grown people behave the way they did. NeNe is my girl but tonight she came out of a bag…not cool NeNe…

  52. also heard he was arrested this past wkend !

  53. MsCaramel Tee says:

    Deffo! It's interesting how all the questions were related to everyone else except Nene & Gregg. She should have called that event 'Drama in Pyjamas'. Nene started it all. Check out my review on my blog:

  54. Nicole Cosby says:

    NoNe is WRONG. Despite Kenya's faults she didn't deserve that. Natalie being messy by telling Cynthia about Todd got the ball rolling. Cynthia telling everyone what she said kept the ball rolling. Kenya called Natalie on her relationship which is what Natalie tried doing to behind Kandi's back. NeNe offered everyone a spot to meet and fight, then tried to blame it all on Kenya was a hood move. Chris putting his hand on Kenya was excessive and the only one to have yer back (Brandon) gets beat on? This just shows society isn't about right and wrong. But who I like more than the next person. This show has lost me as a viewer. I always thought the benefit if doing a reality show is being able to look back at your and everyone else's actions without blinders and learning from them. Nope it's about money and showing out.

  55. Debra Klinghagen says:

    I have not seen a more disappointing stupid episode as this one. Nene prancing around like a drunk peacock? What was she on. Who has relationship sessions with out a professional mediator? These women are getting so negative I don't want to watch anymore. I want to see them out in the community doing good things. Come on Bravo shape this show up and quit with the sick drama. These women use to have class, now they just are stupid.

  56. Bernice Denise Bruno says:

    It was the guy who got up FIRST ….dont blame Kenya …and so what if she got up too…. Who the freak can't stand up at a party unless you get permission?

  57. Bernice Denise Bruno says:

    The rumor that went around for NeNe & Greg's divorced was .. Greg was in trouble owing money to the government etc.. NeNe was making money big time. In order for her to keep what she was earning they had to divorce. I think the plan was to get back together after Greg's problem was settled. Peter, Greg,and Apollo seem so uptight these days. Not sure what any of them do for a living. Their wives are doing well in their business adventures. Todd seems like the ONLY responsible man who has a real job and is making money ..Maybe not as much as Kandi ..but enough. Mama Joyce pay attention please.

  58. Jackie Crews says:

    He was I saw the article said he was still up to his same tricks but u no he is fine still

  59. Bernice Denise Bruno says:

    ..and we thought Mama Joyce was nuts!!! These men need to get real jobs. Todd might be the ONLY real man among them.

  60. Nicole Cosby says:

    Exactly and now I think about it the something similar happened last season at another event with Kordell and Peter trying to beat up Brandon.

  61. Claudia Martin says:

    Hollywood has gone to NeNes' head.Her stripper days are LONG, LONG, GONE!!! Strutting around like she was waiting for it to rain. Her sons must be so very proud of her.Girl put your clothes ON !!!! If this episode was legit, how odd it was that Greg was in the corner just watching….. things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMM????????????????? I agree with Ms.Hardiesty.

  62. Burl Inniss says:

    Natalie should have never speak about Todd pass either that his pass. Present is what counts

  63. and then the show will lose its ratings and disappear, just like Basketball Wives, as long as it was craziness, people tuned in, doing good things for the community, they are going to switch the channel and look for drama

  64. yeah right, I bet you tune in new week to see the end of the fight and then get on this board and say "This show has lost me as a viewer", you will do the same the following week right up to last show, please, be real about it.

  65. first learn how to spell, then post, the correct spelling is "past"

  66. Bernice Denise Bruno says:

    Apollo is being investigated by the FBI. That is why he is so uptight.

  67. Bernice Denise Bruno says:

    NeNe will NEVER admit she is wrong. She just gets LOUD a way of intimating people. Greg looked like a puppy dog sitting in the corner not his 'usual' self. She made Porsha and Cynthia cry and acted like they DESERVED her tongue lashing. NeNe says she is against Violence but forgot how she went after KIM on the bus. She is still posting on twitter that the show was edited to make her look bad. She made herself look bad .. Half dressed in front of all the men ..acting like a Dominatrix. She also referred to Brandon as Kenya's 'girlfriend in the red silk pajama's'…so she still it looking for trouble while blaming others om twitter. She is one BIG BULLY.

