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KeKe Palmer Responds to Fake Sex Tape Allegations

KeKe Palmer publicly spoke out about rumors that she appeared in a sex tape circulating on the Web, claiming that she has “done too much good” to “deserve that type of treatment.”

When the tape hit the Web and went viral through social media, many  viewers believed the young woman performing the sexual acts was the 20-year-old Keke.

Now the “Brotherly Love” actress is addressing the rumors and protecting her image, which she says she strives to use as a positive platform.

Palmer dished about how hurt and disappointed she was about the fake sex-tape allegations during an interview with The Jasmine Brand. She  explained why this was one rumor she just couldn’t ignore.

“My thing is, I always try to use myself as an example,” KeKe said. “I realized at a young age, OK, I have a platform. People know me because of my work. Let me use it for a good thing. And I never want young girls to think that is OK. Every now and then there are some things you can throw over your shoulder. But that, that was too much and I’ve done too much good in my life to deserve that type of treatment.”

She also said the rumors served as a sad reminder of how young African-Americans tend to start tearing each other down instead of lifting each other up.

“When we get something going and we get something cooking, we should be lifting each other up and holding each other’s hand,” she said. “And the moment we get one, it’s like tearing them down.”

The rumors began swirling because KeKe took a friendly photo with a fan who was also a local rapper. A sex tape from the fan’s past found its way on the Internet and the rumor mill began working, suggesting the woman was KeKe.

The young woman’s face was never shown in the video, and many of KeKe’s fans took to social media to say they didn’t believe the girl in the tape was her.

KeKe Palmer addresses sex tape rumors “All I did was take a picture with a fan, and now you turning it into something terrible,” KeKe said. “I didn’t understand it. I literally was at a loss.”

In the midst of all the nasty rumors, she did feel that some good has come out of the situation.

Continuing to build on her positive platform, KeKe said she hopes she sets an example for young women, who will see her speaking out against the allegations and standing up for herself.

“It’s OK to stand up for yourself,” she said. “At the end of the day, this is not right. This is not right for you to do this to me and I won’t allow it. I won’t.”

The rumor control came just in time for KeKe, as she has another big project in the works.

The young actress will be starring in the upcoming television movie “The Trip To Bountiful,” which will air on Lifetime on Feb. 22 at 8 p.m.

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