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7 of The Best Places for Black People to Live in Africa and Caribbean

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Ghana is Africa’s fastest growing economy and has developed a remarkable degree of stability. The West African nation’s growth rate exceed 10 percent in 2012, and it’s projected to remain relatively high for the next few years. The government of Ghana has been demonstrating a commitment to investing proceeds into the country’s social and physical infrastructure, increasing the overall livability in the nation.

Ghana’s capital city, Accra, is a sophisticated urban area, with a full range of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and increasingly, shopping malls. There are many affluent areas, including East Legon—the location of the city’s only traditional shopping complex, Accra Mall.

Another popular option is Osu, locally referred to as “Oxford Street,” where many go to shop and hang out. The downtown area has seen much development over the last decade and the range of serviced high-rise apartments makes it an easy location to set up home quickly.

In addition to being a wonderful urban home for roughly 20 percent of Ghana’s 20 million total population, Accra has become the leisure destination of choice for affluent Nigerians, who take a quick 45-minute flight to spend time at their Accra weekend homes. The warmth of the Ghanaian people is an asset and is an important part of what draws visitors to return to spend leisure time here. The tropical climate is also a plus.





Kenya is well positioned for economic growth because of its geographic location, its innovative-aggressive population, and relatively good infrastructure and facilities.

Nairobi is fast becoming the African city of choice for multinational companies seeking a foothold for their African operations. The city possesses much of the sophistication of the large South African cities, but provides these offerings in a “kinder and gentler” way. While there are some tensions around election time, the government is generally considered stable.

Housing options include many comfortable suburban-style homes at affordable prices relative to other African cities, often with a reasonably sized land plots. Apartment compounds have also sprung up in recent years, many with the comforts of swimming pools and fitness centers. The technology industry offers much promise, and Internet connectivity is considered to be the best on the continent today.

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196 thoughts on “7 of The Best Places for Black People to Live in Africa and Caribbean

  1. SOUTH AFRICA – Facts and Figures –
    Apartheid – "For over 40 years, black South Africans were given access to inferior medical and educational services under injustices of colonial rule. TODAY: "Approximately 50% of the country survives on nearly $2.27/day.
    27% of people live without access to electricity.
    Nearly 23% of the population does not have access to proper sanitation.
    Only 62% of high school students pass National Certificate exam required for graduation.
    [Only] 30% of black Africans under age 30 are employed.
    10% of the country suffers from AIDS (SIDA).
    Cape Town’s murder rate is among the highest in the world.#MandelaMemorial??

    Where are the trillion of dollars from the gold and diamonds, should we ask the Oppenheimers and the rest of the S. African plutocracy? I can guarantee you 50 years from now in S. Africa not much would have changed. I see the perpetual poverty gradually sinking people year by year,and no life savers in sight. The elite Black class created by white S. Africans will turn a blind eye to poverty and pay lip service to to this tragic pandemic.
    It has been 20 years since the transfer of the alleged Black "rule" and the plight of Blacks has changed very little since then. According to the S. African intellectuals I've met they all agree the ANC no longer represent the poor and oppressed class. The ANC is an arm of the power base, it's primary objective is maintain order and squelch dissent, remember the miners strike. They shot and killed striking unarmed miners with impunity, reminiscent of the old white regime. Looks like the revolution has been conscripted and bought by the power brokers. Another blow to the poor, again and again they toil waiting for justice . They stand a better chance waiting in hell for salvation.

  2. As a gay black man, it is actually twice as hard for us to decide where we want to live. As a result, I would much rather live in a white dominated city like Sydney Australia than Accra, Ghana because while I have protection from racism from the law in most countries worldwide, only few can protect me for being gay.

  3. Moe Rego says:

    Go you with your self-hating Sambo behind. You think being a homosexual black is going to protect you from white supremacy.

  4. I would still live longer than being burnt at the stake within minutes of arriving in Ghana, you damn fool.

  5. I disagree, they will rise up again, and we will see the same thing happening in SA, that is happening in Zimbabwe. The racist Boers, and Afrikneers are going to have to give it up. It could have already started, had Mandela, and his ANC, and other groups, had not allowed the whites to hook wink them. They need a new leader. Winnie would be perfect. But they have some young people who are getting season, and will be ready to see that the change take place. Power to the people of SA.

  6. Moe Rego Wow! I agree,

  7. Nzingha Shabaka – I agree Winnie should have been teh president not Nelson,after 27 yrs in jail he agreed to everything the crakas inisted on They've created an elite class and no one is going to teacgh you how to overthrow them,freedoomis taken not given!

  8. Dana Taylor says:

    i would have no problem at all relocating to Ghana. I really liked it there during my visit.

  9. Paul Richards have you heard of anyone being burnt at the stake in Ghana for being homosexual? Ignorance is not an excuse.


  11. VYes Harry Hayfron-Benjamin they have anti gay laws and gays can be sent to prison for life. I will live in white paradise thank you very much. Can't live among savages

  12. Moe Rego you are an idiot for hating a group of people for their skin colour. Afica will never accept you. That's why they sold us to the Europeans during slavery you fucktard.

  13. You speak on history like you was there!

  14. Ry Ry Miguel says:

    If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13 Not only does the majority of humans hate you but God also hates you until you change your ways. There is no reason for a man to act like a woman. This is nothing but the works of Satan. smh The booty was made to excrete only. If every human in the world was gay, how would the human race exists ??? Everything that has consequences is wrong. Change your ways buddy. It's not too late.

