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5 Little Known Facts About Africa’s Diamonds the World Should Know

image8De Beers Diamond Cartel Was Founded by a White Supremacist

De Beers, the company that single-handedly made the diamond industry what it is today, was founded in 1888 by British colonizer Cecil Rhodes. He went to southern Africa when he was 18 years old and eventually took over the diamond mines at Kimberley, South Africa, and other areas.

Being a ruthless capitalist, Rhodes passed laws, levied colonial taxes, and used brutal punishments on Africans to force them to work for near slave wages in diamond mines. African miners were forced to work in extremely dangerous conditions and live away from their families in shanty-like compounds. This trend continues today.

The conflict diamond atrocities that took place in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and other parts of Africa are rooted in Rhodes’ violent quest for acquisition of Africa‚Äôs diamonds and natural resources for the benefit of European consumption.

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8 thoughts on “5 Little Known Facts About Africa’s Diamonds the World Should Know

  1. how are we trying to save congo diamonds and brake into industries our people buy into foolishly?

  2. L. Ron Hubbard the racist founder of Scientology, said he was Cecil Rhodes in another life. I wish he could have been still around when Robert Magbe came rolling into town. I am sure President Magbe would have liked, for him to have been around too. Power to the people of Zimbabwe.

  3. The picture above is of Cecil Rhodes, who is responsible for colonizing Zimbabwe, right next to South Africa. He murdered so many African people, even the Europeans criticized him.

  4. Abdul Elamin says:

    I'm African American, someone needs to explain to me why the African was not protecting his own land enough is enough

  5. Abdul Elamin says:

    To Jordan , I'm 60 yrs of age I taught black studies in 1967 , over the years many African friends , never hated any race – I can tell a lot is left out of African history- My wisdom alone sees that some African top figures of that time had to be compensated some how for the European to make a smooth like they did – White women , gold , silver, something was used – I know Guns where used but Africa is a big Place – this thing must be looked at little deeper….

  6. DjCaribbean Queen says:

    What was taken from the African people can be returned if they fight to take it back so they can end poverty in there country!!! UNITED ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

  7. I often wondered why if Africa water's were full of diamonds and people were going over there to get those diamonds and take them back with 'em why then are the people there so poor diamonds? Do they not know the value of them & in that case they are very rich—-just saying SMH!!!

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