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Jay-Z Reuses Trayvon Martin Tribute to Pay Homage to Nelson Mandela

Jay-Z-Magna-Carta-TourJay Z took his Magna Carter … Holy Grail Tour to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where he dedicated his set-closing, “Young Forever,” to the anti-apartheid South African leader who endured a 27-year prison sentence before becoming the first democratically elected Black president in his country. If the tribute suddenly took you down memory lane…that’s because he laid down the same exact tribute to Trayvon Martin back in July.

During the intro to his hit, “Young Forever”, Jay told the Staples Center crowd, “We wanna dedicate this song to Nelson Mandela.”

The crowd sang along and put cell phones in the air, but some critics are calling out Jay Z because during his summer tour he frequently performed the song and dedicated it to Trayvon. Although the song seems fitting for a tribute, is the sentiment cheapened if it’s a rerun?

Mandela Tribute: December 2013

Trayvon Martin Tribute: July 2013


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