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Tamera Mowry Responds Emotionally to Critics of Her Interracial Marriage

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 2.57.11 PMActress Tamera Mowry-Housley became emotional recently when talking about the ways some racists on the Internet have responded to her marriage. Mowry-Housley opened up about the subject on an episode of “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” which aired Friday on OWN. The actress and twin said that the criticism she received was “hurtful” and that she was shocked to find that there’s still so much hate.

The former “Tia and Tamera” co-star said that she is the product of an biracial relationship and has been called names throughout her life. Tears rolled down her face as she listed some of the disturbing names. Internet bullies have also made references to slavery when offering their thoughts on her marriage to FOX correspondent Adam Housley, who is white.

“When my husband and I are so open and we’re fine, what we’re showing is love. Love. But people choose to look past love and spew hate. That’s what hurts me because I’ve never experienced so much hate ever in my life. Ever. I get called white man’s whore…The new one was, “Back in the day, you cost $300. But now, you’re giving it to him for free”…[…] Stuff that I, me as a person, could never even fathom. I can’t even think of these words. It’s very hard for me to think of it because I’m a product of it. My mom is a beautiful Black woman and my dad is an amazing white man and I grew up seeing a family. […] This was the big one. They say, ‘Oh, Tia’s a true Black woman because she married a Black man.’ Oh, I’m less of a Black person because I married white?” she said.

Mowry-Housley said that she would rather focus on being a good wife and mother than on the hate that spews online. The couple married in May 2011 in Napa Valley. They welcomed their 14-month-old son, Aden, on Nov. 12, 2012.

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3 thoughts on “Tamera Mowry Responds Emotionally to Critics of Her Interracial Marriage

  1. God don't like ugly, that's what all those people are being when they say such mean things to you and your husband. I was raised to not see color. If you stand me and you beside any white person or another black person we all bleed RED blood. We all breath the same air. If you shoot either of us with a bullet in the head we will all die. If those same people that call you names need a kidney and you just happen to be a perfect match and decided to give them that kidney, so they could go on living a long and happy life. Would it make a difference to them then. I am a black woman aho is very proud of who I am and where I came from. I am too married to a white man and he loves me unconditionally.

  2. Tamera you are a beautiful and strong woman. People that judge you are miserable people. Anyone who takes so much time and energy in judging someone else's life or marriage are miserable people and misery loves company. You have a handsome son made from love. Do not allow anyone to make you feel bad about the decisions you've made in life. As long as you and yours are happy that's all that counts. I would have no problem marrying a white successful man. Stay strong and enjoy life…if what's on the internet offends you or hurts your feelings learn to stop reading the negative. Be Blessed!

  3. Brenda Tinin says:

    Hey girl how are you this is brenda we went to school together I was a foster then you remember me ?

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