  15. Gisele L Kennedy says:

    Live where u want honey, this is just information. You couldn't pay me to live (I'll visit all day) in South Africa yet. Apartheid is to recent and we see how the states are handling 50 segregation and everything else. However…Tanzania! I'm all about that! Maybe beleze but Tanzania! I've always wanted to visit. Where else can you safari in the interior and beach on the coast all year. Holla at me Tanzania.

  16. Gisele L Kennedy says:

    Uhhh why didn't I know about the limited taxes in the carribean? Well played and duly noted.

  17. Ry Ry Miguel so if we reject what the white man did to us, why do we follow his religion?

  18. Ry Ry Miguel says:

    Paul Richards Speak for yourself. The white man religion is Roman Catholicism and every denomination that follows it's teachings. Who ever celebrates the satanic holidays eg. Christmas(winter solstice) Easter(Isis celebration) Good friday(pagan) January 1st. (Janus celebration a roman god of doorways and new beginnings). Sunday as the Sabbath (Sun god worship day). This is the white man religion. It is a carbon copy of the Believers faith. Christ was a black man. He came from a nation of black people (Israelites) They are Hebrew people. The world gives you counterfeits and call them Jews and people accept this lie. It is impossible for a white man to be a Jew which is a nickname from the tribe of Judah (Jesus Tribe). If they are so called Jews, ask one when you see one where are the other 11 tribes and i promise you they can't answer it. They are Idomites. That's who they are in Israel right now. King David had locks. His son King Solomon had lock. Samson had locks. Moses had locks. Jesus had locks, Read Judges 16:13 it will prove Samson had locks. The only people on this earth that can grow locks naturally are the black race. If you do not comb or cut your hair it will lock.

  19. Ry Ry Miguel keep fooling yourself. The white man has brainwashed you to the point where you believe this nonsense. Traditional black spirituality did not involve the teachings of Jesus. Do your research! Emperors, Kings and Queens never knew who Jesus was until the white man taught them that.

  20. Ry Ry Miguel says:

    Paul Richards Ok believe what u want to believe God gives us freedom of choice but with consequences. Do it your way and die, do it his way and live 4eva. I will take my chances with the faith that has the worse consequences. Jesus teachings started with the first man (Adam) What is earlier than that ? It is you who is fooling yourself. Man has ever seen the father or heard his voice. That's according to Christ (John 1:18) But yet God walked in the garden of eden right ? That was Christ also know as the word walking in the garden buddy. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1…… to confirm who is the word we go to revelation. Revelation 19:13…..You can call it nonsense all you want buddy. But the bible is simply a history book of the Israelites.

  21. I thought the post said seven of the best cities to live in Africa. Why is Belize and hte Bahamas included? They are not in Africa!

  22. Jackie Burns says:

    Lagos is a great place to live. Lots to do, culture, art, theater and clubs. It is pricey , but fun.

  23. Jackie Burns says:

    South Africa also so may have some resentful whites and don't think it is all kum ba ya

  24. The article title is Africa and the Caribbean.

  25. Jay Bee says:

    Do you realize that the Oppenheimers are not White people? They are Jews. The biggest difficulty facing Africans is they cannot tell the difference since they both have light skin. But they are of different origin and very different from each other in important ways.

  26. Ghana is my second home. I love it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Ry Ry Miguel I don't get it. Paul Richards is right. Christianity was introduced to Blacks and the rest of the world by White men. Same as Islam was spread by Arab men. So when Black Muslims praise Arabs…it sounds ridiculous. Since Arabs were the ones that originally started the slave trade and have been doing it the longest. Similarly, you talking about Jesus and Christianity shows me you are a BIG HYPOCRITE. Jesus was not BLACK!!! He was a White man. Get over it.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Paul Richards LOL Even you consider your Black folk as savages. Black people today must thank their lucky stars that they were brought to America and the West. Where would Black people be without the White man?? Look at Africa today for the answer.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The BITTER reality is that One cannot pay enough money to African Americans to move to Africa. The culture, poverty, mentality is TOO different. I truly feel sad for Black people. Living in White land will always be MUCH better

  30. Anonymous says:

    Nzingha Shabaka I am sorry guys but the REALITY is that no Black nation will ever succeed without the help of the White man. Funny enough…Blacks were in a much better position during Apartheid than now. Why? Its the same pattern repeated everywhere. I was shocked to see Black men from Mali or something saying they want French colonials back to develop their country. These countries were more prosperous then.
    A little known fact….Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa and at one point its currency was higher than the US DOLLAR!!!
    Once the blacks came to power, country has gone downhill….I wonder why?

  31. stewiefan23 The sanctions, and they are illegal sanctions, as President Magaba stated at the UN last year. Zimbabwe is beginning to come out of this hole the west is responsible for. They did the same thing to Haiti, the west and their allies, for over a hundred years. Everybody knows Zimbabwe is struggling because of the sanctions. What is making things sweet for Zim, they have discovered more mineral resources they did not know they had. Experts are saying Zim will be the the bread basket of Africa again. So much is going on in Zimbabawe right now, they are really on the move. Power to the people of Zimbabwe.

