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NeNe Leakes Opens up About Life-Threatening Illness

nene2NeNe Leakes appeared on TV’s “Good Morning America,” on Wednesday to talk about her scary hospital stint a few weeks ago.  Here are the highlights:

On realizing something wasn’t right:

“I was at work. And I started feeling a pain under my right breast that kind of went around to my side and in my back. And then, the next morning, the pain was in those places and on my right shoulder. It was really different. And I wasn’t sick as in a cold. I was feeling like — I felt like something was wrong. My husband, on the other hand, kept saying, ‘you have gas’. I’m like, really? This is not gas for a pain to be on my shoulder. I decided to go to the hospital. And once I was there, they tested me. They did a lot of bloodwork. And then, they did an X-ray. And then, a CT scan. And they discovered the clots all over my right lung and some in my left lung. I felt it for two days. The second day I went to the hospital.”

Where her health stands now:

“They’re doing further testing for me, to see if it’s genetic or not. Right now, I’m currently on blood thinners, which is helping my blood to be a lot thinner, so the blood clots can go away.”

Leakes was also asked about her feelings around being the last original cast member of the hit reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she said:

“It’s different…I never thought in a million years that I would say this but I kind of miss the old girls a little bit […] we started together, it’s sort of like a journey that we had together. So I kind of miss them in that way. I’m working with a bunch of new girls now and it’s OK.”

The reality star turned actress also spoke about her transition into acting and her role on the mega hit show “Glee”.


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