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Kanye West Sues ‘COINYE’ Internet Currency Company‚ Is Accused of Assaulting Man

kanyeKanye West has been making headlines this week as he officially filed a lawsuit against an the makers of  the ‘COINYE’ Internet currency creators.

According to the New York Daily News, the superstar rapper and music mogul filed a trademark infringement lawsuit Tuesday against the creators of a humorous new Kanye West-themed digital currency called “COINYE” that launched last week. The logo for the currency, which is bought and sold over the Internet, features a cartoon version of West wearing his signature “shutter shades.”

“Defendants have willfully and admittedly traded upon the goodwill and notoriety of Kanye West, one of the most famous entertainers and brand names in the world,” claims the suit filed in Manhattan federal court, which seeks unspecified damages. The suit refers to COINYE as a “crypto-currency” because it exists only as computer code, not in any physical form. Bitcoin is the most well-known crypto-currency.

“In interviews with the press, defendants brazenly admit that they adopted the marks COINYE WEST, COINYE and COYE to directly associate their newly minted crypto-currency with Mr. West,” the suit states.

The “College Dropout” rapper claims the COINYE creators are damaging his brand.

kimandkanye“With each day that passes, Mr. West’s reputation is irreparably harmed … Consumers are likely to mistakenly believe that Mr. West is the source of these digital coins,” the suit alleges.

In other news, Kim Kardashian, fiancee and mother of West’s daughter, allegedly came face to face with a heckler who taunted her as she visited a chiropractor on Monday. According to TMZ, Kardashian was at a Beverly Hills medical building when she was swarmed by paparazzi.  An 18-year-old man allegedly tried to help Kardashian get in the building, as he started screaming racial slurs at paparazzi.  Kardashian then told him his language was not appropriate.  Reportedly, he then screamed at Kardashian calling her a “n****r lover, stupid slut.”

This is when allegedly Kardashian called West, who was nearby, to inform him about the incident.  Sources say West and Kardashian rushed into the waiting room of chiropractor Richard Hill and found the heckler sitting there.  Witnesses say West punched the guy as Kardashian screamed, “We have it all on tape.”

The massage therapist rushed into the waiting room and pushed West off the young man and ordered him out of the office.  West got out of the building and Kardashian went to another office for a meeting.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that West is officially a suspect in a battery investigation and they want to interview him.  TMZ also reported that the matter will be referred to the L.A. County district attorney for possible prosecution. West is currently facing another assault case from being charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for allegedly attacking a paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport in July. He is set to go to court for said incident on Jan 23.


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