  68. Roderick Vincent Johnson Jr. says:

    You can't blame NeNe for this! They are adults and should be able to conducts themselves in the manner of an adult! If NeNe has that much power then the rest of them need to be ashamed of themselves not NeNe. Because no one can make you do what YOU don't want to do! Tired of folks blaming another for someone else's action!!

  69. Pretty Pink says:

    Ne ne set the whole thing up. Natalie and her husband knew abot the scheme. Natalie popped her conversation off and her hisband stood upand confronted Kenya. kenya was suppose to get up and check O'girl because she was the one who popped the conversation off. Appollo was wrong. He jumped in the middle of a situation that hedidnthave anything to do with. Keya friend got pound on for WHAT? Do him and Apollo have/had dealings? Phaedra need to find that part out. Ne ne was all in Kenya face telling her she shouldn't have never gotten up. Kenyadid right don't evver let noone stand over you checking you. Get up and handle your business. Ne Ne ass is MESSY. NeNe set this pillow talk up to get most of them kicked off the show. Ne Ne mission is accomplished.

  70. Jamaal Parker says:

    This show…lol caused me to stump my toe bc I was doing to much…lol

  71. Roderick Vincent Johnson Jr. says:

    You silly boy. I don't even watch this mess anymore just stupid. Making blacks folks with money look like dam fools. Smh

  72. Roderick Vincent Johnson Jr. says:

    You silly boy. I don't even watch this mess anymore just stupid. Making blacks folks with money look like dam fools. Smh

  73. Jamaal Parker says:

    Yeah, I agree with you on that one!

  74. I was a NeNe fan but she lost me!!! I never cared for Kenya but she wasn't wrong this time. On the other hand Kenya started the whole thing about Chris.

  75. Chris didn't man handle her. Remember they know each other.

  76. Yes I wish Kenya would have left when Nene said if you don't like rules u can leave.. But yes Nene set it all up, she has a lot of the hood in her.

  77. Yes ladies I think he want Kenya and was upset she was with Brandon.

  78. Christopher Williams is a coward, he would have NEVER gotten off of his seat had it been a more physically intimidating looking man sitting beside Kenya, Brandon was attacked because he appeared to be the weaker man because he was gay and why didn't the other men check CW when he clearly put his hands on Kenya instead of attacking Brandon when he came to her defense. I don't care how you look at it, Peter was holding Brandon down by his neck while Apollo was fighting him, now tell me, who were the real "punks". even Apollo's wife said that she didn't know why he as so physical with Brandon.

  79. Jackie, he use to be fine to me too, but after all of his evil actions he looks ugly inside and out!!!

  80. Marcia Reid yes Kenya, has a big mouth, but, she did nothing, nothing at all this time. Maybe a child will fill some void in her life, it could be just what she need to help her grow and be happy!! have a good day.

  81. Kenya must have a very low self estem to keep putting up with these women. NeNe acts like she is the boss of the crew and they all go along even the men. But then again none of men seem to have a real income $$$$$. Kenya keeps trying to fit in, maybe she needs the money also. Nene seems to be drinking all the time. 'I need a cocktail' is her line. Does not matter morning noon or night. Cocktail and they want to say Kenya had a drinking problem. Grown folks pj party what the ….?

  82. Fatima Brown says:

    I did like you nene but now you are a nasty bully that start things for your own pleasure… created all the drama starting with those dumb cards and when the Pot was not boiling over fast enough you knocked it over with your unneeded comment….why are you so angry….stop the world is a happy place take advantage of it you are a mother and grandmother take that role and play the part with grace and stop looking for drama

  83. Jb Bjb says:

    I agree that NeNe escalated the fight but no one seem to be saying anything about Cynthia! When she first got to the hotel she sat Nene down to remind her of the situation with Kenya and Chris's wife which helped NeNe to really escalate the issue once Kenya got there and she was already pissed because Kenya was late and also she's very very jealous of Kenya

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