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Australian Company Finds 404-Carat Diamond in Angola


Diamonds are meant to be worn on the finger, not be the size of a finger.

However, a diamond found in Angola by a small Australian-listed company, Lucapa Diamond, would make for a huge sparkler.

At 404 carats, Lucapa said it was the biggest diamond found in Angola and the biggest ever discovered by an Australian company.

The company, citing Wikipedia, said it was the 27th biggest diamond found in the world.

The diamond came from the Lulo mine, 40 percent owned by Lucapa.

Lucapa shares rose 29 percent on Monday after the announcement.

A photograph released by the company showed the stone measuring about seven centimeters in length.

Shares in Lucapa, which is based in West Perth, were 9.5¢ higher at 41.5¢ in afternoon trading on Monday. They have held the position in Tuesday morning’s trading.

Lucapa chief executive Stephen Wetherall said the company would continue efforts to find the source of the huge diamond.

The find came just months after another company, Lucara Diamond, found a 1111-carat diamond in Botswana.

It was said to be the world’s second-largest diamond, behind the 3106-carat Cullinan diamond found in South Africa in 1905.


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5 thoughts on “Australian Company Finds 404-Carat Diamond in Angola

  1. Numa Yurbiz says:

    Why are Australians in Angola? The thievery continues..

  2. Nate Eller says:

    Did the Australian Company PURCHASE a lease from Angola for Mining? That is called business, not thievery.

  3. Nate Eller Yeah right, KICK ALL whites out of Africa. Like it or not.

  4. Nate Eller it is not being regulated and many Africans are being killed in the process

  5. Nate Eller The problem is that the local people never benefit from it, no skills transfer, no economic benefit, same reason why Aussies moan when foreign mines come to oz, import foreign workers and good and suck out all the coal and leave a big hole in the ground for oz to clean up with no local beneift, no one likes getting gyped or jewed.

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