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Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez To Pay For Brawl, Home Remains on Market

The tension that caused a full brawl between Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry outside Halle Berry’s home on Thanksgiving may finally be resolved as the couple has agreed to pay Aubry’s legal and medical bills.

During the custodial hand over last week, Halle’s ex dropped off Nahla before throwing a punch at her fiancé, Olivier Martinez.

Gabriel ended up with the worst injuries after he broke a rib and got a black eye. Olivier on the other hand just had a swollen hand and a sore neck.

All the drama has been centered around the former couple’s disagreements when it came to Nahla, but this time it seems like all their issues have been put to rest.

After Nahla’s mommy and soon-to-be step dad agreed to pay the French-Canadian model’s medical and legal bills, Gabriel also decided to drop the retraining order he was seeking against Halle’s fiancé.

“Without admitting ANY guilt, Olivier agreed to pay for Gabe’s medical bills because he suffered the brunt of the injuries from the fight,” a source told Radar.

As far as the restraining order, “Gabe feels that there are enough layers of protection in the settlement agreement that will protect him and Nahla in the future.”

According to TMZ, the father of one was finally reunited with his 4-year-old daughter on Friday and the adorable tyke seemed to not have a care in the world.

Gabe wore some dark shades, probably to cover up his injuries from his daughter, and appeared to be extremely happy to finally be able to be around his daughter again.

In addition to getting some time with Nahla, Aubry can also celebrate the fact that the charges that were pressed against him after the fight are likely to be dropped.

Law enforcements are claiming that the brawl was “mutual combat” despite the fact that Nahla’s dad threw the first punch.

Recently the 36-year-old claimed that the “Dark Tide” actor was sending him death threats, but police aren’t sure how truthful the claim is since he failed to mention the death threats at any other time prior to his arrest.

Either way, the courts are likely to throw the whole case out since all parties involved seem to be working everything out just fine.

Even the lawyers from both sides were seen happily walking together with their arms linked together.

Meanwhile, the Thanksgiving Day brawl means that Halle’s pocket listing of her home isn’t so private anymore.

Halle Berry’s home is on the market, and while some tabloids are suggesting she is selling the home to get rid of the bad memories of the fight – the home was actually already on the market long before her fiancé broke her ex’s rib.

The Tuscan style home is listed at $15 million, and the “Cloud Atlas” star has already turned down an $11 million offer.

With all the drama that went down in the carport of the home, there is sure to be a few more people interested in purchasing the mansion – especially now that the entire world knows its up for sale as opposed to the select few who were aware of the home being up for grabs previous to the fight.

The mansion in the hills of Hollywood has five bedrooms, a large carport, a huge backyard, and even features a pool and private spa.

The home used to belong to Frankie Muniz before he finally sold the property to Nahla’s mom.


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