  32. Paul Richards Why don't you be quiet.

  33. Oh please, "may have some resentful whites", they have more than resentful whites, most are still racist, violent, thieves. For the time being, Mandala saved them, but they are going to have to give it up, SA, belong to its indigenous people of the Afuraka race. No misspell on Afuraka, that is Africa's indigenous name.

  34. Ry Ry Miguel says:

    stewiefan23 Christianity is Roman show me Christians in the BIBLE. You won't see it unless it was sneaked there in a later translation. You will see BELIEVERS. You will see Israelites. I am not a Christian, I am a believer In the Father and Son. The Roman's learnt about God and Christ from The Apostle Paul (A Black Man). He preached to the gentiles. The word of God goes way back to Adam. Christianity just came around with Roman Catholism which is mixed with paganism and witch craft. Full of idolatry and wickedness. Be a BIBLE Believer and you will be find.

  35. @stewie darling even today in Africa they are not united. They never were and never will be. You have to understand that no one in this world as a race is united. Back in the days of slavery, everyone belonged to a social group. The difference between the Africans and the Europeans is that Europe called themselves a country while Africans called themselves a tribe. That is why it didn't seem like much for one tribe to sell other non tribe members into slavery. Today Africa still has a tribal mentality. My aunt wants to build a house in Ghana, but she can't build it outside of her tribe lands because the other tribes around the country would chase her off and possibly kill her. This is not a European influence but something which was always in existence. If you went to Ghana today, they will never accept you just because you are black. Bitch please! YOU DON'T BELONG TO A TRIBE! I call them savages because 98% of them hate gays and they would kill me if I went there. Why would I move there?

  36. It should also be noted that not every country in Europe participated or even benefited from slavery. Russians, Scandinavians and Eastern Europeans never enslaved anyone. In fact some of them were even enslaved themselves. So why blame them for something western Europe did? Anyone who paints them with the same brush is an idiot, deserved to be slapped in the face and given a proper history lesson because you are all fools if you think 'the white man' will 'rise up again.'

  37. Nzingha Shabaka why don't you go read a history book?

  38. Aly Coulibaly says:

    Ghana my heart

  39. Parmesano Calabrese says:

    Africa, Israel, China, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Turkey. To name a but a few.

    Why they all need to come to Europe, only to complain that they are not wanted here…beats me.

  40. Lance Colley says:

    Interesting article

  41. seems like Detroit is the top pick for them now

  42. Frank Burns says:

    Renaldo Ricketts Please, for the love of God, take your ape ass back to that pathetic cesspool known as Africa, the laughing stock of the entire world. Do us all that favor. Thanks!

  43. Frank Burns says:

    Moe Rego You're right; nothing will protect him from black inferiority.

  44. Sean Hall says:

    Yes this article is dead on. By all means pack up and move there ASAP. You won't regret moving to Africa I promise.

  45. Sean Hall says:

    Yes this article is dead on. By all means pack up and move there ASAP. You won't regret moving to Africa I promise.

  46. Chinillabean Adedojah says:

    I will be looking into these places. I wonder which country is good for single mothers.

  47. Nzingha Shabaka The racist Boers, and Afrikneers are going to have to give it up. You don't have to worry much about that, less than 30% are still left in that mess of a country, the rest have left for 1st world countries.

  48. Nzingha Shabaka : Thank you for telling the name "Afuraka". I've been trying to find it. You are absolutely right, whites have no business being resentful in Africa.

  49. "For over 40 years, black South Africans were given access to inferior medical and educational services" Why did those medical and educational services have to be given in the natives in the first place? Why did they not develop them on their own?

  50. Deborah Martin You are so welcome.

  51. Stephen Peterson They were held in bondage.

  52. Carina Roelofse Well, that is good.

  53. You speak like you don't understand grammar.

  54. Glester Thorpe says:

    I agree. I love Ghana wouldn't have any issue living there.

  55. I thik yuo should visit these places beforejumping in the fire ,better yert talk to people who live there.I simply donlt buy into the utopic version of this article .It reads like atourist guidenot a place to settle down ,S.African Blacks unemploymnet figures are like 70% how the hell can tyou encourage Blacks tomove to a country like S. Africa,You're insane the standard of living for whites is night and day. This article was wruitten by a persion who has not done their home work on S.Africa

  56. Just had some friends who live around the corner go back home to Ghana with their two elementary school aged kids!

  57. I was thinking of going to Namibia….. but I don't know… My ex boyfriend is from Ghana….. I've always considered Ghana….HAHA… What do you guys think of Namibia?

  58. Pianki Bankole says:

    I agree please go to Australia, go to Sidney.

  59. Pianki Bankole says:

    Black Americans should be looking at the business opportunities that these country's can afford.

  60. Ry Ry Miguel says:

    stewiefan23 Your stupidity is unbelievable. White nations are responsible for all the horrors on this earth whether it be mass murdering, creating diseases, pollution etc etc White nations invaded black nations took the precious stones and metals. They brought diseases to black nations/ They kidnapped, raped, murdered and oppressed black people and you say black nations need white men help ? You better take your head out your ass buddy. Your ignorance is unbelievable/unthinkable. All white people do is wage war on this earth and invade peaceful countries. The world would be a perfect place if white people didn't exist. Look at history you idiot. Who is responsible for all the world wars and genocides ? Even if white people aren't involved with the fighting in civil wars who is funding it ? Who makes the GUN, BOMBS, WMD'S, CHEMICAL WEAPONS, BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS ? Last time i check white ppl did. So let's not make this about race. You guys have the worst track record in mankind.

