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Report: Cissy Houston Allegedly Upset Over Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon Wedding

Bobbi Kristina Brown claimed that her grandmother, Cissy Houston, gave her blessings when Bobbi wanted to marry Nick Gordon; however, new reports are emerging suggesting that Cissy not only doesn’t approve of the marriage but she was also never asked.

Whitney Houston’s daughter and mother haven’t exactly been seeing eye to eye in the past, and now sources are claiming that Bobbi’s marriage to Gordon is no different.

On Friday, Bobbi Kristina tweeted out a picture of her and Nick rocking wedding rings along with the caption “@nickdgordon #HappilyMarried. SO #InLove if you didn’t get it the first time that is.”

The next day, Bobbi told TMZ cameras that Cissy approved of the marriage and even claimed it was “exactly what she wanted.”

According to TMZ, however, some members of the Houston family are saying that’s far from the truth.

The popular celebrity gossip site was allegedly told that neither Bobbi Kristina nor Nick even asked Cissy for her opinion on the marriage.

They were also told that Cissy was furious when she heard news of the marriage.

It is not clear which side of the story is true, but it’s important to note that in July 2013 Cissy made it clear she didn’t want her granddaughter getting married to anyone just yet.

In an open letter to Bobbi, Cissy wrote that while she wanted to see her granddaughter happy she just felt like it was too early for her to be considering marriage.

Bobbi Kristina lied about Cissy Houston's blessings “Krissi, all I want for you is your good health and your happiness,” she wrote. “Do I want you to get married in the near future? No, I don’t. I think you’re too young and I wish you’d wait. But that’s because I’m Grandma.”

The letter went on to explain that Cissy was worried about her granddaughter and she questions if any man is good enough to have her hand in marriage right now.

Meanwhile, Bobbi has continued tweeting about the marriage but revealed that there will still be an official wedding ceremony on the way.

“Nothing is ever official until it’s done under the eyes of god. @nickdgordon much love!,” the first Tweet read along with a string of emojis including praying hands and a smiley face.

“Don’t think 4 a sec that a ceremony isn’t in store this year…!? they’re [sic] will be a wedding & a gorgeous1 at that (: #nomoredetailstho!,” the next Tweet read.

The Tweets also suggest that Bobbi and Nick have not officially been married in front of a Justice of the Peace, so if Cissy really is furious about the marriage it might not be too late to talk her granddaughter out of it.

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