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Peep This: Snoop Lion and Major Lazer’s ‘Get Away’ Video-Game Music Video

Snoop Lion and Major Lazer teamed up to bring a unique take on the music video for Snoop’s single “Get Away.” The video for the Major Lazer-produced track has no live action and is all animation in the form of what looks like an early ’90s video game. As reported by

“Snoop Lion and Major Lazer pay homage to old-school video games in their new visual for ‘Get Away.’ The track belongs to Snoop’s reggae-influenced, Grammy-nominated album, Reincarnated. Snoop battles it out with the Major Lazer character (Pokemon-style) before they join forces to defeat an evil stereo system (MegaMan-style).”

Snoop Lion and Major Lazer were already a great artist-producer fit to facilitate Snoop’s reggae-influenced music, and Major Lazer is great at bringing reggae-influenced music to the mainstream.

Check out the Snoop Lion and Major Lazer’s “Get Away” video below.

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