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10 Intriguing Black People Who Should Have Made Barbara Walters’ List

Barbara Walters’ “Most Fascinating People of The Year” list, which is presented as a TV special, has been popular since its inception in 1993. However, this year Walters managed to create a list with only one Black person, Kanye West via his association with fiancee Kim Kardashian, under the title of “Kimye”. Here are 10 intriguing Black people who should have been on Walters’ list.


Queen B ruled 2013. Her talent and beauty created a great deal of buzz and many of her appearances and interviews received major media attention.  From her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour to her controversial visit to Cuba, Beyonce was the celebrity most searched online.

However it was her surprise album that really made this Beyonce’s year. On Dec. 13,  she unexpectedly released her fifth and self-titled studio album on the iTunes Store without any prior promotion. It was described as a “visual album” as every track was accompanied by a music video.

The album debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart, with three-day sales of 617,213 digital copies, giving the singer her fifth consecutive No. 1 album in the United States. This made her the first female artist in the chart’s history to have her first five studio albums debut at No. 1.

Chiwetel-EjioforChiwetel Ejiofor

Ejiofor’s titanic and steadfast performance in director Steve McQueen’s unblinking portrait of mid-19th-century slavery, “12 Years A Slave,” has already been hailed as the performance of his career. Ejiofor has become a fixture on the fall awards circuit, a best-actor Oscar nominee and a name pronounced recently with considerably more familiarity. (It’s CHOO-ih-tell EDGE-ee-oh-for.)

With deep, soulful eyes, Ejiofor captures  (“12 Years a Slave” character) Solomon Northup’s indomitability and his undiminished integrity. McQueen, the British director of “Hunger” and “Shame,” compares Ejiofor’s dignified genteelness to Sidney Poitier.

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28 thoughts on “10 Intriguing Black People Who Should Have Made Barbara Walters’ List

  1. I couldn't click past Lee Daniels. Was Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago teachers' Union on the list?

  2. Chris Chambers says:

    No Barbara she wasn't on the list

  3. Janice Sebea says:

    They don't need anyone else's list to be famous. They made it.

  4. Mansa Musa says:

    this is stupid? jews where the bankers of the middle passage, owned us as slaves, stole the NAACP and kept it passive and talked us into integrating until they got their use out of us in 1974, now they control us with glorified Samboism, what they call rap, but you want to be on this Jews list?
    and half the blacks on the list are token blacks, aka showcase negroes that a real conscious black person wouldnt respect.
    who wrote this crap?

  5. Denise-Anne Miller says:

    I thought that Barbara Walters had retired! Time to go, Barb! You should be getting better not worse!

  6. Deryck Chase says:

    Is Beyoncé black?

  7. Kat McAuley says:

    Yes. Are you blind?

  8. Deryck Chase says:

    Yes!! Blind to the hype. She may be African American, but that does not make her black!

  9. Deryck Chase says:

    Are you blind? You must be because my picture is right there for you to see, so is my name and you still misspelled it.
    True Blackness, however is a state of mind. She does clueless AA young women a disservice by spreading the religion of the Blonde negro.

  10. Deryck Chase says:

    Are you begging for help. LOL!!! Be a man. Stand on your own two feet. I will presume that you have read at least one book on the matter and can represent yourself.

  11. Deryck Chase says:

    It's Nguzo Saba, young fella.
    The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa.

  12. Deryck Chase says:

    Kat McAuley are you blonde?

  13. Marc King says:

    I'd say you're not being very black right now, to openly criticize her with one of the worst things you can say to one of us.

  14. Marc King says:

    Be a man? How about you be a man and step back from our sister.

  15. Marc King says:

    You know you're wrong.

  16. Deryck Chase says:

    Marc King I do not dislike her personally. But I cannot condone these hip-hop artists damaging our young. I mentor young people in the worst part of our city and I am tired or seeing our kids consumed by blonde hair and droopy drawers and not loving themselves. The also kill each other for the stuff these people market. If Beyoncé was MY sister, I would be up in face too.

  17. Deryck Chase says:

    I would rather stand up for our young people any day. Beyoncé can fend for herself. Why don't you try mentoring some poor kids.

  18. Marc King says:

    You don't have to explain your frustrations to me, not only do I understand you, I AM you. I should have handled this better, there was no good reason to confront you like that, because it only leads down a path to more confrontation without resolution.

    I should have said that there may be a better way to address this issue, other than such a strong condemnation of her. You were pretty harsh, to say that about her.

  19. Deryck Chase says:

    Marc King That is the main problem with us. We don't want to hear any criticism, but that is how we are supposed to learn and grow. I would not have an education if the people around me did not criticize or even whip my butt occasionally. I have worked with some people who threatened to whip their boss's butt because he criticized the spelling or grammar in a letter they had written. Those type never progress because the boss ignored them and they remained dumb and happy.
    Blacks progressed in the 60s because people like Malcom X told it like it was.
    These days they cuss out Bill Cosby when he speaks.
    If you think other races don't see what is going on, you are deluding yourself.

  20. Marc King says:

    Are you so certain that I don't mentor a young man, and my sons? Umoja.

  21. Deryck Chase says:

    When I see Beyoncé and her hubby passing out some scholarships to disadvantaged youth, I'll bring out the love..

  22. Deryck Chase says:

    Marc King Good that you do some mentoring, and that you are raising your sons. My father never raised me, he operated on slave model of the Buck. Many still do.

    I think the difference between us is that I am not going to support someone just because they are famous and African American. I have to see how much they care about MY people.

  23. Deryck Chase says:

    This whole thing is kind of like loving your preacher even though he screwing your wife and robbing you blind.

  24. Marc King says:

    Well, I'm pretty sure she isn't reading our comments, so who is impacted by this conversation? The few people reading this chat. I believe the problem is the negative power of a question/statement like "Is Beyance black?". Sure she's black. I don't like what is implied by our women wearing blond hair. It's particular to our history, no? I'm just saying that the fact that we keep saying things like this about ourselves may cause more problems, as opposed to making our girls and boys proud of our natural beauty, which is obviously your ultimate intent.

  25. Deryck Chase says:

    Marc King I'm beginning to like you, so I have to go. You are right, I put that statement out there to be provocative, It's what I do. I used to teach freshman Psychology and I like to Mindfish. You seem like a pretty nice young guy.
    I recommend you read "the life and Times of Frederick Douglass" and Obama's
    "dreams from my father" Esp. the chapters dealing with his time as a community
    organizer. If you want to have a spirited discussion sometime, just poke me..
    Best of luck to you and your kids.

  26. Marc King says:

    Thank you. I will add them to my list, they are required reading for me and the boys! I'm currently reading DisIntegration by E. Robinson, it's fascinating. As was Our Kind Of People by L. Otis Graham. We can certainly have a chat. Best of luck to you, as well.

  27. kerry washington and beyonce is a good choice

  28. Bwire Vincent says:

    No, she's grey.

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