Ludacris Cheats on Eudoxie‚ Fathers a Child With Another Woman

Ludacris-and-EuxodieLudacris is facing the same predicament as Miami Heat star player Dwyane Wade. According to new reports from TMZ, the rapper and actor just fathered a baby with a woman who is not his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie.

It had been rumored in previous weeks that Ludacris may have been cheating on Eudoxie but it has now come to light through a new child support lawsuit filed by the Rapper.  According to court documents acquired by TMZ, Ludacris is asking that the court sets a hard limit on child support.

The baby daughter he fathered, Cai Bella Bridges, was born on Dec. 9, and he’s filed legal documents stating he brings in $25,842.41 a month on average. He’s hoping the child support payments will be set at $1,754.66 a month.

There’s not much known on his new baby’s mother Tamika Fuller. Coming on the heels of Dwyane Wade’s revelation about his newborn son, Luda is the second high profile celeb to have news about a “love child” surface this week.  While Dwyane and Gabrielle Union claimed they were on a “break” during the conception of his son, we’ve never known about Luda and Eudoxie taking a “break” (they’ve been together for years!).

Luda and Eudoxie seem to still be going strong though considering they recently enjoyed a vacation with comedian Kevin Hart and his girlfriend Eniko.


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