Fuel to The Fire: Rico Wade Confirms Outkast Coachella Reunion


For months rumors have been swirling that there will be an Outkast reunion, specifically at this year’s Coachella Festival. Now long time Outkast collaborator and Dungeon Family Member Rico Wade confirms the Coachella performance. In an interview by Stereo Gum about rapper Future, who is also Wade’s cousin, Rico sheds some light on Outkast’s plans.

As reported by stereogum.com:

“Rico explains, eager to shed light on his own under-recognized legacy. As we bide our time in the lobby, he affably spills the beans about unreleased Andre 3000 solo songs from a decade ago and his hopes to score Future a cameo during Outkast’s reunion sets at Coachella.”

The Outkast duo has not worked together since 2007, and fans have been eagerly waiting to hear or see something new from the group.  Wade also confirmed that he has new music from Andre 3000 and Future.

As also reported by stereogum.com:

“Eventually he pulls out his iPhone and plays me a Future-Andre collaboration he produced called ‘Benz B***h’ that’s earmarked for Honest. It’s yet another side of Future and one rarely heard: brainy, libidinous space-age funk mined from Stankonia’s dankest caverns, an homage to his Dungeon Family roots.”

The Coachella Music Festival is scheduled to take place in Indio, Calif. on April 12 and the official music line up should be out soon.



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