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At It Again: Drake’s “Trophies”

As promised, Drake is releasing a plethora of new music to end the year. The Toronto rapper just released a remix yesterday for Soulja Boy’s “We Made It” and now he’s back with another track called “Trophies”.  According to

“The highly anticipated song that was originally featured in the short trailer for ‘Nothing Was The Same’ is finally here. After weeks of online speculation about when the Hit-Boy produced song would drop, ‘Trophies’ has landed in our laps just in time for the last Sunday of the year.”

As mentioned, fans have been highly anticipating the “Trophies” track since Drake previewed it in a trailer for the album. Most people were surprised when the beat didn’t make an appearance on the album. Drake also hinted that he soon would be releasing “Trophies” when he dropped the “We Made It” remix yesterday.

Check out Drake’s “Trophies” track below and give us your thoughts.

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