  61. stewiefan23 Do you expect to see a new nation, with all new leaders, to prosper right away. Zimbabwe has had sanctions placed on them by the west, and their allies, every since they kicked Cecil Rhodes gang out of power. There is one big mistake you are making in evaluating black run countries, and white run countries. Every last progressive white country in the world had all the help they needed. First they stole enslaved the Africans and all their resources, is that right? Those who did not participate in the slave trade they were helped by those who did, not only that they were able to set up businesses, and make products the blacks being held as slaves used, many got pretty weathy just from the domino effects of slavery. How are you going to go around bragging about what whites have done, without slavery, Europe and all the other places you see whites, you would not be doing any better than any one else. I truly believe you folks think you accomplished what you have, out of the big blue sky. No, that did not happened. They stole, enslave and killed people.

  62. Craig Johnson says:


  63. Craig Johnson says:

    Its good to think about an to have options, especially if u can make some money from those countries, but the USA is gonna pay for its wrongdoings one way or the other; if not in this lifetime in another, so I'm gonna stay here an I'm not gonna be run off. As a Black man we aint too safe in America so I damn sure don't feel safe in a strange land at the moment.

  64. Craig Johnson says:

    stewiefan23 that aint true at all. U are an idiot, white troll from the sound of it. Alot goes on behind the scenes that sheeple like u never question, u ask the question I wonder why? but U don't bother to search for the answer, u just accept the lies given to u.

  65. Jayhari A. Mason says:

    I'm actually strongly thinking about relocating to Africa…

  66. Hope to be there one day by God's Grace.

  67. White Africans are cut from another piece of cloth. You ask yourself, do they still make them? One gives concocted stats here. Here says unemployment in SA is 70% when in truth it is 32%. And from the 70 to 1993 it was hovering above 38%. He talks of education. In 1993 over 18s with high school certificates were less than 10%. Today they are well over 65%. The apartheid gvt left a huge debt of 16.7 billion dollars. During apartheid Gini coeffient was 0.61 meaning income per capita of the 10% richest household (whites) was 125 times higher than the poorest ten percent. The ANC gvt has cut that by half. It should be said without apology the 'white' race has been the world's curse. It has wiped off other groups USA, New Zealand n Australia know better. Africa was a bit lucky. It has caused havoc to itself. Look at the havoc of World War 1 and World War 2. Do not mention the holocaust. It is an insult to parade themselves as Messiahs and role models. Look at the countries paraded as beacons of light of 'whiteness'. They benefited on slavery and they sit on atrocities. Look at european countries that never did, Romania, Poland, Croatia etc they are as good as many African countries. As for the gay fellow. South Africa is one of the first country that legalised gay marriages. It has one of the most liberal constitution. Do not listen to these liars who talk of white migration. Facts and figures show that there has been an enmasse return from Europe and Australia to South Africa in the past 5 years. Just google that. Annual economic growth from 2001 to 2011 under 'black gvt' has averaged 3.8% compared to -1.4 to 1.5 which characterised the 'white gvt' from 1980-1993.

  68. Toyin Dania says:

    Ghana for me …..xxxx see you in June 2014

  69. Toyin Dania says:

    Ghana for me …..xxxx see you in June 2014

  70. I love this places are very nice

  71. Sam Ethioinstuggi Tefe says:

    I miss Addis Ababa in the list

  72. Clive Hewitt says:

    stewiefan23 these 'black' nations were never economically liberated. Democracy only creates the illusion of power. The elite white corporations are still very much in charge. A small elite of blacks will form a buffer to create another illusion of wealth. The real revolution will come about when blacks unite with a common goal. I have heard the same criticism from mostly whites and disillusioned blacks that seek to protect the old power structures. Solution based replies please.

  73. Eric Paige says:

    stewiefan23 sick ass

  74. Eric Paige says:

    paul is the white mans coon

  75. Yvonne Smith says:

    I've been to Accra, Ghana. While I enjoyed. The food and culture. I still think the country has a long way to go with infrastructure development, viable jobs and education. I understand China is heavily invested. My other concern is the lack of auto, life, and other decent insurance policies.

  76. They Forgot Mozambique

  77. Why don't you go to UGANDA mate.

  78. Monie Joye says:


  79. Paul Richards is right about Africans killing gay Africans in Africa but he's not right about calling us savages ! I'm gay and I understand it wasn't a choice and no one can understand that but gays , but I am for the betterment of our people . some of us have to be the sacrifice so we can get better as a people because Christianity and Jesus hasn't done a damn thing to help us at all ! If the so called saints come out those pulpits and church doors and look at their people as a whole they would see Christianity and that bible DOES NOT WORK !!!! we need unity and love of one another . we are all victims of different types of white supremacy . we need to learn to embrace one another and not point out and kill and continue the separation BS. Africa is our home land none of us regardless of the circumstances should have to live in fear of going to where we come from !! white supremacy has really torn our people to shit ! lets pick up and get it together

  80. Alex Nuthua Mungai says:

    stewiefan23 It went down because the scenario was the white colonialists sitting on 96% of arable land and the rest of the citizens restricted to villages. When the black citizens demanded for their rights, the colonialists started putting sanctions against the country. Who is guilty here. The thief or the victim.

