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CNN, Fox Push For Melissa Harris-Perry to be Fired Over Romney Grandson Joke

CNN Fox continue attacks on Melissa Harris-Perry Melissa Harris-Perry’s Twitter apology for the jokes she and her panel of guests made about Mitt Romney’s adopted Black grandson on Sunday was not enough to prevent CNN and Fox from pushing for the MSNBC host to be fired immediately.

Fox and CNN have aired several reports and panel discussions criticizing Harris-Perry and her guests from Sunday’s show, but there doesn’t seem to be enough evidence to support CNN’s claim that the general public is “demanding” that Harris-Perry be fired.

During Sunday’s episode of Harris-Perry’s show, she and her guests joked about a Romney family photo and focused on Romney’s adopted Black grandson, Kieran.

“One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn’t the same,” sang actress Pia Glenn on the panel.

Harris-Perry then added that in 2040 she hopes to see a “marriage between Kieran Romney and North West,” the baby daughter of rapper Kanye West and reality star Kim Kardashian.

“Can you imagine Mitt Romney and Kanye West as in-laws?” Harris-Perry asked the panel.

On Wednesday morning, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield said that there are “some people demanding MSNBC fire” Harris-Perry, however, Whitfield only referenced one tweet that demanded Harris-Perry’s termination. Other tweets or Facebook posts calling for the MSNBC host to be fired have been scarce, and no terms regarding the controversy have trended nationally.

Since Sunday, Fox and CNN anchors have aired a variety of programs and panel debates dedicated to criticizing Harris-Perry and her guests for what they have labeled as “insensitive” and “smug” comments.

Melissa Harris-Perry Mitt Romney grandson jokes “I think it’s shameful the way she behaved, the way the panel behaved, to make fun of and belittle the situation and the generosity of the spirit of the Romney family,” Kimberly Guilfoyle said on Monday’s episode of Fox’s “The Five.” “I don’t know why she still has a job there, actually.”

Perhaps the strongest words came from CNN anchor Don Lemon on Monday night.

Lemon called Harris-Perry and the entire team over at MSNBC  “smug,” adding that they make no attempt to create diversity of opinions in their programming.

Lemon said that if anyone from a network other than MSNBC had made similar comments, “Jesse Jackson would be protesting and tied to a tree somewhere.”

Lemon admitted his issue with MSNBC was personal and he vented about the many times that MSNBC has criticized him for comments he has made on his own show. He said that he never responded because “dogs are supposed to howl at the moon, the moon doesn’t howl back.”

Direct competitors with Harris-Perry’s show, which is still the top-ranked news show for viewers between the ages of 18 and 34, have continued attacks on the segment through their own programming and personal social media.

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31 thoughts on “CNN, Fox Push For Melissa Harris-Perry to be Fired Over Romney Grandson Joke

  1. Adrian Reyes says:

    Totally agree with CNN and FOX. My wife and I are individuals who have taking in and cared for two wonderful African American young men. We are absolutely disgusted with the Racists and hate filled insults from Melissa Harris. Melissa's view of the unconditional Love and acceptance is distorted by hate and racism. Its these type of sick individuals who hold back All of us from loving each other and accepting each other for he we are. Shame on MSNBC for promoting this hate filled propaganda. Shame Shame. Fire her immediately.

  2. Look, Fox need to be quiet, after what racist Meggyn said about Santa Clause causing confusing among children of color. She appointed herself along with Foxs blessing as she exposed herself to be the real grinch of Christmas. She will be children's of color real live grinch for Christmases to come. What possesed her to come out like that? This what grinches do. Yea, Meggyn.

  3. Tommy Deas says:

    Andrian I think you and everybody else is over-reacting about Melissa and her remark!!!

  4. Michael Bush says:

    God help those poor black children!

  5. TheArtof Andre-David Bey says:

    Oh good for you for taking in the poor AA BOYS, NOW PLEASE GO SELL IT TO SOME PEOPLE WHO CARE!

  6. Levi Jeffers says:

    Lemon and company don't dictate what's aired on MSNBC

  7. Adrian Reyes says:


  8. Adrian Reyes says:

    Thank you for proving my point. Lol!

