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Fathers’ Rights Group Attacks Halle Berry Over Parenting Choices

halle-berry-thumbA British fathers’ rights group, Fathers4Justice, is attacking actresses Halle Berry, Kim Basinger, Katie Holmes and Kate Winslet as part of their “crummy mummy” campaign, for allegedly denying the fathers of their children access to see them. Winslet, who reportedly has three children with three men, is threatening a lawsuit.

The stars have been targeted in posters during the Christmas period, reported Gulf News.

A poster of Holmes is headlined: “Katie, do you believe in equal parents, equal love?” It goes on to attack the actress, claiming: “Katie Holmes demanded sole custody of her daughter Suri in her divorce from Tom Cruise, limiting the time the actor spends with her.”

Another poster features a picture of Oscar-winning star Berry with the headline: “Halle, a father is for life, not just conception.”  It reads: “Actress Halle Berry tried to take her daughter Nahla to live in France against her husband’s wishes.” In fact, a judge in Los Angeles refused her application to move to France after hearing objections from Nahla’s father, French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. Berry and Aubry then announced an amicable joint custody arrangement.

A spokesman for Fathers4Justice said the ‘crummy mummy’ advertisements were part of its ongoing campaign against the “fatherless society”.

“The behavior of female role models shapes public thinking and we will promote those celebrity mothers who support shared parenting while naming those who fail to support it.”


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