  81. Alex Nuthua Mungai says:

    Mera Belisle, please come to Nairobi, Kenya. We will embrace you:)

  82. Alex Nuthua Mungai says:

    Paul Richards. I am writing from Nairobi, Kenya. First of all us Africans are not savages. You are the savage you self hating sambo. Live in white man's land. Africa does not need you.

  83. Yairah Desiree Bennett says:

    Here I come…

  84. I knew all that forgive and forget stuff was going to backfire. They should have hung as many as possible, kicked the rest out. And reclaimed all the wealth.. Like Ghana and others did. I hope they can recover.. Us in America are still fighting to live. Now most of us are just trying to get out of here. They can have it.

  85. Im leaving to get away from homo,s. KKK, hoes, crime, dope, and the rest. America is designed for that.

  86. Emmanuel Tam says:

    Paul Richards Its actually not true. They are plenty of gay people in Ghana. And in recent times more are coming out. Both gay women and men, so please get your facts straight. I've lived in Ghana for the last 4 years and was quiet suprise to see gay people who are quiet comfortable and visible out and about in Accra, Ghana. I would say out of all the African countries Ghana is pretty tolerant.

  87. Please can you tell me where you get your statistic from. I have tried to get updated statistics but not sure which site to trust. Thanks.

  88. Baha Uddin says:

    Entertainment is hypnosis for the white general public. ..they're being robbed daily …excluded from intellectual content and progressive thinking. …they are not our concern…it's fine to keep them busy while we re-make the world

  89. Gretha Engle Westmaas you can order the following books. 1. Twentieth-Century South Africa by William Beinnart the head of African Studies at Oxford University. 2. William Gumede's Mbeki and the Soul of the ANC. 3. Google South Africa Stats. In addition for more statistics read the following article:

  90. Letty Jarvas says:

    I wish anyone could tell me why Botswana wasn't included…

  91. Im considering moving my family from the U.S to Ghana. I've finally came to the conclusion that this terrible land is not safe for people if color. I no longer want to raise my family in a place where capitalism exist everywhere you turn, murder of unarmed blacks by police is the normal behaviour. These whites are the worst kind if savages they use media manipulation to control the minds of the masses. America is the worst evil imaginable.

  92. Jeremiah Jackson says:

    VardiYah Yisrael What is wrong with gay people? Nothing! Homophobia is just as bad as racism!

  93. Jeremiah Jackson says:

    "God said . . . ?" How do you know that:

    1. There is a god
    2. He/she/it hates gays

    Please provide evidence.

    I see no reason to believe in any gods.

  94. Sean Hall says:

    With things like the Ferguson riots how could we not?

  95. stewiefan23 To bad the people do not realize change for the better will not come over night. The whites had everything going for them to build a progressive country, first they stole it, took the people's resources, and slave labor, that is a winner there, and you got the nerve to brag.

  96. Theodora Anagor says:

    Sean Hall Which one?

  97. Theodora Anagor says:

    They prospects are different for an African American and a African in South Africa. There are plenty of AA who have moved there and found business was great for them.

  98. Sean Hall says:

    Theodora Anagor Which one what?


  100. Paul Richards then stay where and shut up!africa doesnt want and does not need you.

  101. arrogant racist bastard…why are you in this site anyway?go kill yourself.your racism is what makes us hate white people.truly disgusting evil offspring.burn in hell and leave black people alone!!

  102. Jazz Rukiya says:

    Frank Burns, go to hell

  103. Frank Burns Ape ass so what do you look like? If you are white you look like no other human being on the planet, except your own no color ass, the sun hates your ass, and love blacks, and if you go sit out it, it you will find out. You have the nerve to talk about the condition of Africa, that was caused by Europeans, and calling black people names, and they are still stealing and controlling Afuraka. You miserable devil. I would not be surprise if you are black, standing behind a mask. Afuraka is the riches continent on the planet, that belongs to black people, Europeans still there taking and taking, because they don't have what we have, that is why whites hate blacks with a passion, don't hate us hate the creator for giving us all that we have, and now the big question and problem, how are we going to get the Europeans and others off our continent? We will figure it out one day soon I hope.

  104. Frank Burns Ape ass so what do you look like? If you are white you look like no other human being on the planet, except your own no color ass, the sun hates your ass, and love blacks, and if you go sit out it, it you will find out. You have the nerve to talk about the condition of Africa, that was caused by Europeans, and calling black people names, and they are still stealing and controlling Afuraka. You miserable devil. I would not be surprise if you are black, standing behind a mask. Afuraka is the riches continent on the planet, that belongs to black people, Europeans still there taking and taking, because they don't have what we have, that is why whites hate blacks with a passion, don't hate us hate the creator for giving us all that we have, and now the big question and problem, how are we going to get the Europeans and others off our continent? We will figure it out one day soon I hope.

  105. Donny Scott Breal says:

    stewiefan23 , this is for you.

  106. Unfortunately…Entertainment is hypnosis for all…

  107. Sean Hall says:

    Craig Johnson Noooooo I;m serious. You can finally get all those inventions and great civilizations back.

  108. Sean Hall says:

    Steven Dailey Man that is so deep.

  109. Johnny Kain says:

    Yeah, the West surely offers seductive stuff. But never forget on the cost of which people the West has acquired the richness we profit from.

  110. Johnny Kain says:

    Harry Hayfron-Benjamin Right, they just have a prison sentence.

