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Remember When Megyn Kelly Said Jesus Was White? This Poet Has the Perfect Rebuttal

Poet Crystal Valentine educates Fox News’ Megyn Kelly about Jesus’ true skin color after the anchor told a panel of commentators in 2013 that Santa Claus and Jesus were both white men.

In a Button Poetry original published on April 21, the poet attacks the constant attempts to whitewash the image of Jesus Christ. Valentine says, “How can she say Jesus was a white man when he died the Blackest way possible? With his hands up, with his mother watching.”

The 2013 comments were part of Fox News‘ annual gripes about a possible “war on Christmas.” The news organization believes that the liberal establishment wants to stop Christmas because of their insistence on inclusion around the holidays.

Kelly’s original statement is here:

“Jesus Christ was white [Kelly makes this point with no elaboration]. Attempts to discuss the skin tone of people born in Judea 2000 years ago are, like the Santa case, merely attempts to subvert history for political gain.”

Valentine compares the death of Jesus Christ to that of many unarmed Black victims of police brutality.

The poet gives this outstanding rebuttal to the 2013 comments:

What makes a Black man — a Black man? Is it a white woman’s confirmation? Is it her head nod, the way she’s allowed to go on national television and correct the Bible and God Himself and tell him who his son really was?”

What makes a Black man — a Black man? Is it the way reporters retell their deaths like fairytales? Is it the way they cannot outrun a bullet?”

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