Kenyan Families of Ethiopian Crash Victims to Sue Boeing

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A U.S.-based attorney says eight Kenyan families of people who died in an Ethiopian Airlines crash last month will sue Boeing, the manufacturer of the plane, and the airline for compensation.

Carlos A. Velasquez said Wednesday in a press conference in Nairobi that it’s early to tell “who did what and when” but said from the reports in his possession “clearly there were some issues with the aircraft itself, the systems of the aircraft, the operation of the aircraft.”

Kenya Ethiopian Airways Crash

Carlos Velasquez , left, of VDA Trial Lawyers in Florida, USA looks on as Laban Opande of Laban Opande Attorneys & Counselors of Law from Texas, USA , gestures during a press conference, at the Intercontinental hotel, in Nairobi, Kenya, Wednesday April 3, 2019.  (AP Photo)

Velasquez, of VDA trial lawyers in Florida, said the suits will be filed in a U.S. federal court and will seek compensation for economic loss and loss of a loved one.

The crash on March 10 of a Boeing 737 Max 8 jet killed 157 people, 32 of whom were Kenyans.

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