Twitter and Instagram Sing Beyonce’s Praises as Fans React to Secret Album on iTunes

Beyonce shocked the BeyHive and the rest of the music world with her self-titled album on iTunes, and even after more than two years of waiting for a new release her fans were just as loyal and dedicated as ever.

Beyonce has the most loyal fans stans there are. Her BeyHive is more dedicated than Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters, Nicki Minaj’s Barbies, Miley Cyrus’ Smileys, Rihanna’s Rihanna Navy and even Justin Bieber’s Beliebers.

After more than two years without a new album, Beyonce’s fans have still remained loyal and true to the powerhouse songstress.

Queen Bey has finally put a stop to her musical drought. As a huge surprise, she released a self-titled visual album on iTunes and her fans took over Twitter to sing her praises.

“Father, we come to you head bowed to say thank you for the blessing that is beyonce giselle knowles carter AMEN AND AMEN,” Twitter user Crissle West wrote.

Internet personality and incredibly dedicated Beyonce fan Kid Fury left a comment on Beyonce’s Instagram video with a message that was drenched his usual dramatic, but hilarious tone.

“It’s your world!,” the comment read. “Slay with the mighty blood of the Creole goddesses before you and annihilate that which is iTunes. We [bring] forth our offering of $15.99 and give thanks for your blessings on this day of BEYONCE.”

Beyonce self-titled iTunes album surpriseIt wasn’t long before a meme was released in Beyonce’s honor that featured the R&B star cracking up laughing on her bed with the words “Y’all thought I was done with 2013???” written beside her. The text was followed by a long line of laughing emojis.

Another meme featured “Mean Girls” star Regina Georgia carried by her flock of loyal men with the caption, “Beyonce is literally on all the iTunes banners like.” Labels on the picture placed “Me” by Regina and all her loyal minions had “You” labeled over their heads.

One Twitter user noted that Beyonce hit Twitter with another blow just after the hit television series “Scandal” ended.

“Beyonce waiting till Scandal went off and said “Here children.”  Listen…” @MissJia Tweeted.

The religious references didn’t stop there either.

Another user hopped on Twitter and had to call on several biblical figures to help her deal with the huge Beyonce surprise.

“I. was not prepared for partition @Jesus @Mary @Joseph @Saints,” the Tweet read.

The social media reaction to Beyonce’s new album was certainly proof that when it comes to a battle of the stans, the BeyHive always seems to reign supreme.

The “Bow Down” songstress didn’t even need the help of any marketing to release the  album.

Once she announced it on her Facebook and Instagram, the social media world went crazy and her name became a trending topic over night.

The iTunes album features some huge collaborations including Drake, Jay Z, Frank Ocean, and even Blue Ivy’s second album appearance.

Even Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles is featured in the video for “Grown Woman.”

The entire visual project is currently available on iTunes.

You can also check out the music video preview to “Pretty Hurts” below:

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