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ICC Admits Lack of Evidence Against Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta

KenyanPresident Uhuru Kenyatta has received an early gift for Christmas after the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor admitted that she has no evidence to sustain a trial against him.

International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda says the case against Kenya’s president “does not satisfy the high evidentiary standards required at trial.”

Bensouda, who accuses Kenyatta of crimes against humanity following the 2007-2008 bloodshed, said through a statement that she did not have sufficient evidence to uphold the trial against the Kenyan Head of State at The Hague.

While seeking an adjournment of the case, Bensouda said that she needed time to obtain more proof that Kenyatta committed the atrocities she is accusing him of after her witnesses withdrew from the case.

“Having carefully considered my evidence and the impact of the two withdrawals, I have come to the conclusion that currently the case against Mr. Kenyatta does not satisfy the high evidentiary standards required at trial,” she said on Thursday.

“I therefore need time to complete efforts to obtain additional evidence and to consider whether such evidence will enable my office to fully meet the evidentiary threshold required at trial.”

She also explained that one of main witnesses had admitted to giving false evidence against Kenyatta.

“On December 4, a key second witness in the case confessed to giving false evidence regarding a critical event in the prosecution’s case. This witness has now been withdrawn from the prosecution witness list,” she said.

On Oct 10, Kenyatta had asked the court to stop his pending trial arguing that the prosecution had abused the integrity of the process by allowing shoddy witnesses onto its witnesses’ list.

In the 38-page suit, Kenyatta explained that he even had phone recordings to show that three prosecution witnesses had been working in cahoots with the prosecution to subvert his justice.

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2 thoughts on “ICC Admits Lack of Evidence Against Kenyatta

  1. Jamal Harv says:

    I don't see why any african govt engages the ICC… they let de klerk and all the pervious south african govt officials slide.

  2. Maina Hudson says:

    in future , ICC shd avoid getting sucked into local partisan politics and taking( tribal )sides like they v done in Kenyan cases by using local and international NGOs as intermediarireis because they have proved most unproffesional

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