  111. Johnny Kain says:

    Alex Nuthua Mungai But with no word you did prove him wrong on his point that it can be generally said that Africans are hating and pursuing homosexual people. He did put forth quite some arguments and you are just insulting. What's that?

  112. I agree, but since gay is not a race…its not racism but prejudice. Many developing nations have very ancient laws against homosexuality, and subsequently you will find people to be generally unaccepting.

  113. I would move for the right opportunity. rather stupid asinine comment, by an illiterate jackass.

  114. Oh Sean; waging a war of wits when you are clearly unarmed. Simpleton!! with your sarcastic redneck diatribe.

  115. Sean Hall says:

    Michelle Robledo Why are you so racists? Calling folks rednecks. Whats up with that? I don't know what the issue here is. I think that people should leave the most prosperous nation on Earth on go to disease ridden slums like Nairobi (which I've been to). How else are people going to get their poetry, and astronomy, and art, and engineering and all the other things that were stolen from them back? You really should try to be more worldly Michelle and not insult everyone one who you disagree with. Thats no way to go thru life.

  116. only put your 5star house and make it confortable plus open your own business and leave in heaven Ghana. i think u will realise in a year that u r stress free. okay

  117. please Ghana is not for gay people so dont step there or they will shoot your ass quick. what is wrong with u ? sucking dick and putting dick in your ass. that s nono my friend. do fasting and ask God to heal u cos that thing s spiritual not physical. they r demonic sir

  118. Gibson Ampaw says:

    I thought this article is about black countries, so why so much obsession with white man racism. Most Africans have never dealt with a white man nevermind have a white friend.

  119. Janet Gudino says:

    If I, a white mother of two internationally adopted black sons, were to move to Africa, would we be accepted?
    I fear for my sons in America.

  120. Rayad Layeni says:

    just for the record Belize is not found in the Caribbean.

  121. These comments are quite funny… Let's just say, it's not all peaches and cream. I live abroad and I would say that if you don't have a very marketable skill in high demand or alternative income source, then you may be in for a rude awakening. If you have one of these then by all means go see the world.

  122. Aly Abok says:

    Yes, you would be very welcome and I say this as an African living in Africa!

  123. Aly Abok says:

    Really! never dealt with a white person! your ignorance precedes you! How backward do you think we are?

  124. Aly Abok says:

    How about going there for a short holiday first and finding out for yourself!

  125. Aly Abok That is what I am thinking about doing! I will be going to Ghana this Summer…. ^_^

  126. Furaha Nyams Njuguna, you sound like an Immature child. What makes you think people want you in their country? You are the perfect Black man in the eyes of the white man. They need more like you to utter those types of words. You don't know anything about black people in America but what the Zionist media allows you to know.

  127. Drink poison…We all are not

  128. TonyboyWonders im a ghanaian, here u def wont see racism.. lol. we all blacks. and few mulatos.. i live in accra. its a peaceful sweet place to be. tony stop hating. let him be

  129. TonyboyWonders u r so brainwashed by american media.. there is 5000 black ameericans living in ghana. lol. been here for over 50 years and they saying they aint going back. more keep coming. let the media control ur mind still with the crap pics and slums of africa they show u on tv.. smh, american got slums too. lol

  130. another brainwashed coon. im african from ACCRA GHANA. and we need them here. out black family
    Furaha Nyams Njuguna u gotta learn some history please… if u check their DNA they r more african than u are. lmfao.. i had 3 american black friends come here this year i took them around. they loved it. went back and they gonn come aggain when they save that $$ i thnk u have to wake up.. the american blacks r not bad people like u see on tv. smh, and we r not hungry ppl like they see on tv too. lol

  131. Just for the record BELIZE is located in the Caribbean and it is a member of CARICOM. I know. I'm Belizean. Check the definition of Caribbean. You probably meant it's not an island.


  133. Luther Houston Thank you!

  134. I know people who have retired moved there and moved back to the USA…due to the society not being fair with some income classes in Ghana..Some of these have corrupt goverments such as Tanzania where I lived for q couple of years are guilty of the hoarding of wealth .This is the reason that the majority of the citizens of their countrys live in poverty .Their government does not provide proper upgraded first class,food production,educational tools ,health care facilities public transportation ,electricity,water,roads and infrastructure such as telecommunications and internet for the citizens and investors.However they live in luxury and they did not want to unit in a United States of Africa along with Libya 10 years ago to alleviate some of poverty in these areas.They are the blood suckers of the poor and they waste the resources that God has bestowed on the land in which they and their fellow citizens live.

  135. Janet since you are white most Africans will accept you being the white mother of adopted black sons.My experience while living in East Africa was that most Africans have a colonial mentality where they treat whites better than they do their African American and African brothers and sisters.Because they believe they will be rewarded better financially from them in the long run.So you being white they will accept you just fine many still have a slave mentality just like blacks in the states unfortunately time heals all wounds.I know people who have retired moved there and moved back to the USA…due to the society not being fair with some income classes in Ghana..Some of these have corrupt goverments such as Tanzania where I lived for q couple of years are guilty of the hoarding of wealth .This is the reason that the majority of the citizens of their countrys live in poverty .Their government does not provide proper upgraded first class,food production,educational tools ,health care facilities public transportation ,electricity,water,roads and infrastructure such as telecommunications and internet for the citizens and investors.However they live in luxury and they did not want to unit in a United States of Africa along with Libya 10 years ago to alleviate some of poverty in these areas.They are the blood suckers of the poor and they waste the resources that God has bestowed on the land in which they and their fellow citizens live.

