Michael Clarke Duncan Death: Battle Begins Between Omarosa and Family Over Will

It seems Latoya Jackson may have been on to something when she accused fellow Celebrity Apprentice co-star Omarosa Manigault of killing fiance Michael Clarke Duncan (Green Mile) – at least one of his family members think so.

According to TMZ, Michael Clarke Duncan’s sister Judy Duncan is dissatisfied with her late brother’s will and has hired a lawyer to investigate whether he was of sound mind when last minute changes were made right before his death.

Judy suspects Omarosa used her feminine wiles to influence the actor, whose health was reportedly already failing in December 2011, to make changes in April 2012 that made the reality star the beneficiary of his estate.

Apparently Omarosa’s alleged behavior during and after Duncan’s death caused his sister to become very suspicious of her. Judy accuses the infamous TV personality of being extra focused on Michael’s money while he was on life support and selling off many of the actor’s prized possessions without consulting the family! These possessions supposedly include; watches, cars, his Green Mile director’s chair, awards, and a number of other valuable things.

However, Omarosa fired back accusing Duncan’s sister of trying to extort and blackmail her for money, telling TMZ:

“I don’t control the estate or the finances and Judy knows it. If you saw all of her emails and texts to me you would see that she is just trying to get money from me, and threatened going to press if I did not give it to her and that is a crime!”

Anyone who’s ever lost family members knows how painful these estate disputes can be.  If Omarosa keeps up with her usual ways, things will probably get really nasty in the days ahead. Hopefully she and the family can find a way to work things out and allow Michael Clarke Duncan to rest in peace.

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