  9. Nick Mas says:

    She needs to go. Your fired. Goodbye

  10. Brenda J Babin says:

    Ok, so A&E keep on the duck dynasty star for far worse comments. All the right wing came to their defense. Now they demonize Melissa for this???? What hypocrisy!!!! I am 60 years old and I watch her show every chance I get. Sincerely a Nerdland fan.

  11. Cherri Anne says:

    it really wasn't that deep. People really want a struggle to be attached to so damn badly. And would Don Lemon go away already, he's such a damn tool.

  12. Nayyirah Niya Ali says:

    I love how they believe they can dictate who works at MSNBC how cute. Let me use the famous quote of "Get over it" she apologized right. "Move on"

  13. Chaun Tucker says:

    Look bruh, nobody's mad at u and how cool u are for loving black people. What u don't understand is that racism is not a feeling toward a group of people, is not being allowed to eat somewhere, get a job somewhere, or live somewhere solely based off the color of ur skin. U guys steal everything from us but u won't get that race card bruh.

  14. Jordana Hart says:

    …."generosity of the spirit of the Romney family?" What is she referring to exactly?

  15. Agree with you, Adrian. I thought Melissa had more class. She is a disgrace and should be fired. I am not watching her disgusting show anymore. Where are MSNBC producers in this mess? You're right, it's sickening!

  16. Adrian, I'm really glad to know there are decent, caring people in this racist, hate-filled world. Many blessings to you and yours.

  17. Agree with you, Nick. Where are MSNBC producers in this whole mess? Counting opinion poll numbers? I thought she had more class. I quit watching her disgusting show and hope she is fired.

  18. Mansa Musa says:

    1) house negroes tryna get other house negroes fired
    2) CNN is the same as Fox
    3) " CNN’s claim that the general public is “demanding” that Harris-Perry be fired." and this "some people demanding MSNBC fire" are made up stories they tell you to think someone wants them fired other than the organization themselves. watch the fox news documentary, they tell you they use keywords like "some people said this or that." they dont tell you who said it, they tell you somebody, anybody said it and it cant be proven, but they just planted a seed in your head, making you think the story has validity.

  19. Mansa Musa says:

    whoever this person is, is an agent. they dont show their face, but they have some backstory on how theyre not black but they have some ties to the black community somehow. then they corroborate what some right wing person says. please dont fall for this black people.

  20. Mansa Musa says:

    you ever wonder how all these white people manage to find black news sites and tell us what should happen to our people in our own comment section? happens on every black website and youtube video, and its no accident.

  21. Dorothy Green says:

    Such hypocrisy doesn't deserve the attention it's getting.

  22. Lighten up people the sun will still rise in the morning. You need to get a life.

  23. Diane Wong says:

    She's referring to the deeply seated white supremacist attitude of Americans and others who can only understand the adoption of a non-white infant as an incredible generosity of spirit which must have overcome normal white revulsion,

  24. Diane Wong says:

    She's referring to the deeply seated white supremacist attitude of Americans and others who can only understand the adoption of a non-white infant as an incredible generosity of spirit which must have overcome normal white revulsion,

  25. Jordana Hart says:

    Agreed. I was commenting more out of incredulity at such an awful comment.

  26. Obie Ibezue says:

    Here's your pat on the back for doing something so generous. (Too bad I can't convey sarcasm w/o this sidebar.)

  27. What "general public" could CNN be referring to? If Jon Stewart or Bill Maher had made a similar comment about Romney's grandson would CNN and Fox be going after them like they are going after Melissa Harris-Perry?

  28. Liz Hayes says:

    Fox News of all stations want Melissa fired – Give me a break with all the racists and ugly remarks they have said against our president and the first lady.

  29. Liz Hayes says:

    Tommy Deas I totally agree Tommy. really over the top!

  30. Liz Hayes says:

    I like your comment Kenneth.

  31. Joseph Balin says:

    Maybe cus one is a reality show about people who what's on their mind, and other is a "journalist" talking about serious things?

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