  136. Seriously? Africa is around 52 countries and many are not what the US medias or news outlets portray here. Yet here you are finding 4 -5 places you called best places. Have you traveled around Africa? This list smells Exotism and it not different from hearing news on Fox News sorry. You need to learn a little more about Africa because there way many, many other splendid places, not even countries where you could live. By the way people live in those other places that are not "best places" your "standard".

  137. Maybe I can't read but what does the title of the article say?? Yet all anyone talks about is how Africa needs white people blah. White people need black people. Everyone needs each other. Stop. Being so ignorant. I was born and raised in South Africa. It's amazing. This whole 30% boers left thing is bullshit. Just cause you ran away. The prodigal son always goes back home. So can't y'all's just enjoy the list instead of finding fault. Ain't no one asked you people to move there at all. Jeez

  138. BK Freeman says:

    This article is interesting food for thought, but contains one key inaccuracy. In the section on the Bahamas it states "…as with all other Caribbean islands it has…no VAT. That may be true for the Bahamas, but it is not true of all Caribbean islands. I lived in Barbados for 6 months and there is a 17% VAT.

  139. I'm ready to move to Ghana, Belize, Kenya or Tanzania now. Can't wait until retirement :-).

  140. bill smith says:

    Why? Because blacks don’t oppress, control, enslave others (in the systematic manner of Europeans) to generate the ill gotten wealth necessary to thrive fast. You should know this already! Without such measures, European can’t proposer outside. As for Zimbabwe, it and other areas of Africa has long provided for itself successfully prior to the arrival Europeans. Sets not pretend nothing was there until the white man saw it!

  141. Blaaaaaaaaaaack peeeeeeople! If anyone desiring to relocate permanently do this, first bare in mind to be subsistent and that would mean farming, a few acres for live stock , and cultivation. Why go to those clustered cities when you know very well how that goes. Secondly, acquire the land and build on it to suit your needs.
    Too much dependency on others, even government , leads to you ruin.




  145. Mrs.Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade the slave master still has control in Africa. Most Africans look up to White people and look down on blacks.

  146. Oqwe Nortey says:

    Yes Sir. Lets link up when u come to Accra, Ghana.

  147. well, that was refreshing, to the contrary of thse so called African conscious black people in America that thinks they need to re-connect with their African roots. And I'm certain Furaha isn't the only one that feels that way.

  148. Gibson Ampaw says:

    Sham Pu Keilyn Nationalism is better than cultural marxism. lol

  149. Gibson Ampaw says:

    Aly Abok – Go to the African continent and ask them, not the Bronx or Brixton.

  150. Who are you and where have you been? Such ignorance!

  151. This is very attitude I was afraid of. Africans living in America right now share this same attitude about Black Americans, but one thing I know $ change all attitudes.

  152. How will I be accepted as a light skin black male?

  153. Ghana.. is peacefull.. they will treat you like royalty… ask me how I know…

  154. Abbie White says:

    Me too but I'm white! I hope it's not a problem. I met a Gambian man in the past year here in the U.S. And he thinks he wants to live here but he will want to go back to his country sometimes for sure!! His country is under a horrible dictatorship so I hope he does cone back here soon. But he will miss his country I'm sure. I want to retire sooner than later but cannot easily do it since I'm only 55 and only have a house with 1/3 mortgage of what most people have in the US! But I don't want to over here anymore due to such disgusting racism against people of color and the disgusting greed and terrible capitalism!!!:(((

  155. Abbie White says:

    I know so many Americans are so spoiled but some of us black, white and other people of color honestly and truly care about others, this planet and the whole world!!

  156. Sean Hall says:

    Stephen Bongy Marshall And you have obviously never been to Africa.

  157. There are light skinned Africans 🙂

  158. Of course there are Africans that are of light skin. That still does not answer my question.

  159. B Dion Cherry If there are light skinned black male Africans in Africa…. what else do you need to know? Silly question really…

  160. Ok…….as you may or may not know, here in the USA we historically have had some issues and division among light skin and dark skin black people. I wonder if some countries in Africa have the same issues. That why I asked about how I can expect to be treated. I never asked if light skin people were there. Anyone on here intelligent enough to know the difference in my question? Also, I have had many African people tell me that African Americans are resented over there and despised. Especially when we move there and have more money, land etc. I hear than A A'S of all shades are looked upon as mutations and not authentically black. Sub-human.

  161. But maybe I'm just silly for asking…..thanks a bunch brother…..

  162. MK Wilkerson says:

    Hassan Abdullah.I Married man in Ghana (was there twice) most of the time people kept calling me "white woman". Yes they treat whites better but even with them calling me white woman they knew the difference. Most of the family that hadn't seen me on Skype thought he was marrying a white woman as many of his friends had.When I refused to hand out money to one's that ask me..I was considered greedy. Heck, I wasnt rich but got the impression I was suppose to be.I know my husband didn't tell anyone that cause he knew better. All I would hear was whites come here and do this for us and that for us. I stood on family compound one day with hands on my hips and said "Do I look like Oprah Winfrey to you guys. I mean people would ask me for money sometimes when we walked down the street. was told not to say directly no but say something like I would give to you later cause the would think I was greedy.
    So much stuff has been talked and seen on internet about us that our brothers and sister in the Motherland. I got the impression it was taught white is better and let not forget Superior. I have never seen so much stuff for lightening the skin ever. I was wearing Afro and only saw very young girls(some schools make the children cut their hair really short) or older ladies wearin one.
    You are so right in what you say. Every race has its problems..our own thinks its black American…we are taught Africa is always at war somewhere..some how or scamming people as we hear on the news almost daily.
    The only Superior I know is God. Whites have no fear of going to will be welcomed with open arms. Love all my brothers and sister all of the world and you cant do nothing about it. So ease up on us Black Americans.

  163. MK Wilkerson says:

    Hassan Abdullah..You are so right about whites being treated better than African Americans and even African/Jamaica. Been there twice for about 4months each time (see my reply further down this page).

  164. Hassan Abdullah Thank you for your insight….

  165. Jarvis Brown says:

    How the hell did these people come up with South Africa being a good place for black people to live?!!?!!

  166. Bev Baldeh says:

    You are so small-minded it's almost beyond comprehension. You had better get used to Black ppl form both the US, and wherever else, we as the decendants of our ancestors have been dispersed to. Many of us are coming home HOME (before they kill us) .

  167. Bev Baldeh says:

    "Strange land"? Is that you talking or your ancestor???

  168. Bev Baldeh says:

    Shawn Mc Do please check your history for goodness sake. Blacks are so rooted in the US that you are being killed like flies -yes!!

  169. Bev Baldeh says:

    Maryam Degahburi You go girl- wanted to "like" you 100 times, but couldn't.

  170. Bev Baldeh says:

    Stephen Peterson Don't talk to my brother like that or in that tone. What the fuck are you doing on this site anyway.

  171. Bev Baldeh any land is strange if u have never been there, the next city beside yours is strange if u know no one there. Whats the problem with what i said? I live in South Carolina, North Carolina is strange land to me So u know a foreign country is strange. Just because we the same color that dontmean a DAMN thing.

  172. Lon Dorsey says:

    wow… what a thing to say. Well, Kenyans are welcome here, and in fact, I ride UBER with two Kenyan drivers who are nice. And I've made them welcome in my home. Maybe you should reword your statement, but it is clear that you said what you meant. I love to meet Kenyans and Nigerians alike they are humble. Although one Kenyan woman was rude to me for no reason "apparent" but that's okay, she got a free Christmas Turkey and dinner out of the deal. You are young. Come to America, to Dallas, Texas and the people here will treat you well.

  173. Lon Dorsey says:

    I thought about moving to Lagos, Nigeria. I do not speak any African language, but Africans speak English as a second language. I wonder if I would be able to survive and if I would be treated well. I'm a single man also. I am a musician/singer too… I wonder about the value of the Dollar there too. Well, I wonder what I could get a good safe apartment for in a safe area?

  174. Lon Dorsey says:

    Lemme guess… it's your company. LOL

  175. Lon Dorsey says:

    I wondered that too.

  176. Lon Dorsey says:

    how do you know?

  177. Lon Dorsey says:

    Ðhira T Ÿesufu the question is not silly. Because there are light-skinned Africans there does not mean that an American light-skinned person will be welcome. He just is asking a question to get a better idea.

  178. Lon Dorsey says:

    Kenneth Ofori How about sending some photos of areas of Ghana you speak of to my inbox.

  179. Lon Dorsey says:

    Hassan Abdullah so black people moved back to USA?

  180. Lon Dorsey says:

    It is about black countries, but we don't know these answers, so we're asking… you know, so it is of no interest to you.

  181. Lon Dorsey says:

    Aly Abok don't think you're backward… just asking questions is all.

  182. Lon Dorsey says:

    Kenneth Ofori That sounds good to me. Ghana. Everyone worries in the U.S. that they will be shot and killed for no reason. Murdered in the streets. But other than that, it is great for making money. You just don't want to be pulled over and murdered. Perhaps I'll talk with you about Ghana and ask questions.

  183. Lon Dorsey says:

    Shawn Mc black citizens are treated awfully by police. everyone is afraid. I'm sure media has a lot to do with it. Maybe 20 people have been killed that I know of… but it's the WAY it was done that makes it so horrible. I'm a single man, coming to Ghana. I'm a singer. Can I find work singing?

  184. We just returned from Nassau and the Bahamas now have VAT as well.

  185. Seed Abraham says:

    I am a Nigeria living in Ghana . You dont have to be afraid about going to Lagos . Nigeria is a land for all . you enjoy your stay there . as for the dollar rate . it's $100 to #20.000 . which is very huge . you alone can't spend that on food for 1month that's if you are cooking but via eatry maybe 2 weeks . things are cheap in Nigeria but as a black man consider yourself a nigeria but your ancent will fishy you out . making you to authomatically be notice any where you go and that's another advantage . We respect foreigner trust me . this is why it pains me a lot when I see people treating us bad in their own country . I would advice you stay at either . Ikeja , Surulere , Victoria highland . , Ikoyi , Lekki pahse 1 or 2 . it depends on your pocket . victoria island (VGC) and it enverons are weigh expensive compare to the rest . but there are other nice area but you can start with Ikeja or Surulere .

  186. Lon Dorsey says:

    Seed Abraham Thanks for that beautiful explanation. Also I plan to open a night club in Lagos and I need $20,000,000 Naira to get open, will I be able to find an investor easily for this.

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